Who’s Your Bias In HORI7ON?

You can choose more than one.

You know you’re that group when you have historic performances on MCountdown, Music Bank, Inkigayo, and more.

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In case you’ve been missing it, P-pop history is being made right now thanks to the boys of HORI7ON. The group recently made their long-awaited debut in South Korea with their Friend-SHIP album and lead single SIX7EEN. And already, Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus have wasted little time in showing off their Filipino talents during their promotions in Korea. In particular, the first Filipino boy group to debut in South Korea has been making waves with their historic performances on the country’s top music shows like MCountdown and Inkigayo.

It’s clear that these seven boys who made their dreams come true put in the work and deserve all the love and support. They’ve already been growing a devoted fanbase with their ANCHORS. Don’t sleep on these boys because they deserve respect and to be treated fairly with the groundbreaking path their treading. Regardless of what some may say or do, HORI7ON has a promising future ahead of them as a new force in the pop scene.

With that being said, with the many charms each member possesses, which one has stood out to you as your bias? Which member has or will soon enter your bias list? Make your voice heard by voting in the poll below. Voting ends on August 18, Friday, 9 AM PH time.

UPDATE: And the votes are in. After a week of voting, ANCHORS have made it known that Jeromy has been stealing most hearts as of late as the top bias of the group, with Kyler in a close second. But any member is worth having as a bias and supporting. Now, show these rookies some love.


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