Hot Debut: HORI7ON Is The First Filipino Group To Perform On MCOUNTDOWN

Who's doing it like them?

It only felt like it was yesterday that we saw HORI7ON be formed in Dream Maker. Now, they’re making history on MCOUNTDOWN.

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We always knew that Dream Maker, ABS-CBN and MLD Entertainment’s boy group reality show, would form a Pinoy boy group that would debut in South Korea. But we didn’t realize how fast it was going to come. After all, it was only last February when Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus were voted to become HORI7ON. And staying true to their name of looking over the horizon with their promising careers, the official start of the group’s chapter one is here after they made a splash on MCOUNTDOWN.


Last July 24, HORI7ON made their official Korean debut with the release of their debut album, Friend-SHIP. The surprisingly meaty album features 12 tracks, including their previously released singles and tracks they performed on Dream Maker. It also has new bops added and sub-unit songs such as Jeromy and Marcus on How You Feel and Death Or Paradise with Vinci, Kyler, Kim, Reyster, and Wintson. And the group even bagged features from Lapillus’ Haeun and TFN’s Noa on the album for that extra star power.

But the real highlight of the show is their lead debut single SIX7EEN, with the title and song combining the group’s talents and the youthful energy they exude. And it’s this song they performed for their debut stage on MCOUNTDOWN.


As one of South Korea’s biggest music shows, MCOUNTDOWN is a big deal. So HORI7ON’s stage is an achievement in itself. They boys very much didn’t take the opportunity for granted as they brought a fun and vibrant energy to the MCOUNTDOWN stage, complete with an ending fairy, as their Korean ANCHORs (their fandom name) cheered them on.

If that wasn’t enough, HORI7ON also bagged a mention in the history books as the first ever Filipino boy group to perform on a Korean music show as well as joined a shortlist of other global groups who have performed on the show, such as XG. It’s a moment and breakthrough for Pinoy pop groups and one of the best ways to kick off a debut era. Who knows, they might even get a music show win down the line. 

Their MCOUNTDOWN stage is just one of the many activities HORI7ON has been doing in South Korea. After 100 days of training, the boys have been busy with their promo schedules, from having a media and fan showcase at the Olympic Hall in Seoul, starring in a variety show, meeting Sandara Park, and more. Needless to say, it’s a moment worth celebrating. It’s no joke seeing all-Pinoy talent on MNET as they show to the world their potential. If HORI7ON had something to prove in their debut stage, they did it. We might have to stan even harder we fear.  

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