Because I’m a Woman: Why Confidence Is Essential to Breaking Norms

It's time to just #LetHerBe.

Cut the strings that try to control your life with the help of Avon Philippines.

Being a woman today is like living a life that isn’t truly yours. You’re expected to act a certain way, make particular choices, and lead a fixed life. “Don’t sit with your legs spread. Don’t chew loudly or eat voraciously. Keep the house clean and cook all the meals.” These statements are being said to women all over in real life. Society has clipped the wings of femininity long ago. And even in the new circumstances today where a virus is threatening all lives, women are still experiencing the toll of the boundaries imposed upon them by society. But that stops here and now.

Gain the confidence to cut the strings that try to control your life with Avon. The brand’s latest campaign, #LetHerBe, aims to give women the confidence to regain their freedom and make their voices heard. Avon’s Feelin Fresh Quelch Deodorant Creams empower women to achieve their dreams with no sweat.

The Feelin Fresh Quelch Deodorant Creams has a well-rounded range of ten variants, each with its own unique specialty to keep women protected from underarm issues as they strive to break society’s standards. Among them are the Ultra Glutathione, BHA Power Serum, and Powder Light Antibacterial variants. The Ultra Glutathione variant can help you achieve visibly smoother and radiant skin instantly. It’s formulated with 2x glutathione serum and Pro-Luminous Complex that contains antioxidants, acerola extract, and 12% vitamin C concentrate. The BHA Power Serum, which is made with BHA Serum and Pore Control Complex, can brighten your skin in just one week and help reduce hair and the appearance of pores for perfectly flawless underarms. And the Powder Light Antibacterial variant keeps you safe from odor-causing germs with its active antibacterial formula. It is made with an Odor Defense Technology that provides 99.9% protection against odor-causing germs.

These ten quick-drying deodorant creams can solve any of your underarm problems, and help boost your confidence to live your life according to your rules. Take the first step towards a bigger goal at home. Include Feelin Fresh Quelch Deodorant Creams in your daily hygiene routine and let it aid you in staying confident at home.

Reclaim your right to live without limits, and don’t let sweat nor a pandemic stop you. Break the norms and just #LetHerBe with Avon Feelin Fresh Quelch Deodorant Creams.

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