7 Wholesome KyleDrea Moments That Make Us Believe Girls and Guys Can Truly Be BFFs

We're here for it!

The reunion of Kyle Echarri and Andrea Brillantes is the BFF comeback of 2023! And their wholesome moments are proving that guys and girls can be besties.

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Even if it already is 2023, we still live in a world where guys and girls can’t just be friends. Pop culture, as a reflection of our society, perpetuates the notion that these friendships always have to turn romantic. This expectation not only spreads stereotypes, but often overlooks the beauty of platonic relationships.

In showbiz, where celebrity culture reigns supreme, this pressure reaches an apex. It’s no secret that the entertainment industry thrives on gossip, shipping, and speculation. Whenever male and female friends are seen together, the rumor mill goes into overdrive. Every exchange is scrutinized, and every shared smile is dissected under the microscope of public opinion.

While shipping your picture-perfect couple is giving feels, it can get problematic fast. FYI, men and women can go on friendly dates, travel abroad, and make TikToks together without romantic feelings entering the equation. Just take a look at Kyle Echarri and Andrea Brillantes. Despite what people may say about them, the two Gen Z actors have not let it affect their friendship. So, here are wholesome Kyle Echarri and Andrea Brillantes moments that make us believe girls and guys can truly be BFFs.

All About That Comeback

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been friends for years—sometimes, life happens. But the thing is even if they take a break, it doesn’t mean they won’t come back into your life. Speaking of comebacks, we’re all about this KyleDrea reunion. The recent episode of ‘Perspectives’ had everyone buzzing as people rooted for Kyle Echarri and Andrea Brillantes’ friendship. When he captioned the YouTube vlog, ‘I finally had a deep talk with my best friend after years of no constant communication,’ everyone felt relieved because they were finally back in each other’s lives.

Serving Tiktok Trends


Parang may mali

♬ walshy bae owns this sound – RECXRDDEAL

Are you even besties if you haven’t dropped TikToks together? Well, KyleDrea doesn’t dissappoint. If you scroll through their feeds, you’ll find them slaying every trend. Our personal fave is their attempt at the Super Bass trend—Kyle totally tried his best.

These Besties are Swifties


♬ original sound – Username0234561189

If you need another reason to stan KyleDrea, this bestie duo are Swifties, though at admittedly two different levels.

THAT FIBA Kiss Cam Moment

@mojokyledrea i lov:kiss cam (bff version)🤭🧡 #kyleecharri #andreabrillantes #kyledrea #fyp #fypシ゚viral #fypシ ♬ original sound – KYLEDREA

Kyle Echarri and Andrea Brillantes were the talk of the town during the FIBA games. When they found themselves on the infamous kiss cam, Kyle gave Andrea a quick kiss on the forehead instead. Naturally, KyleDrea gave everyone butterflies with that wholesome gesture.

Another FIBA Moment

@blightcws ang saya nila aaaaaaa >> #andreabrillantes #kyleecharri #kyledrea #blythe #fyp ♬ original sound – jay

In another FIBA moment, KyleDrea was caught in a proposal and we’re living for their genuine (and matching) reaction. We’re all about people celebrating other people’s happiness.

Wanderlust Buddies


new podcast series called "Perspectives" with blythe up on my YouTube channel tomorrow at 6pm.

♬ original sound – Kyle Echarri

KyleDrea isn’t just serving #BFFGoals—they’re travel goals too! We’ve spotted them in Cebu, on a yacht, and on a jet ski, but recently, they posted pictures of themselves hiking.

We Are Family

Sometimes, friends become family, and KyleDrea is living proof. Last week, Kyle’s mom posted about a family dinner with Andrea, complete with baby playtime!

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