8 Highlights from ATEEZ’s The Fellowship: Break The Wall Concert In Manila

Big moments at the Big Dome.

K-Pop powerhouse ATEEZ came back to the Philippines for the finale show of their The Fellowship: Break The Wall world tour and shared some funny, heartwarming, and incredible moments with their Filipino ATINYs!

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When 8-member K-Pop boy group ATEEZ first performed here in the Philippines last year, they brought the house down. As a headliner for the 2022 K-Pop Masterz Ep. 2, ATEEZ brought their signature intensity to the stage and made it impossible not to want them back. And come back they did—in a huge way! Last September 16th, at their The Fellowship: Break The Wall concert, the band all but tore down the walls of Araneta Coliseum in an epic celebration of their first solo concert in the Philippines. The trends even included the epic hashtag #ATEEZBreaksTheBigDome!

The concert was the finale show of their third world tour, as they traveled all over the globe performing and making memories with their fans. From endless laughter to idol-audience interaction, Break the Wall in Manila was something special as Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, and Wooyoung (member Jongho was unable to make it due to an injury) exhibited their performance prowess and strengthened their bond with Filipino ATINYs at their first solo show, showing all of us that 8 (and thousands of loving fans) truly makes 1 team. Here are some highlights from the night.


When Filipino ATINYs sang their hearts out to Say My Name even before the concert started, that’s when everyone knew how hyped the show was going to be. And no one disappointed—ATEEZ and their fans matched energies as they performed a diverse roster of songs. Their setlist included the high-powered and anthemic Answer, fun and catchy Wave, and the emotional ballad Mist. No doubt, they proved to everyone exactly why they’re renowned performance kings.


The likes of NCT’s Taeyong, SHINEE’s Minho, and Lapillus’ Bessie and Haeun have done the Bouncy TikTok challenge, but Filipino ATINYs ate as they moved like a flash mob, synced up to perform the dance challenge as ATEEZ cheered them on.


Maknae and vocal powerhouse Jongho was unable to attend due to a leg injury, but ATEEZ and ATINYs offered their unbridled support for the singer, as seen in the loud cheers and singing of his parts during their opener HALA HALA. Get well soon, Jongho!


Honestly, what’s a boy group without all of their hilarious dogshow moments? The boys are no stranger to playful teasing and rousing laughter. When Wooyoung had a little slip-up during a quick ment during their performance of The Real, leader Hongjoong (mistakenly written in the original post as Mingi) teased him about it seconds after, and even after the show long ended.


Many a K-Pop fan has dreamt of their idol taking their phone and filming themselves with it during a concert, so we can only imagine how this fan felt when Yeosang in all his glowing glory took their phone and filmed himself blowing a kiss. That ATINY’s life has forever been blessed!


In an adorable mistake, the members took away “namin kayo” from “mahal namin kayo” and cheered it back to their fans as an expression of love. No one correct them, please. “I love you” in the ATEEZ and ATINY community is “namin kayo” now!


Sunrise is a beautiful, slower song by ATEEZ that encourages people to just keep it up—to keep going no matter what anybody thinks or says. With Seonghwa acknowledging that he almost cried during the performance, its heartfelt lyrics, and joined by ATINYs singing along, it’s clear that Sunrise made for a special moment between band and fans.


Member San has mentioned before that he went to Cebu with his father when he was younger, and while he’s forgotten that visit, he’s glad to have made new memories in the Philippines with his beloved ATINYs. Fingers crossed he and ATEEZ get to make many more in the future!

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10 Highlights From HORI7ON’s First Concert in Manila That Made Dreams Come True

Relive the voyage!

HORI7ON set the stage on fire with their passion at their first concert in Manila, and shared a wonderful night with their ever-supportive fans.

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In another grand milestone, seven-member all-Filipino global pop group HORI7ON held their first ever concert titled Friend-SHIP [Voyage To Manila] last September 9, and it was full of stellar performances, surprise appearances, emotional moments, and instances that made both the group’s and fans’ night one to remember forever.

“It was a dream come true,” the members said. Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus gave their all into their first concert. As they made the night their own, they showed a love for music, each other, their identity, and their beloved ANCHORs. Whether you weren’t there or you simply want to relive the night, here are a few highlights from their epic #VoyageToManila!


These ANCHORs’ reactions say it all! HORI7ON performed the first song in their debut album Friend-Ship as their concert opening. The hip-hop track Meteor was intense and powerful, perfect for setting the stage on fire and an indication of how fun the show was going to be.


HORI7ON brought some guest stars to the stage last Saturday! From former Dream Maker alumni, members of boyband TFN, and Lapillus’ Haeun, Voyage to Manila was brimming with talent and friendship—as you can see from Jeromy and Marcus’ fun unit performance with the Lapillus member.


HORI7ON surprised fans with K-Pop covers like SEVENTEEN’s Super, TXT’s Sugar Rush Ride, and Stray Kids’ S-Class, but they also paid tribute to P-pop boyband SB19 as they performed the hugely popular Gento, to the excitement of both ANCHORs and A’TIN.


Former contestants on the reality show that formed HORI7ON showed their support for the band as they danced along to their song Take My Hand, proving a strong bond formed by their unique experience. And FYI, some of these former contestants are now trainees for Asterisk Entertainment’s upcoming P-pop group!


The stress of being the leader is evermore. HORI7ON leader Vinci tried his best to round up his members on stage as they were running all over the place, telling them “enough with this chaos!” Well, we’re glad they’re having fun. Good luck Vinci!


If you can’t distinguish the shape HORI7ON is trying to make just from those photos, that’s an anchor. The members tried their best to arrange themselves into the logo symbolizing their fandom, and they did pretty well!


The community aspect of concerts is one of the most enjoyable parts of the fandom experience! Doing the wave is such a concert staple, and even if it was their first concert with the boys as well, ANCHORs clearly had a lot of fun.


Jeromy throwing confetti towards the audience was already adorable, but him running towards his dad with open arms and that expression and then his dad high-fiving him is incredibly heartwarming. It’s a wonderful indication of love and support in this life-changing moment in the boys’ life.


As Friend-SHIP [Voyage To Manila] marks their first concert, another major turning point in their career, it’s clear how far they’ve come together. A simple hug between members, between friends, between brothers who have gone through a lot, says a lot about what this concert means to them.


HORI7ON’s Salamat is a tribute song to their fans, and performing it at their first concert surrounded by people who love and support them is definitely a moment to remember for their entire career—and if this concert is any indication, it’s going to be a fantastic one.

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10 Filipino Songs We’re Manifesting To Hear BamBam Sing At His Upcoming Manila Concert

Let’s get the prayer circles ready.

Thai international superstar BamBam is coming to Manila! A few weeks before his show, he took to X to ask what Filipino songs he should perform—and his fans gave him plenty of options.

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Three things you should know about soloist and GOT7 member BamBam: first, he’s having a concert here in the Philippines on September 22 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum with special guest Sandara Park! AREA 52 is his first solo world tour, with stops in Manila, Seoul, Bangkok, Macau, and more.

Second, along with Dara, he could also be an honorary Filipino with the way he partakes in our meme (and drinking) culture. He says “shot punoalmost every chance he gets! And third, BamBam has been immersed in OPM for a while now. He’s performed Filipino song Ngiti by Ronnie Liang several times over the years, including during KPOP Masterz Manila last year.

So, when he asked his fans on X for Filipino song suggestions to sing at his concert, Bammies jumped at the chance to recommend upbeat dance songs, emotional ballads, and even threw in some joke songs for the idol to consider. Below are some of the frequently-suggested and top-liked songs that we hope he performs at the concert!


Following the trend of K-Pop idols dancing to SB19’S Gento, so many fans suggested the song to the idol, hoping for a full performance complete with the powerful choreo. If he does pick Gento, we know he’ll kill it.


Clear skies or otherwise, a Raining in Manila performance will surely brighten up our day. We’d love to see the idol sing it with a stadium full of people screaming it at the top of their lungs.


Another SB19 song makes it to BamBam’s replies! The R&B track would 100% be right up BamBam’s alley, as the artist’s solo music, like his track Subliminal, is infused with R&B and just as smooth.


Kicking off the Christmas season, this fan suggested Ben&Ben’s Bibingka, a wistful song that will surely make the night just that much sweeter.


This slow, nostalgic hit performed by Moira Dela Torre and Daniel Padilla in the 2019 Himig Handog music competition is soothing and romantic, and hearing BamBam sing it would totally be swoon-worthy.


The star, a jokester himself, is not safe from his own fans’ pranks, and suggestions like Jolina Magdangal’s upbeat Chuva Choo Choo would make for a hilarious moment in the show.


Leaves is beloved by a handful of K-Pop idols, and BamBam’s even heard the song himself! The fact that he already knows it gives this gorgeous track a leg up in the race.


Ikaw is an emotional Filipino ballad by singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino, emotional and romantic. Actor and artist Seo In-Guk also covered the song during his 2023 Manila fanmeeting as did Stray Kids’ Bang Chan during the group’s concert earlier this year! We can already see BamBam wholeheartedly throwing himself into singing those scream-worthy lyrics.


This wedding-themed love song is perfect for the idol who’s known to be a big flirt as he matches his own fans’ energy. Once he sings a song like this with his signature playful charm, it’s over for everyone in that stadium.


And of course, what’s an event in the Ber months without the Filipino Christmas song? Hopefully BamBam gets wind of our rich Christmas culture and he and his Bammies turn the Araneta Coliseum into one big caroling session.

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5 Reactions To The Percy Jackson And The Olympians Trailer That Are A Whole Mood

Move over, Potter.

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians trailer brings Percy and the Greek gods’ story to life in new ways for a generation that’s waited forever.

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After wildly successful book-to-screen adaptations like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Divergent, it’s time for Percy Jackson to have the spotlight (and no, we don’t talk about the discontinued movie series adaptation). The long-awaited Disney+ adaptation of the book series, this time with author Rick Riordan heavily involved, dropped its series trailer last August 19 and moved its release date to December 20 of this year.


The series, as it was undergoing development, has been the subject of much media coverage and social media virality the past year. Book readers who have been there since the beginning and new fans alike have been buzzing with anticipation for an age-appropriate, faithful adaptation that will do justice to the young demigod hero’s story. Reactions to the new trailer and an earlier release date have been a mix of overjoyed excitement and emotional expressions of wish-fulfillment.

And no, as someone who’s read the books as a pre-teen and is now 22, I definitely didn’t tear up. Not at all. Nope.


Riordan and series fans have sung nothing but praises for the diverse and skills-first casting of Percy, Annabeth, and Grover. Walker Scobell of The Adam Project fame was announced as Percy Jackson last year, and Riordan referred to him as having the “perfect mix of comedic timing, sweetness, rebelliousness, snark and heroism” to embody the demigod hero.

The funny Aryan Simhadri was said to have a “mixture of sweetness, humor and internal toughness” perfect for satyr Grover Underwood. Finally, Leah Sava Jeffries is a “brilliant actor,” the embodiment of the daughter of Athena—smart, strong, and courageous. She could break hearts, make people laugh, and have people cheer on her “all in the same scene.” From the actors’ previous works, social media presence, and behind-the-scenes looks at the series, it is undoubtable they’ll do a fantastic job as the main trio.


Both teaser trailers featured creatures, gods, battles, and Camp Half-Blood come to life. It was fun for fans to notice and call out the series version of something they read in the book, such as Thalia’s tree (spoiler alert: Thalia Grace is a daughter of Zeus that was turned into a tree to save her life), the orange camp t-shirts, the armor, the battle with Ares, and so much more. While book-to-screen adaptations are a mix of hits and misses overall, there is reassurance in Riordan’s involvement and the world-building we’ve seen so far. Plus, it’s always so much fun and excitement in seeing words on a page come to life right in front of you.


In the trailer, if you listen carefully, you’ll hear a line from Vance Joy’s Riptide, making it canon as a Percy Jackson song after years of fans linking the song to the franchise. The song shares a name with Percy’s trusty sword Riptide. This detail means the series was produced with the fans in mind, and more than that, the creators truly realized what it means to fans who have been there forever, like those who made edits to the song way back in 2016. One can only wonder how those editor fans felt after watching the trailer!


Speaking of fans and faith, so many fans of the series who have run stan accounts for the series showed immense elation at the adaptation. I was also part of Percy Jackson Twitter in the early-to-mid 2010s, and I’ve made friends online and offline because of this series. Running a fan account and witnessing all the new releases and developments, from new novels to disappointing movie adaptations, is such a unique, rollercoaster experience. To watch the series, reliving old adventures and seeing new ones as the series goes on, will be a nostalgic, emotional journey that will get us to say, “Hello again, Percy.”


The first book of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, The Lightning Thief (which the first season of the show is based on), was first published in 2005. It’s been almost 20 years since then, but the series has consistently been relevant over the decades, what with new series being published by Rick Riordan still featuring characters and storylines from the original 5 books.

Chalice of the Gods, a standalone sixth novel to the original 5 books, is even being released this September. All that is to say, Percy’s story has lived on for years, accompanying a generation that is now all grown-up. This new Disney+ series will definitely introduce Percy to a whole new audience, and even a whole new generation. Regardless, we’ll all be seated for this renaissance.

Hype and expectations are sky-high for the adaptation, and hopefully, it will let Percy Jackson’s story live on in a new way in longtime fans, and open up new worlds to people who will have just discovered the magic of the series.

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ranz niana guerrero nylon

Fans React To Ranz And Niana’s First Magazine Cover Shoot


Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero appeared on their first-ever magazine cover with NYLON Manila, and it’s the first time fans are seeing the dancing duo in editorial looks.

In case you missed it, we unveiled the first cover of Ranz and Niana last week, along with a 4-episode behind-the-series of their cover shoot on YouTube. Usually, Ranz Kyle and Niana are seen sporting trendy street style and their barest faces, so naturally, it came as a surprise to all to see them rocking a new look.

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From their editorial beauty looks to the inspiration behind their fashion looks, this milestone for the siblings definitely generated a buzz on social media. Here’s what the fans think of the cover shoot:


dance cover social media reaction bus a groove

A fan commented, requesting for a dance cover inspired by the 1999 game, Bust a Groove 2. It’s a Sony Playstation music and fighting game originally released in Japan, and honestly? We totally see it! The outfits and the vibes from the game exude the same energy as our cover stars.


puffer jacket social media reaction

We all know that a good jacket is worth the investment. How much more a giant puffer jacket, right? No wonder they look expensive.


niana guerrero makeup fans comment

A lot of fans have commented about this totally different side of Ranz and Niana, especially with their makeup looks. That was our goal—to shed them in a different light, but still remain true to their identities.


reaction social media comments

Their loyal fans from the beginning were emotional for Ranz and Niana. Growing up in front of their eyes, it’s no surprise that they feel a sense of pride and happiness, seeing the siblings unlock new milestones.


reaction to ranzniana cover shoot

Being a tight-knit family means they are so much more comfortable when they conquer everything together. From celebrating 13 million subscribers on YouTube to being on a fashion magazine cover together, it’s so much better doing it with your partner-in-crime.