From AC Bonifacio, Cassy Legaspi, To Mimiyuuuh, These Lisa Dance Covers Are Heating Up YouTube

It's the year of Miss Lisa. Sorry, we don't make the rules.

From the Philippines to the rest of the world, we scour through YouTube for all the kick-ass dance covers inspired by Lisa Manoban. Now that’s a whole of love.  

Okay, let’s talk numbers shall we? In just under 24 hours, Lisa Manoban’s debut as a solo artist earned the distinction of being the first video to rack up to 50 million views on YouTube with the highly-anticipated release of the enthralling expression, Lalisa. At the full day mark, she obliterated a two-year record previously protected by Taylor Swift with her log of 73.6 million views, rightfully earning her a Guinness World Record in the process.

This wouldn’t be her first one, because this also makes her the most viewed solo K-pop artist in 24 hours. The music video now has 305 million views (as of this writing), 103,149,093 streams on Spotify. Not too long after, the third Blackpink member to forge a solo career following Jennie and Rosé, Lisa soon followed this up with bumping bad-ass bop, Money, which accounts for 142,427,259 streams on Spotify, 190 million views for the exclusive performance video, and 3.5 million videos on TikTok. Now, that’s a lot of Lalisa love and money moves.

On TikTok, where many trends may be fleeting but highly inescapable and without a doubt memorable, the #lalisadancechallenge has 63.5 million views and the similar #lalisachallenge has 432.1 million views, meaning the videos using the audio of the Lisa Manoban track and the many dance covers filed under it are really making the rounds on many FYPs. To this day, a quick, aimless scroll will yield a snippet of “say Lalisa love me” and “dollah bills, dollah bills” and bury itself in your consciousness not too long after. (That is if you don’t wiggle to it first.)

Queen Things Only

With many stellar attempts made on social media, nothing is as spectacular as that of YouTube where several young stars have orchestrated a full production to give justice that the tracks of Lisa Manoban rightfully deserves with banging dance covers. Bringing to life their own takes on Lalisa and Money (or both), Filipino personalities such as AC Bonifacio, Cassy Legaspi, and even Mimiyuuuh really doubled down on the cinematography and choreography, granting us full access into their worlds inspired by the rapper, singer, and singer burning up the charts and the consciousness of many. Unmatched energy, unequalled passion, and unparalleled vibe? Yes, they definitely did that.

Of course they aren’t just the only Filipinos heating up YouTube with their Lisa dance covers. With the likes or Krissha x Sammie on Krissha Viaje’s channel and Mutya Orquia, as well as of the impressive Alpha Philippines and the parody of Zynderella, which now has 1.8 views, we simply cannot pass up an opportunity to sass, shake, and shimmy. Not to be left behind, there have been many astounding imprints of Lisa Manoban dance covers on YouTube from all over the world. From Seoul, Vietnam (B-Wild), Paris (Young Nation), Indonesia (Invasion DC), Ukraine (T.B. Unicorns), Thailand (Minizize), Spain (Boys Version), Russia (Dahlia), Brazil (Camis Callegari-Warzone), and Siberia (Luminance), among many others.

If anything, this only proves not only how popular dance covers are in the zeitgeist of pop culture, but also how universal music is. But more importantly, the simple fact of the matter is, the Lalisa domination is really unstoppable at this point. Look, we’re no trained mathematicians, but if all these numbers trailing the success of the combined phenomenon of Lalisa and Money are added up then ding, ding, ding, Lisa Manoban is a winner.

Scroll through this selection of YouTube dance covers inspired by Lisa to see all the Lisa love from the Philippines to the rest of the world.














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