One To Watch Out For: Why Song Kang Is Going To Be Your New Favorite Actor

Confident in his skin, be captivated as he transforms effortlessly from one character to another.

With three successful shows under his belt, Korean actor Song Kang is fast becoming a household name.

Whether it is for entertainment or to escape reality, it is pretty much standard these days: Much like you, I look through Netflix searching for the next series to binge, especially Korean dramas. After an exercise of endless scrolling, I came across Love Alarm and thought, “Oh great, another love triangle. That’s new.” But as I read the synopsis, it called out my name.

The story plays out in a normal high school, but at a time when love is announced in real time through an app. Yes, you read that right: announced. As I watched the characters, Hwang Sun-oh was the one who stood out to me the most. His face is enough to make you believe that Cupid hit you with an arrow. His unblemished skin glistens under the blazing Seoul sun, as if it’s his own natural spotlight. Intrigued, I decided to learn more about him.

Played to flawless perfection by Song Kang, the actor is not new to the world of Korean dramas. In fact, he’s had supporting roles in previous series such as When the Devil Calls Your Name, Touch Your Heart, and The Liar and His Lover. But the spotlight shone brighter for him when he finally got his breakout role as one of the leads in Love Alarm in 2019. After finishing the first season, I decided to take a breather from romance and veer into something a bit more adventurous. The show Sweet Home was making waves all over social media since it aired in December 2020, and not just in Asia, but the rest of the world, too. So, naturally, I gave it a shot.

The show follows a timid teenage boy, Cha Hyun-soo, who lost his parents and had to live on his own. Set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, the world is suffering from a mysterious disease that turns humans into unthinkable monsters. A few minutes into the show, I noticed the actor playing Hyun-soo looked familiar. The expressive face, the striking features hidden behind disheveled hair, the luminous skin showing notably beneath dirt and dried blood, the sonorous voice. “This can’t be him, too?” I looked up the names of the cast, and the first name to pop up was Song Kang. Playing the role of Hyun-soo, he had completely transformed from the debonair Hwang Sun-oh of Love Alarm to the awkward yet brave Cha Hyun-soo of Sweet Home. At this point, I was even more captivated by his skills—and yes, his skin—as an actor.

From leading man to leading the way in gender-neutral skincare

With three huge Netflix hits to his name, Song Kang is not only a captivating leading man but an equally compelling force beyond the screen. He also leads in gender-neutral skincare as the face of Deoproce Philippines.

Aside from his impeccable acting, Song Kang’s flawless skin has been the talk of the town. Having been introduced as the latest endorser of Deoproce, both the brand and Song Kang share the value and importance of efficient skincare products, which is why the brand has chosen him as the new face of their Natural Green Caviar Line. “I’m in love with the facial cleanser,” he admits when asked about his favorite product from the line. “I use the cleanser even during days when I’m really busy. And when I wake up the next day, I feel my skin is very clean and moisturized.” And of course, no Korean skincare routine would be complete without a mask. “Among my skincare methods, my favorite is a facial mask. When I use the mask that contains vitamin C, I feel my skin has become brighter so I use it regularly. You should try it out, too!” he expresses enthusiastically.

The Natural Green Caviar Line from Deoproce offers a diverse set of products to complete your skincare regimen. It has a cleansing water, a facial cleanser, a toner, a vitamin C ampoule, a water cream moisturizer, and a skin-perfecting tint with SPF 30+. The whole line of products is made with green caviar, and Deoproce is the first to utilize this as a skincare ingredient. The seaweed is rich in vitamins A and C, and contains amino and Omega-3 fatty acids, which help boost collagen production and reduce fine lines. It’s also a great source of minerals that give the skin long-lasting moisture. Polysaccharides like fucoidan, which is a powerful antioxidant, also give the products anti-inflammatory benefits.

This new line from Deoproce is so effective that Song Kang is even recommending it to his co-stars. “Every time I use this product, I feel like my skin is getting better. It makes me think that I take good care of my skin. That’s why I want to recommend this product to other people. I especially wanna recommend it to my co-stars in Sweet Home,” he says. “I think after using the face mask pack, it will help relieve the stress of the skin after the actors put on heavy makeup.”

It is in this pocket of time to himself that he gets to exercise a bit of self-care, especially now that his star continues to rise. With more diverse roles to work on, it’s little wonder that he needs good skincare to match.

The man with a thousand faces

Shortly after Sweet Home, the second season of Love Alarm premiered just last March 12. Starring the same characters, the show follows their lives a few years after graduating from high school. Here, Song Kang plays Sun-oh in a more mature, more passionate manner. He was able to portray the remarkable transition of Sun-oh from a carefree high school boy to an independent man in just two seasons.

After the season ender of the series, I thought maybe we wouldn’t be seeing much of Song Kang until late this year or maybe even next year. So, it came as a surprise to me when he was starring in yet another much-awaited drama on Netflix, Navillera. It aired its pilot episode on March 22—just a mere 10 days after the second season of Love Alarm premiered. Here, the story focuses on the most unexpected tandem—23-year-old aspiring ballerino, Lee Chae-rok, and 70-year-old grandpa, Shim Deok-chul, who has always dreamt of being a ballet dancer. Together, they form an unlikely yet heartwarming friendship as they lift each other up and face the harsh realities of life.

Constantly hard at work perfecting his craft to reach his dream, while also struggling to make ends meet on his own, the breakout star is impressive in this role. In the sunlit ballet studio, the evocative expressions of his radiant face clearly convey the struggles of his character. Song Kang learned ballet for six months to give authenticity to the drama. He even remodeled his physique to mimic that of a professional ballet dancer. His arms are toned and strong, his legs flow fluidly from one position to another, and his movements are always as light as a feather. Truly, he has dedicated himself to the role as he has in his previous dramas. Consequently, this presence and dedication catapulted Song Kang into his current status as one of the most successful rising actors to watch.

Big dreams start with small habits

With the whole world’s eyes fixed on him, Song Kang proves that he deserves to be a household name. Three of his lead roles couldn’t be more different from one another. But like a chameleon, he adapts to each one and breathes life into them effortlessly. As an actor, he understands the characters well and puts his heart and soul diligently into his work. “To prepare for the role in Sweet Home, I think I looked at the script every day. Also, I thought about the character a lot,” he muses.

In two short years, Song Kang has filmed one drama after another. And he’s showing no signs of stopping. He may always have a lot on his plate, but he still takes time to do daily habits that keep him camera-ready. “The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is drink water and the last thing I do before sleeping is cleanse my skin.” Whether he’s playing a high school boy or an up-and-coming ballet dancer, Song Kang always has a youthful yeppeo (which translates to “pretty” in Korean) glow to him. “I think the expression ‘yeppeo glow’ refers to your own healthy beauty and the inner glow inside yourself,” he explains. “Of course, good skin is one part of the ‘yeppeo glow.’ But what’s more important is your passion and the feeling of happiness that make the ‘yeppeo glow.’” Now, if you really want to know the secret to his envious skin, he also shared how he maintains his clear complexion. “After filming, I enjoy cleansing my skin thoroughly. For skin regeneration, moisturizing my skin is important to me. On the days of severe skin stress, I always remind myself to use a high-performance face mask.”

Setting a glistening, new milestone

As clear as his signature glass skin, Song Kang has a bright career ahead of him. From a high school heartthrob, to a beast-battling teenager, and now to an aspiring ballerino, you can never predict what role he will take on next. And that is precisely where Song Kang thrives the most.

Indeed, it is an exciting time for the young actor. There is a lot to expect, for sure, which definitely sets a precedent for his path to even more success. While the rest is still unknown, at least to us, what is clear is that he will continue to give nothing but the best to everything he will face and whatever he sets his mind to. But for now, we will just wait and see what is to come from the man they call Song Kang.

kathryn bernardo style

Which Kathryn Bernardo Style Era Fits You Best?

TBH, we'd do anything to switch wardrobes with Kathryn just for a day. ?

Kathryn Bernardo’s style evolution is one that most people can resonate with. After all, we’ve witnessed how she’s grown into the woman she is today.

Kathryn Bernardo first appeared on television at the age of 7. Playing as a young Cielo on It Might Be You, she became a household name and landed countless phenomenal lead roles then after. A rising female actress in her own right, her career grew—and so did her style. Here’s a look back at Kathryn’s best style moments through the years.

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kathryn bernardo style

Who else wanted to have a custom gown by renowned designer Francis Libiran for their 18th birthday? Her stylists Kimi & Boop Yap were responsible for this era. ? Fresh from her Mara Clara days, her signature frilly dresses and feminine style foreshadowed her reign as the Teen Queen. Kathryn still wears her tulle dresses and pastel-coloured outfits from time to time—undoubtedly her style DNA.


kathryn bernardo style

Exploring her edgy side, Kathryn started wearing leather, lace, and baggy pants reminiscent of the 90s. TBH, it’s the sparkly boots for us! This was probably the era where she began falling in love with flared trousers and matching suits in the next few years.


kathryn bernardo style

Kathryn’s red carpet looks never fail. Always one to be a show-stopper, her sparkly gowns and sophisticated style was taken to the next level as the years progressed. Constantly in the best-dressed list, each of her looks are equally memorable and proves that she is now a woman.


kathryn bernardo style

Breaking the mold of most female leads, Kathryn finally establishes her now signature look in form of a good pair of trousers and a suit, thanks to her constant collaboration with stylist Jan Aranilla. She shows range when it comes to power dressing in feathered coordinates, a structured blazer with cycling shorts, and her many tailored sets.

Photos from Instagram/Kathryn Bernardo, Jan Aranilla, Kimi Yap, Charisma Lico, MEGA archives

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itzy guess who

ITZY’s Latest Comeback Is Almost Here And We’re Already Excited

The 4th gen girl group is coming back with a new album!

This will be ITZY’s latest comeback in over 8 months and it couldn’t come any sooner.

Ever since their debut in 2019, ITZY, whose members are Yeji, Lia, Yuna, Ryujin, and Chaeryeong, has blown up to be a powerhouse 4th gen girl group. From their catchy debut song DALLA DALLA to hit singles ICY, WANNABE, and Not Shy, ITZY never disappoints, and their latest comeback is aiming to do the same. Here is everything you need to know about ITZY’s newest comeback.

itzy guess who

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4th mini-album

On March 22, ITZY announced their latest comeback with their upcoming release of their 4th mini-album, Guess Who. The album is set to be released on Friday, April 30, 2:00 PM, PH time. JYP described the album as having a sound that will “come as a surprise for their fans.” They further said that ITZY “would come up with offbeat dance moves and styling to showcase something different this time.”

The album will come in three versions: DAY, NIGHT, and DAY&NIGHT. Physical versions of the Guess Who album will include a photobook, the CD, 2 photocards, a mini folding poster, a sticker pack, and a newspaper. If you already pre-ordered the album or would like to pre-order the album, you will also get another poster, a postcard set, and a hidden card.


Guess Who will have six songs: Mafia In The Morning, Sorry Not Sorry, Kidding Me, Wild Wild West, Shoot!, and Tennis. The release of Guess Who will also coincide with an MV release for Mafia In The Morning, the title track for their comeback. The song was co-written and co-produced by J.Y. Park. This isn’t the first time he has worked on ITZY’s music as he also helped create their other songs like ICY and Not Shy.

Among those credited with making the album’s songs include earattack, who is credited on the lyrics, composition, and arrangement for Wild Wild West, whose name may sound familiar to GOT7 fans as he made Hard Carry. There is also JQ, a collaborator with Kang Daniel, who is credited on the lyrics for Tennis. If you want a sneak peek of the album, you can listen to the album spoiler ITZY just dropped filled with snippets from Guess Who.

Other activities

Dropping a new mini-album and MV isn’t the only thing ITZY is doing for their latest comeback. They are also going to have a YouTube showcase on April 30, be on MTV’s Fresh Out Live on May 1, followed by an appearance on Twitter Blue Room Live on May 2. Not to mention the different Korean variety shows ITZY is set to appear on within the next week including Knowing bros on May 1 and Tiki taCAR on May 2.

itzy guess who

Even though this will be their first comeback with new music since August 2020, 2021 has already proven to be an eventful year for ITZY. In March, the group became the newest global ambassador for Maybelline New York. The group also recently released Trust Me (MIDZY); a song dedicated to their fans and as a way to express ITZY’s love to MIDZYs around the world.

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7 Things You Need To Know About OnlyOneOf, The K-pop Boy Group Behind libidO


The Mortal Kombat Movie Isn’t A Flawless Victory, But It’s Good Enough

The movie's violence is on par with games, the story isn't

The Mortal Kombat movie reboot succeeds where the original movie failed in terms of the level of violence, but falters when it comes to its story.

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Movies based on video games have always been hit or miss. Mostly misses actually. Historically, video games-based films are mostly seen and treated as low-quality movies with little to offer. The popular Mortal Kombat series was not spared from this, facing this problem in 1995 with the movie receiving mixed reputation. In fact, it has earned cult classic status and has made its place in the so-bad-it’s-good category of movies. The 1997 sequel, meanwhile, was panned across the board.

Now, we have a new Mortal Kombat movie which is seen as a reboot of sorts. Before the movie’s release, Mortal Kombat was showing signs of promise: filmmakers who understood the source material, a dedication to R-rated violence, and a cast who knew how to fight. The end result though may not meet the loftiest of standards. Mortal Kombat delivers on the action and violence, but it is hampered by a story that could use more time in the oven.

Kombat that would make any Mortal Kombat fan proud

Mortal Kombat Director Explains Why There's No Tournament in the Movie

Let’s start where Mortal Kombat excels in the best: the action and fight scenes. Every fight scene in this movie is choreographed perfectly. Every punch, kick, swipe, and fireball has a purpose. When you see hands being thrown, they are being thrown for real. The punches, kicks, and stabs are so crisp you can almost feel how much they hurt. It also greatly helps that the cast is stacked with actors who are trained in martial arts. It is commendable how the fight scenes of the characters match up with their fighting styles. This means that the characters aren’t just randomly fighting, they are fighting accurately to the style of their video game counterparts.

Video game accurate violence

Mortal Kombat's Goriest Fatalities, Revealed | CBR

One of the biggest criticisms of the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie is the lack of violence. This is something the modern reboot doesn’t lack. The violence in this movie is now on-par or near the violence depicted in the games. Guts will fly, arms will be broken, and blood will flow, just like how it should be. The fatalities in this movie can only be described as beautifully violent. Fans of the video games should be satisfied with the level of violence on display in the movie. Mortal Kombat is not for the faint of heart.

The opening scene perfectly shows the movie’s mix of action and violence. The opening scene introduces Sub -Zero (Joe Taslim), and Scorpion (Hiroyuki Sanada) through a mesmerizing choreographed fight scene that hits all the right notes. The final fight scene also proves to be a standout in the film. Both have that mix of action and signature Mortal Kombat violence.

Underwhelming story

Mortal Kombat (2021) - IMDb

What prevents this movie from being great though is its sub-par story and main character. The story is told through the eyes of Cole Young (Lewis Tan), a new character made for the movie, who is an MMA fighter. It becomes clear early on that Cole is there as the representation for people who are not familiar with the Mortal Kombat story. Because of that, the first half of the movie is exposition-heavy as Cole, and the audience is dumped with backstory on the Mortal Kombat universe. Cole himself also feels too generic with the usual backstory of a man who has a loving family and is destined for great things. His powers are interesting, but as a character, he’s bland.

Mortal Kombat’s storyline is both Avengers team up and world-building, which makes it hard for the audience to understand certain characters or motivations. This then makes the movie feel more like a prequel rather than the start of a possible franchise. What’s worse, popular characters from the video games who have a rich backstory like Mileena are treated like henchmen. She could have easily been replaced by one of the dozens of characters in the games who fit the henchmen role. There are also roles that are talked about as being important, but the movie does not show it so there isn’t any proof to back it up.

Mortal Kombat, Netflix's Stowaway, & 10 new movies you can now watch at  home - Polygon

Not every character though is one-dimensional as Kano (Josh Lawson), Lui Kang (Ludi Lin), and Kung Lao (Max Huang) who not only have great costumes, but are also spot on with how their characters are portrayed in the games. There are also quite a few references sprinkled throughout the movie that will delight any Mortal Kombat fan.

Fun for fans, less so for others

Mortal Kombat (2021) - IMDb

If you are a Mortal Kombat fan, the movie is good. It hits all the right notes when it comes to the action and violence and it’s also nice to see some fan-favorite characters on-screen duking it out. If you have no knowledge of the Mortal Kombat series though, this movie probably won’t make you a fan. The movie is straight-up over-the-top and cheesy action that is more or less in line with the games. It does most things right to satisfy any Mortal Kombat fan, but not so much for everyone else. If ever there will be a sequel, a tight storyline and more character development would be greatly appreciated. The movie isn’t perfect, but it is fun if you set the proper expectations.

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daniel padilla

From Then Until Now, Daniel Padilla Proves Why He Is His Generation’s Supreme

All hail, Mr. Ford.

By every indication, this conversation revisited included, Daniel Padilla mans up and sheds an image of fun and frills, clearly cozying up to the prospect of being this generation’s supreme.

As if witnessing a drawling transition of time, we could tell that the sky was about to smile at us. A wash of warm yellow slowly bathed the lush and verdant blanket of nature that dominated this expanse of breathtaking Iceland, seemingly pulling off the almost dreary overcast of cool that presided just a few minutes into our conversation when he first landed in Iceland with Kathryn Bernardo in 2016. Fogged breaths signifying the beginning and end of every sentence were reduced to flimsy precipitates as the sun finally came out in full force.

Despite bogged down by the chill that permeated the air, we could see a smile grow on his eyes (from behind his pair of Ray-bans, no less) as the glow of the sun touched his face—clearly, a memory taking form in his head.

Nung pinanganak ko si Daniel, nakita ko na ‘yun. Naramdaman ‘yun,” reminisces Karla Estrada during her sit-down interview with Boy Abunda a few years back. “Doon sa room ko, tumama ‘yung sunlight sa mukha ni DJ at kahit kanino sinasabi kong, ‘Oh, meron akong superstar in the making.’”

Daniel Padilla isn’t too fond of the cold, we were told and obviously, have come to realize. While it certainly isn’t a temperature he is normally acclimated to, we can only assume that the first catch of light on his face as a newborn has something to do with it. It is a story that his mother never tires telling people, because at that very moment she was right, a star was born.


Revisiting A Conversation In Time

If there is one thing that can be said about Daniel Padilla is that he is almost always grateful. His sentences are not only peppered with signs of respect but they are bookended with endless amount of thank you. “Ako ah, never ko naisip na parang, alam mo ‘yun, ‘Tara, punta tayong Iceland.’ ‘Di mo naman masasabi ‘yun eh,” he says, still in disbelief that he is halfway across the world in what could only be best described as heaven on Earth. “‘Yung Iceland parang, ‘yun ‘yung lugar na hindi ko na-imagine na pupuntahan ko and then biglang andito na ako. Sobrang ang ganda ng lugar na ‘to. Iba ‘yung binigay nung lugar sa akin.” He takes a moment to survey the sprawling scene, breathes deep before quickly breaking out of his reverie. “Kaya ako nga, ilang beses akong nagpapasalamat sa inyo diba? Nakarating ako dito, mag-shoot tayo sa Iceland.”

In his tenure in the tempestuous industry that is show business, he has not only learned the ropes of the work he now calls his craft, but he has also subsequently adapted and evolved along the way. “Siguro natuto akong magpasalamat sa kung anong meron ako. Kelangan mong magpasalamat kung anong nangyayari sa’yo, Kung ano man ‘yan, magpasalamat ka na nagagawa mo ‘to dahil sa trabahong ‘to, kahit ano mang kapalit nun,” he shares.

Gratitude goes a long way, especially in a world that is riddled with egos, tempers, and unusual working conditions. “Tayo lahat nagrereklamo,” he relates. “Totoo ‘yan, nagagalit tayo, nauubusan tayo ng pasensiya. Minsan may nagagawa mo lang dahil pagod ka. Pero ‘yung minahal ko ‘yung sa trabaho ko ‘yung…grabe, andami mong matututunan. ‘Yung nakikita mo ‘yung taong masaya sa gingagwa mo, alam mo ‘yun? Nagiging ikaw ka lang, kunyare ako lang, nagpapakatotoo yet may napapasaya pa rin ako.” At the end of the day, he is aware of what his work and its effects are far greater than his singular self. It domes over an adoring public that hinge on every little thing he and reel and real life partner Kathryn Bernardo does on an almost daily basis.

“I think ‘yung ginawa namin ni Kathryn is nakinig kami. You have to listen and understand,” he shares of what he thinks makes him and Kathryn a formidable and impenetrable pair. “Makinig ka sa mga boss mo, sa magulang mo and sa fans mo kung anong gusto nila. And kailangan ibigay mo ang 100% para sa kanila, hindi pwedeng parang bina-block mo ‘yun,” he continues. “Deserve nila ‘yun eh.”

His Story Told

Daniel Padilla

In the span of his career, much has been spent with Kathryn Bernardo. A stroke of sheer luck, their unforeseen pairing years back has spawned into a partnership that is not only lucrative and effective but at the bottom line, solid as can be.

“I think sinwerte lang talaga ako na si Kathryn ang nakalove team ko. Talagang naging swak kami, hindi namin kailangan magpanggap alam mo ‘yun?” he says. “Hindi namin kailangang i-arte na gusto namin ang isa’t-isa, hindi namin kailangan mag-holding hands sa harap ng tao para lang sila kiligin. And sobrang gift sa akin ng Diyos na ‘yung mga KathNiels…Wala, nagmamahalan kami ni Kathryn, masaya sila. Ginagawa namin ni Kathryn ‘yung mga kailangan naming gawin, ginagawa naming 100% ‘yun and siguro ‘yun lang, pinaka-lesson is ‘yung pagmamahal—pagmamahal sa trabaho, sa tao, ‘yung genuine. Hindi ka pwedeng magpanggap.” What they have—the sucker punch of a gut feel, the undeniable chemistry, the partnership that leaves us constantly weak in the knees—is nothing but natural. It isn’t forced upon or feigned just to elicit a reaction from a devoted fandom.

Clearly, whatever they share is real. “Hindi siya ‘yung parang napilit,” Daniel says. “Si Kathryn ang pinaka mapagkakatiwalaan ko,” he opens up. “I’m very lucky to have Kathryn.”

Daniel Padilla On Growing Up

Daniel Padilla

When talking about Daniel Padilla, one can’t help but tackle the concept of progression, something that is central to the philosophy of the young man. While he understandably keeps his private life to himself and those near and dear to him, this character development is parallel to that of his professional career. For viewers, it was in Barcelona: A Love Story Untold that saw the pair grow up and tackle themes that are more mature than their usual light-hearted and teenybopper fare. “Sobrang galing kasi lahat perfect timing,” he says of his projects with Kathryn, this film especially. “Lahat ‘yun talaga bago gawin nandiyan ‘yung guidance para sa aming dalawa. Doon talaga kami nagpapasalamat kasi hindi kami pinapabayaan. Ang galing kasi ang ganda ng kinalabasan.”

But more than it being the right time to take a step into the more mature direction, he comes back to an important nugget of wisdom his mother constantly tells him, one that also acts like a compass to his thriving career. Since then, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo have shared the screen in Can’t Help Falling In Love and The Hows Of Us, as well as of in television series such as La Luna Sangre and The House Arrest Of Us. Thematically, they were at their most grown up onscreen in the music video of Sa Susunod Na Habang Buhay by Ben&Ben.

Ang laging sinasabi ng ermat ko, ‘Anak, ‘wag mong lalagpasan ‘yung mga fans mo. Dapat kasabay mo sila tumanda.’ And ‘yun ‘yung ginagawa namin. Habang nagma-mature sila, nagma-mature kami. Talagang sabay kami, hindi naming naiiwanan or hindi kami napag-iiwanan.”

It is after all a journey shared.

All Hail Daniel Padilla, The Supreme

Daniel Padilla

There is obviously more to Daniel Padilla than this almost chilling sense of cool and suave that overrides his persona. The star that he has become doesn’t at all consume him, which is leaps and bounds from his younger and scrawny self that was almost too shy to even try the industry out. “Sa totoo, sobrang mahiyain siya,” his mother recounts. “Sobrang batang mahiyain, pero nung nakita niyang na-appreciate siya, dun siya nagkaroon ng motivation.” Today, he is confident, self-aware and as the moment stands, at his best self. But as anyone treading along the cragged journey of life, there will always be more than just the singular path taken.

While a lot of his dreams have become tangible realities, he still anchors on so much more hopes. “Gusto kong maging producer ng record label, ng music, ng movies…gusto ko magkaroon ng car shop,” he shares. “Gusto ko ring ibalik ‘yung rock ‘n roll sa Pilipinas kasi medyo luma-lie low [ito]. I mean, malakas pa rin ‘yung underground natin pero gusto ko silang i-mainstream dahil ‘yung music ng rock ‘n roll is iba rin. Gusto ko ibalik ‘yung 80s.”

Music, movies and cars aside, Daniel Padilla reveals something that is both heartwarming and well, kilig-inducing. “Gusto ko magka pamilya,” he says, a wry smile shifting his face from almost stoic to mischievous. A roar of laughter erupts from the background, prompting one of us to ask, “How many kids do you want?”

Kahit ilan. The more the merrier,” he says, bursting into laughter himself. “Hindi kasi sa akin, by thirty gusto ko alam mo ‘yun, steady na ‘yung buhay ko and may pamilya na ako.” This isn’t the least surprising, especially since the young man has been vocal about wanting to have his own family in several interviews.

At this stage of his life, he can afford a little more time for the fun and frill that the world can offer. But Daniel Padilla has other plans. With an eagle-eye precision into his crystal-clear future, he knows what he wants and will work his way toward that distant horizon. It is forthright but it is also very admirable. This is clearly every indication that Daniel Padilla has shed his teen-king self and assumed his prospect of being a supreme of his generation.

Images and interview courtesy MEGA Man November 2016

Photography MARK NICDAO
Creative direction and styling SUKI SALVADOR
Styling assistant JEB FRONDA
Grooming RYAN KO

Whoa, Wow, To WTF: These Were The Scene-Stealers At The Oscars 2021

So, was the 93rd Academy Awards any special this year?

Promised to be “hopefully unique,” did the highly-anticipated Oscars 2021 live up to its hype? Well, if the anti-climactic end was any indication, not quite.

The show will go on. Not only is this a phrase of encouragement that all of entertainment holds close to its hearts, especially in theater or live television, but it also serves as a source of motivation in the midst of the pandemic. From productions either getting stalled or bravely (and cautiously) navigating changes, this fragment of fraternity has been most central to award shows, having been challenged by the physical limits of the global healthcare crisis. But just as it means, it was all systems go for every ceremony such as the Emmys, Golden Globes, Grammys, and of course, the Oscars 2021, except in uncharacteristically scaled down versions of what it once was.

oscars 2021

Proving to be quick on its feet, award shows adapted to the times, restructuring their prize-giving festivities to accommodate a healthy compromise of assembling virtually and in-person. Some shows managed to execute it better (the Emmys being the most note-worthy, which was produced very early on in the pandemic), while others clearly struggled with the hybrid of platforms, consideration of bandwidth, and the anticipated technical difficulties.

While no coming together of this sort, especially that in the name of entertainment, is without its fair share of hiccups and missteps even pre-pandemic, there is no going around the reality that until all things come to an end in terms of quelling the virus, this will be the way of the foreseeable future. This isn’t to say that we won’t be seeing the undertaking of high-profile, who’s who, and select few, reach the same glittering and glamorous heights as it did, but for now, no one is above the mandates and protocols—even the Oscars 2021.


So, Was This Year Any Different?

Taking its cues from awards shows that came before it, the Steven Soderbergh-produced Oscars 2021, which was “not going to be like anything that’s been done before” played out pretty much the same way in Los Angeles, except this time, the pre-shows and ceremonies were scattered across the world with hubs set up in London, and Paris. The still hostless awards show itself presented itself as a film, complete with an opening scene complete with the names of every A-lister starring in the undertaking listed onscreen as Regina King strutted to the stage inside Union Station with a fairly sparse and distanced audience.

“Live TV, here we go,” the Oscar-winning actress and newly minted director said following a near trip onstage. Fitted in a dazzling easter egg blue Louis Vuitton original, she would go on to explain the changes for the Oscars 2021, detailing the geographical simulcasts, mask on-mask off policy, and an overall shift from the glitzy shebang it typically is.

As valiant as the efforts were to re-envision the longstanding awards show that has sputtered and struggled in terms of relevance over recent years, nothing much has changed, really. While it did serve as a distraction and deflation to everything else that is going, at the end of the day, it still dragged on far longer than it should without anything groundbreaking. Sure, there were out-of-the-ordinary moments within, as it was expected from a production in the pandemic, but from what we saw, the Oscars 2021 didn’t quite live up to the promise of being “hopefully unique.” There were a lot of opportunities to make magic happen, production-wise, however, that didn’t quite make it to the air.

While it did start strong, slick, and streamlined, the intimate 93rd Academy Awards quickly lost its steam and revealed a curious, confusing, and clunky ceremony that proved to be a letdown instead of the significant shift that it could have been. Whomp, whomp.

Not all was a disappointment. From Whoa, wow, to WTF, we round up all the scene-stealing moments at the Oscars 2021 that still has everything talking.

Alan Kim Dancing On The Red Carpet

From the quiet expanse of Arkansas in the poignant picture of family, Minari, Alan Kim has proved to be the darling of the awards show season. From his adorable interviews to his heart-tugging acceptance speech at SAG awards, the breakout star was feeling extra cheerful at the Oscars 2021. Decked out in a custom signature Thom Browne look (blazer + shorts + long socks), the internet’s new son was not exempt from his chores as prior to being cute and dancing on the red carpet, he still had to walk his dog before the ceremony. (Stars, they’re just like us.)

Glenn Close And Yuh-jung Youn Meeting For The First Time

While they were competing in the same category all throughout awards show season, Glenn Close and Yuh-jung Youn formed a friendship. Where one had more grit and the other evoked grace in their respective films, it was their mutual admiration for each other that bonded them, which was fostered over many Zoom ceremonies and virtual interviews. Singing praises for each other at any given chance, the two finally met at the Oscars 2021 in the most charming and characteristic way possible.

With No Sweats In Sight, It Was Full On Fashion For The Guests

As explicitly stated, attending the 93rd Academy Awards meant dressing up in what was listed as “a fusion of inspirational and aspirational.” For anyone with at least a working brain cell, this was a euphemism for “don’t wear sweats.” For the most part, the fashion on the Oscars 2021 red carpet was a standout, especially for the men, who not only adhered to the dress code, but also explored and challenged the bounds of traditional menswear. Needless to say, everyone showed up. (The selection of hoodies from Jason Sudeikis was thoroughly missed. But Oscar-winning director, Chloé Zhao, arrived in a neutral knitted dress paired with sensible sneakers. You go, queen.)

A Pre-Show Mini Concert

Traditionally, the program of Academy Awards would include performances from the nominees for best song interspersed throughout the show. In the Ariana DeBose and Lil Rey Howery-hosted pre-show, Oscars: Into The Spotlight, viewers were treated to a mini concert featuring numbers from Molly Sanden (Húsavík from Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga), Diane Warren and Lauren Pausini (io sì from The Life Ahead), Celeste and Daniel Pemberton (Hear My Voice from The Trial Of The Chicago 7), Leslie Odom Jr. (Speak Now from One Night In Miami), and H.E.R. (Fight For You from Judas And The Black Messiah).

The Oscars Opening Monologue Of Sorts, As Told By Regina King

She may have tripped on her way to the stage, but Regina King did not trip on her words as she began the Oscars 2021. ”We’re mourning the loss of so many,” she said, reminding everyone of the social and racial injustice persisting outside their bubble, particularly of the recent guilty verdict on Derek Chauvin.

Always a platform for the political, the One Night In Miami director reflected on the realities that ravage society, saying, “And I have to be honest, if things had gone differently this past week in Minneapolis, I might have traded in my heels for marching boots. Now, I know a lot of you people at home want to reach for your remote when you feel like Hollywood is preaching to you, but, as a mother of a Black son, I know the fear that so many live, and no amount of no amount of fame and fortune changes that.”

Zendaya Wearing A Mask Even During The Ceremony

“Think of this as a movie set,” Regina King said, alluding to the strict safety protocols that are now standard of many close-contact industries, especially in film and television. While the people in attendance were generally vaccinated, tested, and re-tested, the wearing of masks was required during commercial breaks. During the broadcast, some stars were seen with their masks on even during the show itself. At one point, we saw Zendaya wear her mask that masked her cheerfully yellow abdomen-baring dress regardless. Yes, she’d like to keep it on, please.

Women Of Color Winning And Making Her-Story

“I can picture Black trans women standing up here. And Asian sisters. And our Latina sisters. And indigenous women. And I know that one day it won’t be unusual or groundbreaking. It will just be normal,” expressed Mia Neal as she became the first black woman to win an Oscar for Hair and Makeup with Jamika Wilson and alongside Sergio Lopez-Rivera. The night would progress with even more women and women of color collecting well-deserved accolades, including Emerald Fennell, HER, and the second female and first woman of color to win the best director award at the Oscars 2021 for Nomadland.

Rounding up her speech together with Anthony Giacchino for the Academy Award for the short documentary, Colette, Alice Doyard said, “This award and this film is a tribute to women everywhere in the world, of any ages, who are joining hands and [fighting] for justice.”

Glenn Close Dancing Her Butt Off

While she chalked up another loss to her list of eight Academy Award nominations, the inimitable Glenn Close still won the night, capturing the hearts of everyone in attendance at the Oscars 2021 and those trawling the internet as she well, busted a move. In a game of Guess That Song by QuestLove and Lil Rey Howery, the Hillbilly Elegy star who was sparkling in Armani Privé was asked a question about the song, Da Butt.

“Wait a second, I know—that’s the Da Butt,” she declared to an obviously impressed room.”It was a classic song by the great Washington, D.C. go-go band E.U. (Experience Unlimited)…” Dropped even more knowledge on the track Spike Lee written track for his film, School Dazed, Glenn Close would soon relent and shook her groove thang. Cruella has got some moves, yo.

Frances McDormand And Nomadland’s Wolf Call

“Ladies and gentlemen, Fern,” director Chloé Zhao said, pointing to the effervescent leader of the Nomadland pack, Frances McDormand. An obvious reference to the TikTok-popular introduction of HER by Adele, the gravity of the graceful story of identity and introspection as compelled by loss and grief, started an animalistic call, enjoining the rest of their group as if they were wolves howling at a fictitious moon. Awoo.

The Anti-Climactic End

For a show of promise and possibility, the Oscars 2021 would eventually fizzle out after this surprisingly refreshing first act. A nice touch was the fact that the awardees were allowed to indulge in their acceptance speeches without fear of being drowned out by an orchestra. But for all its sporadic bright spots, it would miss out on all its potential, including an odd reshuffling of categories at the far-end of the show, which saw the best picture (Nomadland) being awarded before best actress (Frances McDormand) and best actor (Anthony Hopkins). While well-deserved for his stellar showing as a man spiraling from his own reality, the win of Anthony Hopkins was eclipsed by laments of Chadwick Boseman being snubbed posthumously for his soul-stirring and transcendent performance in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. How anti-climactic was that?


the oscars 2021

Bringing The Movies Home: Everything That Went Down At The 2021 Oscars

Among other things, the show was presented like an actual movie

The 2021 Oscars promised to be a special and unique awards show and it sure felt like it.

Hollywood’s biggest night and the 2021 awards season just concluded with the 2021 Oscars. In a year where all the award shows had to adapt to the pandemic, this year’s Oscars had a big challenge ahead of it since it is considered the climax of awards season and was being held later than usual. Prior to the show, the producers described how this year’s Oscars was going to be different on many fronts, and the end result showed it. From a new location to surprise winners, here is what went down at the 93rd Academy Awards.

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A movie awards show shot like a movie

The producers were aiming to film and present the 2021 Oscars like a movie. The show started with Regina King walking into Union Station, the new home for the Oscars this year, while stylish credits appeared as she walked. The fact that the presenters were introduced as if they were actors acting in a movie added to the movie feeling. For the entire show, there were black bars at the top and bottom of the screen to make it look like you were watching a movie. There was also a fish-eye camera at the roof of the room for a unique perspective.

Keeping with the movie theme, the Oscars also tried to focus on the nominee’s love for movies. For some of the awards, the presenters would talk about how the nominees got into the film-making industry or what movies inspired them. Some of the personalities who presented outside LA, like Bong Joon Ho, did it inside a movie cinema to further add to the film theme.

The show also switched up the order of which the awards were given. In years past, the Best Supporting Actor and Actress awards were given first, but they were switched out for Best Original and Adapted Screenplay. Best Director was also one of the first awards to be given when it usually would be one of the last. Best Picture was also switched from being the last award given after Best Lead Actor and Actress to the other way around.

Historic wins, surprises, and snubs

The 2021 Oscars also had its fair share of historic wins as well as some surprise winners. Chloé Zhao became the second woman, the first woman of color, and the first Asian woman to win Best Director. Her movie, Nomadland, was also the big winner of the night with three Oscars, the most of any movie of the night. Nomadland won Best Picture while Frances McDormand won her 4th (yes 4th) Oscar, with her win as Best Actress. H.E.R also won Best Original Song which makes her just one of a handful of Filipinos who won an Oscar.

Despite being nominated for six Oscars, The Trial of the Chicago 7 won nothing and was the only movie nominated for Best Picture in the 2021 Oscars that won no awards. The award that it had the strongest chance of getting, Best Original Screenplay, went to Promising Young Woman.

Best Documentary Feature went to Netflix’s My Octopus Teacher, which was considered an upset since most experts predicted that Collective had the win in the bag. Yuh-Jung Youn prevailed over a tight race with Maria Bakalova to win Best Supporting Actress, which in turn made her the first Asian woman to win that award in decades. And in a final shocker of the night, Anthony Hopkins won Best Lead Actor. Prior to the show, experts predicted that it was a close race between Chadwick Boseman and Anthony Hopkins with Boseman having a slight upper hand. But it was Anthony Hopkins who prevailed in the end.

Special awards and a fun game

It wasn’t all just the regular awards though as some special awards were given out and they even had time to play a game. The Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTVF) and Tyler Perry were the recipients of the Humanitarian Award, the former receiving it in the Dolby Theatre and being the first organization in the Academy’s history to receive the award.

There was also a game near the end of the show where someone would approach the Oscar nominees and ask them if the song played was an Oscar-winning song, Oscar nominee, or none of the above which proved to be a fun distraction especially when Glenn Close showed off her rap skills and dance moves.

Aside from these though, there weren’t any other surprises or special productions for the 2021 Oscars.

Bring home the movies

Overall, the 2021 Oscars proved to be an interesting event. The movie format made the show look unique but by the latter half of the show, the producers weren’t adding much to reinforce the movie feeling aside from the two black bars on the screen. The new setting in Union Station gave off a more intimate vibe and away from the grand affair in past years. It was nice to get to know more about the nominees while some of the wins truly left us off-guard. A lot more could have definitely done to the narrative to make the 2021 Oscars feel more like a movie because, at times, it just felt like a normal awards show. Congratulations to the winners though and we highly recommend that you check out the movies that won today.

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thirst traps

We Asked People Why They Send Thirst Traps And The Answers Are Powerful

"Makes me feel powerful and in charge of my body." Bold answers, indeed.

Are thirst traps a new art form? We asked people why sending those risky pictures might have a deeper meaning.

Existing and circulating at a time pre-dating the internet era, risqué images aren’t anything new. However, the concept of thirst traps as we know it now first emerged on Twitter back in 2011. For context, it’s any images or videos used to consciously create attention or “thirst” online, gaining popularity the same time as the rise of platforms like Snapchat, Tinder, and Instagram. The point is, it’s all about intention.

Admit it, at some point, you’ve wanted to post a risqué photo just for the thrill of it. Others think it’s taboo sending thirst traps or nudes, probably because of the longstanding issue of sexual objectification with all genders.

But in all honesty, maybe it’s high time we view thirst traps or even nudes as a form of empowerment as it exudes the feeling of being in control of one’s body. (BBC even did a story on it.) Now, you are free to do as you please, and in case you do give in to the urge to the thirst trap, just be mindful of who are you doing it for and most importantly, be careful who you send it to. Remember: We live in the age of the Internet, and anyone can get those images leaked. Extreme caution must still be exercised above all.

Below, we’ve asked different people why they like sending thirst traps and their responses will surprise you. Just a tip: If you still think they do it for you, think again. As Ariana Grande said, “tell me what’s your motive.”

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1. “Sometimes when I’m insecure, I look back at old sexy pics and think that I’ve been this hot, I can attain it again.” -CB

2. “I don’t send—I post them. They make me feel POWERFUL and in charge of my body ?” -SZ

3. “Cuz it feels good admiring ur own ass and tryna share it to ppl so they be blessed ? ” -GM

Thirst traps

4. “I hate myself but having my girl want me comforts me” -NS

5. “It’s like a trophy of my progress. But most of the time, food for the ego.” -JP

6. “Thirst traps are too hot to just keep private ???” -JDC

Thirst traps

7. “Just because I get off from their reactions hahaha makes me feel extra powerful lmao” -LF

8. “Because it helps me unlearn that the (female) body is a dirty thing and helps normalize nudity.” -IA

9. “To give my bf blue balls while we’re far away from each other ???” -GC

Thirst traps

10. “As form of appreciation to my body? Through the years, I’m not confident but now I am ?” -MS

11. “It looks good to not be shared ?” -DB

12. “Cause I can make lives better” -DC

13. “Because I am hot and everyone deserves to know.” -NC

Thirst traps

14. “I only do it when I myself feel sexy. Second, the thrill. Third, extra appreciation.” -EI

15. “Cause I love the human body, esp the female body. It needs to be celebrated!!” -S

16. “Makes me feel good, hot and sexy. But fr such a confidence booster. Also, so can compliment my itty bitty titties ?” -OS

17. “Thirst traps, to torture haha” -MN

18. “It makes me feel good about myself. It’s weird but the more he doesn’t ask for it, the more I want to send.” -SA

19. “Because it’s euphoric af. Teasing feels good, is inviting.” -VA

20. “For thirst traps, I believe it is because we yearn physical intimate validation.” -JB

Only send (or post) thirst traps when you want to. If someone forces you, blackmails or takes photos without your consent, do not hesitate to call them out. Organizations like Gabriela, Maya’s Organization, and Cameleon provide support to victims of abuse.


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Fun Red Carpet Looks At The Oscars 2021: From Zendaya’s Glow In The Dark Dress To HER’s Prince-Inspired Look

They understood the assignment.

The Oscars 2021 is finally here after two months of being postponed and it could not be more worth the wait—especially all the looks that were SERVED.

The Oscars 2021 did not hold back despite online events that are being held. They probably knew that people needed a little escape from reality in some way, and boy did they do it right. From Zendaya’s glow in the dark dress to LaKeith Stanfield’s cinched waist, here are all the fun red carpet moments on the Oscars 2021.

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Zendaya and stylist Law Roach ALWAYS understands the assignment. She looked heaven-sent in a yellow midriff dress by Valentino that glows in the dark. Say what?


Oscars 2021 red carpet fashion laverne cox

Laverne Cox is jaw-droppingly gorgeous in a hot pink tulle dress by Christian Siriano. The designer revealed that it took three weeks and over 1000 yards of tulle to complete this look. ?


Oscars 2021 red carpet fashion her

HER’s purple hooded jumpsuit by Peter Dundas was inspired by another icon that we all love—Prince’s look when he received his first ever Oscar award in 1985 for Purple Rain.


Oscars 2021 red carpet fashion lakeith stanfield

It’s the cinched waist for us. LaKeith Stanfield kills the Oscars 2021 red carpet in a disco revival jumpsuit by Saint Laurent. Someone also pointed out that it might have been based on their recent womenswear collection for spring 2021.


Oscars 2021 red carpet fashion regina king

Regina King on the Oscars 2021 red carpet was major slayage. Looking all sorts of statuesque, her powder blue Louis Vuitton gown is IT. And this is how you wrap the season. ??


Oscars 2021 red carpet fashion alan kim

What’s your favorite part of this look? Alan Kim’s Thom Browne suit and shorts with matching tube socks is unforgettable.


Oscars 2021 red carpet fashion celeste

When wearing your heart on your sleeve isn’t an option, a diamond-encrusted clutch will do. Singer Celeste wears a surreal look by Gucci on the Oscars 2021 red carpet. ?


Oscars 2021 red carpet fashion chloe zhao

Chloe Zhao, the first person of color to win Best Director & Best Picture for Nomadland breaks all the rules in an Hermes dress and white sneakers. The serve!


Oscars 2021 red carpet fashion colman domingo

Versace is always a good idea. Colman Domingo’s hot pink suit made of 4500 Swarovski crystals took almost 150 hours of embroidery work.


Oscars 2021 red carpet fashion carey mulligan

Carey Mulligan might have probably bodied the Oscars 2021 dress code. How can you not look “Inspirational and Aspirational” in a golden gown by Valentino?


Oscars 2021 red carpet fashion tiara thomas

And that’s how you win an Oscar. Singer/songwriter Tiara Thomas is a vision in an all white ensemble with feathers by Jovana Benoit.


Oscars 2021 red carpet fashion andra day

Singer Andra Day is a golden goddess in a gown by Vera Wang, resembling the Oscar statue. She’s a winner, baby!


Oscars 2021 red carpet fashion questlove

The highlight of the evening? QuestLove’s crocs is the real Midas touch. A look that deserves more recognition. Time to add to cart!


Crocs Might Be Finally Cool Again. But What Exactly Do You Wear With It?

We’ve Found These Butterfly Tops on Instagram That Look like Dua Lipa’s Dress at the Grammy’s

SB19 x chynna mamawal

LOOK: SB19’s Pose Was Inspired by this Classic Filipino Painting

There's a tiny detail you might have missed.

SB19’s first foray into fashion with local designer Chynna Mamawal was a huge hit, it literally crashed Wear Casa’s website! You’ve already seen how the first set was made, and now we’ve spotted a historical painting that inspired their pose.

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SB19 always raises the bar when it comes to paying homage to their roots, even in their first fashion collaboration. But did you notice a historical reference in one of their poses?

If you’ve taken up art history, or you were one of those kids who loved HEKASI classes, then you’re definitely familiar with national artist Carlos Botong Francisco’s painting, Sanduguan sa Katipunan. Manileños fairly know this as part of the powerful mural displayed in the City Hall of Manila.


The sanduguan ritual (or blood compact) was intended to seal a friendship or treaty by parties involved through cutting their wrists, pouring their blood into a cup filled with liquid and drink the mixture. Sounds familiar? While there definitely wasn’t any blood oaths involved, the boys of SB19 are already bonded with one another in this lifetime. See how SB19 made streetwear look cozier in the initial designer sketches below.


SB19 Chynna Mamawal Fashion Pablo

SB19’s leader surely knows how to stand out. His cozy sets are in black and purple—two of his favorite colors.


SB19 Chynna Mamawal Fashion Ken

As you might know, Ken’s set A has already sold out a few hours ago and it comes to no surprise. It’s easy to wear, oversized, and comfy.


SB19 Chynna Mamawal Fashion Stell

SB19’s lead dancer makes moves in his olive and khaki set. Stell explores subdued colors and veers away from his usual style.


SB19 Chynna Mamawal Justin

Sleek and polished, SB19’s creative director opts for a streamlined silhouette. He specifically asked Chynna to add a collar on his sweatshirt.


SB19 Chynna Mamawal Josh

SB19’s lead rapper chose striking colors for this design. It could also be an homage to hiphop icons RUN DMC or LL Cool J.

You can purchase the SB19 x Chynna Mamawal premium collection through Wear Casa’s website, or their Facebook.