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Mimiyuuuh Said Self-Love First In Her Trip To Japan

Nagmahal, nasaktan, nag-Japan.

While powering through her sad ghorl era, Mimiyuuuh shows us the importance of self-love as she journeys through Japan to heal and move on.

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Most of you know that our girl and resident motivator Mimiyuuuh is currently in her heartbreak season. And while it’s totally undeserved and something deeply hurtful, Mimi continues to fight through it bringing with her some lessons learned and a positive outlook in life. And in her journey towards healing and moving on, Mimiyuuuh shows emotional strength and maturity by taking us into a three-part adventure vlog in Osaka, Tokyo, and Kyoto where she, per usual, lets us have fun, laugh out loud, enjoy life, and imbibe the meaning of self-love with her in the land of the rising sun.


Mimiyuuuh looking stylish in Osaka

While it’s not her first time in Osaka, Mimiyuuuh returns at such a special period in her life where she reminds herself of her worth and the fun you can get from life even without a special someone. And on the first day of her Japan trip, Mimi’s signature charm, humor, and energy shine as she starts her journey on a fabulous note. “Excited na kong umawra [sa Osaka] talaga,” gushes Mimiyuuuh as she comes out of her hotel looking like the fashion icon that she is. “Oh my god, is this freaking Heart [Evangelista]? No, it’s just me,” Mimi jokingly adds as she struts looking fab while wrapped in faux fur.


Mimiyuuuh with deers in Kyoto

You know it’s not a Mimiyuuuh vlog if you’re not cackling hard, and even amid a heartbreak, Mimi never fails to bring us comedy. In Kyoto’s famous Nara Park, which houses over a thousand deers, Mimiyuuuh’s humor overflows as she feeds the deers she calls “deer Charo,” “deer diary,” and “deer-Dong Dantes.” 


Mimiyuuuh eating

Apart from tending to her emotional needs, satisfying her tummy is also part of Mimiyuuuh’s self-love journey. Appetizing food trips abound in Mimi’s trilogy of Japan vlogs that will make your mouth water. 


Mimiyuuuh enjoying Osaka

While watching all of Mimiyuuuh’s vlogs, you can’t help but empathize with Mimi as she entertains, inspires, and makes us smile. You know it’s always fun to watch Mimiyuuuh have fun. But with what she’s recently gone through, you’ll root for her even more and hope that she gets the emotional peace, happiness, and love that she deserves.


emotional Mimiyuuuh

While in front of the famed Hachikō monument, Mimiyuuuh gets a bit emotional as she talks about the movie about the popular Japanese dog and the unconditional love of our fur babies. “Unconditional love talaga ‘yung binibigay nila sa atin,” reflects Mimi who’s a proud parent to her pets Tabi and Period. “Kahit minsan pinapagalitan natin, love na love pa rin nila tayo. Kaya huwag na tayo magmahal ng tao, magmahal nalang tayo ng aso.”


Mimiyuuuh hugs herself in the mirror

Labyu bhe,” Mimiyuuuh tells herself in the mirror while in Shibuya Sky as she gives herself a hug. This moment in itself can encapsulate her entire journey of mending her heart. Stay strong, Mimi!


Mimiyuuuh with her friend Tein

Mimiyuuuh also reminds us through her Japan adventure of the special love and strength that our friends can give us, especially in our lowest points. And you can see how friendship is a big part of Mimi’s healing process, reuniting with her bestie Tein as they conquer Osaka, Tokyo and Kyoto, and just enjoy life to the fullest. 

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