7 Lessons About Life And Friendship We Learned From The Mimidict Reunion

Sana all, Mimidict.

Countless dirty jokes aside, the Mimidict connection of Mimiyuuuh and Benedict Cua makes for the ultimate friendship goals.

Remember when Mimiyuuuh and Benedict Cua melted our hearts with their contagious chemistry in their jowa for a day challenge videos in 2019? They instantly became our favorite vlogger duo and ultimately, with their natural connection and strikingly similar wavelengths, our ever-effective happy pills. And knowing that Mimiyuuuh’s most popular vlog is that “one-night stand” challenge with Benedict a couple of years back, and Ben’s vlogs with Mimi are among his most viewed as well, there’s no denying that Mimidict really made a mark and was a YouTube sensation in the making. 

But three years later, and for some reason, we haven’t seen the two laughing out loud and doing online challenges together. Inevitably and unfortunately, this led to a lot of speculation, with most people thinking that Mimi and Benedict have probably called it quits. Thankfully, the silence has finally and humorously been broken as the two surprised us with not one, but two Mimidict comeback vlogs recently. From their usual dirty jokes to their long overdue catch-up moments, it’s reassuring to see that nothing has changed between Mimiyuuuh and Benedict.

If anything, their much mature selves have made themselves and their relationship even stronger and healthier. Below are some of the notable lessons Mimidict have learned about life and some of the endearing qualities of their friendship that everyone should follow.

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Mimiyuuuh and Benedict Cua Mimidict

If there’s any quality that stands out from Mimiyuuuh and Benedict’s Tagaytay date and seafood mukbang comeback vlogs together, it’s their comforting honesty towards each other. At one point when they’re on the road, Mimi admits that one of her weaknesses is that she easily gets attached to people, like Benedict, who show her genuine kindness.

Benedict acknowledges this and apologizes to Mimi if he has ever misled her in the past. This selfless gesture is echoed once again when Benedict gets real and shares with Mimi that he has “abandonment issues” to which Mimi responds with humility and apology. Lesson number one: sincerity makes things a lot easier including preventing unwanted misunderstandings.


Mimiyuuuh and Benedict Cua Mimidict

While there are other factors to consider, Mimiyuuuh and Benedict share that people’s expectations and judgment both weighed heavily on their hearts, hence the reason behind their years-long “silent treatment.” This is what made Mimi realize to forget about other people’s unfair opinions and focus on the things that will make her happy—like finally reaching out to Benedict for a Mimidict comeback.

Benedict also recalls the time during one event earlier last year when he felt relieved being reunited with Mimi, finally breaking the ice that separated them. Yes, while it’s reasonably scary at times, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to your friends from time to time and who knows maybe, just like Mimidict, that friendship that’s been put on pause will finally be rekindled.


Mimiyuuuh and Benedict Cua Mimidict

Talking about the things that she likes and doesn’t like about vlogging and the entertainment industry in general, Mimiyuuuh’s advice is for everyone to know their “why,” their purpose, first. This is true especially because show business, as Benedict points out, is full of temptations—fame, validations, and money included—that could get you lost.


Mimiyuuuh and Benedict Cua Mimidict

Mimiyuuuh and Benedict have both had their fair share of life’s harsh realities. Most of the time, when we’re too preoccupied with work or our personal goals, we forget to take a break. Just like Mimidict, may we all remember to reward ourselves from time to time and just enjoy the littlest of things when we can. Perhaps a simple me-time at the cinemas or a café would be enough to give ourselves a breather and never lose sight of our motivation and purpose.


Mimiyuuuh and Benedict Cua Mimidict

In both of their vlogs, Mimiyuuuh and Benedict never fail to express how proud they are of each other’s successes. Benedict reveals that even in the past years where he and Mimi were not communicating, he continued to cheer her on during her career milestones. Mimi also shares that she doesn’t have a lot of friends in the industry so it helps that people like Benedict are there to support her and to talk to during her lowest times. Friendship goals, indeed.


Mimiyuuuh and Benedict Cua Mimidict

Another quality of Mimidict’s friendship that everyone should take note of is the way they become each other’s safest spaces. As Benedict puts it, however anxious he is, it is always comforting to know that Mimi will always understand him even in his silence. A special trait of “truest friends,” he adds. Now that’s the kind of relationship all of us should aspire to have.


Mimiyuuuh and Benedict Cua Mimidict

Yup, with all their green jokes that no one can keep count of, it’s kind of difficult to describe what Mimidict has as wholesome. But if you look beyond this and really see Mimiyuuh and Benedict’s genuine concern for each other and this admirable sense of comfort that they feel in each other’s company, you’ll see the rare gem of a friendship that they have—one that is inspiring and worth emulating.

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