Good Vibes Only: 5 Highlights From Mimiyuuuh’s Latest House Tour

You know what I'm saying...

Mimiyuuuh achieves another milestone. And on that regard, we are treated on a tour in her newly upgraded Casa de Mimiyuuuh.

In her latest vlog, Mimiyuuuh welcomes us to her newly upgraded house she calls Casa de Mimiyuuuh. From her conversation starter of a dining table, her special rocking chair to that relaxing bar area, the vlogger superstar proudly takes us on a tour around her humble abode, which her family has lived in for two years now.  And of course, knowing Mimiyuuuh, a house tour is not just a house tour. It’s also a way for her to impart to us some gems of wisdom, delivered with her relatable charm and humor, and just some good vibes to brighten up your day.  Here are some of the highlights.

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Right before the reveal of her newly “interiorated” home, Mimiyuuuh shares that all of it is an effort to make her and her family happy. And truly enough, the updated Casa de Mimiyuuuh is a sight to behold. Mimi gets back to her Filipino roots as she explains that the peg for her house’s interior design (which was done through the help of her friend Madelaine San Jose) is “modern Filipino.” From the pendant lights to the acacia dining table, you can really see and feel the native vibe of the place. Her Pangaea-inspired dining table, Mimi explains, will surely make for a great topic to start a conversation instead of your “plastic na mga kaibigan.”


What’s a Mimiyuuuh vlog without her making funny remarks about her mother? While showing the updated living room area, Mimi randomly gets what she calls their living room’s “lucky charm” from the coffee table which turns out to be a 2×2 photo of her mom, Inay Bheng. “Tinatanggal niya ‘yung bad vibes ng living room,” Mimi says of her mother who will later on appear on the vlog. “Tinatakot niya ‘yung masasamang espiritu.” In yet another jab at her mom, Mimi takes the photo and takes it around the living room: from the television to her new sound bar, sofa set, even her indoor plants to make sure that the visitors will be happy.


Mimiyuuuh shares an area she calls her “safe space” where she relaxes and appreciates the view of nature in their backyard. Mimi also suggests having indoor plants to make our homes feel “homier.” Full of its own “quirkiness” as per Mimi, her safe space is complete with a mirror centerpiece,  a panther-shaped coffee table, and other decorative pieces. The table and the decorations, she adds, are preloved objects that she bought from thrift stores online. We stan our Mimi, the queen of sustainability. And probably the highlight of Mimi’s safe space tour is her rocking chair. “This is my practice place,” Mimi jokingly says. “At least, kaya mo nang sumunod sa yuga ng mundong ibabaw.” Kimmy!


Mimi reveals the first-ever painting that she has invested in. The painting, which features houseplants in different states, is made by artist JJ Jarin. Apart from the artwork’s aesthetic quality which definitely adds a personality to the updated Casa de Mimiyuuuh, Mimi also shares that what makes her connect to the painting is its meaning: just like the plants, we also have our good days and bad days, ups and downs, highs and lows. “I don’t want people na ‘yung mga bad days nila define who they are,” reflects Mimi. “‘Wag tayong ma-stuck in our bad days, because at the end of the day, it’s just a bad day, not a bad life.”


Pinaayos na rin namin ang dirty kitchen namin, hindi na siya dirty,” Mimi excitingly says as she takes us their newly renovated dirty kitchen. Mimi further shares that after renovating their backyard garden last May, she has decided to update their dirty kitchen to help her father Tatay Amadz cook with ease. Mimi has shared in her past vlogs that her dad is their family’s best cook so she dedicates the kitchen’s upgrade, complete with a cooking range, range hood, marble countertop, even a magnetic sink faucet, to her beloved Tatay Amadz. “Hindi naman po mahalaga na mahal po ang gamit niyo sa bahay,” Mimi rightfully adds, “ang mahalaga po ay malinis at maayos ang inyong bahay, that will make your house a very livable place for everyone.”

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