Sad Ghorl Era: Mimiyuuuh Shares Some Lessons From Her First-Ever Heartbreak

It's heartbreak szn.

Our girl Mimiyuuuh is back to motivate us, not to get out of our beds this time, but to power through our heartbreaks.

Recently, we’ve been seeing our LOcq4l j3j3 gHuÖrl and vlogger superstar Mimiyuuuh serving us some needed encouragement through her Monday motivation videos. Like a personal professional life coach, Mimi awakens us to the harsh reality of life with hurtful, but true words, and at times, complemented with our deserved pillow-smacking violence to snap us out of our rut. 

But in her latest inspirational video, Mimiyuuuh gets personal and emotional, this time motivating herself to work even though her relationship has not. Our girl has just got her heart broken. But instead of wallowing in it, she powers through it like a true dalagang Pilipina. And in her latest vlog, Mimiyuuuh proves the strong individual that she is as she shares some lessons learned from her first love, some profound advice to get us out, not of our beds this time, but from the equally gutting thing called heartache.

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Mimiyuuuh making a pabebe face

“You’ve been in my ups and siyempre isasama ko na rin kayo sa aking mga down. Sabay-sabay tayong bumagsak, Kimmy!” A minute into her vlog, Mimiyuuuh shows emotional strength and maturity as she cracks her natural humor, still able to make us laugh out loud even after a painful experience.


Mimiyuuuh filled with kilig

For some context, Mimiyuuuh shares that she has met the mysterious guy from a dating app, inspired by her best friend who ended up having a successful love life. Eventually, the two settle with a long-distance relationship, a tricky setup admits Mimi, who falls in love for the first time. 

And as expected, the couple has had some conflict, for weeks even, but after a reconciliatory message from him, Mimi, the marupok ghorl that she is, can’t help but fall for him all over again, much to her disappointment. “Kung magiging marupok man po tayo,” advises Mimiyuuh, “sana naman po ay sa tamang tao tayo maging marupok.”


Mimiyuuh saying "toxic po tayo"

Admirably, Mimiyuuuh is also aware of her shortcomings. During her reconciliation with the ex, she shares that she has tried to do away with past “toxic” inclinations like her pabebe attitude. About this, Mimi shares another important piece of relationship advice. “Mali po pala ‘yon,” she realizes. “Kasi kapag gusto mo ng something, sabihin mo. Kasi ang mga jowa natin, hindi po ‘yan mga mind reader at hindi po [sila] si kuya Kim na mapre-predict niya na at this time, ay totoyoin tayo. So, kung gusto mo ng lambing, sabihin mo.” 


Mimiyuuuh being filled with kilig

After a passionate narration of what has transpired during the breakup, Mimiyuuh takes it gracefully in stride, noting that while life may not be good to us at times, there will always be something to learn from it. “Sometimes, [life] doesn’t really go the way we plan it,” says Mimi. “And ‘yung ganitong experiences, these are the things that will make us wiser and stronger.”


Mimiyuuuh saying "know what you deserve"

Totoo po talaga ang self-love,” Mimiyuuuh asserts. This comes after what seems to be Mimi’s wake-up call at a crucial time where all she has and can turn to is herself. And those who are looking for the one, Mimi warns that before getting into a relationship, to love yourself first, to not be “blinded” by love, to always be wary of red flag, and to know your worth. “Know what you deserve,” she continues. “You deserve the best.”

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