Sydney Sweeney’s 80’s Prom Birthday Bash and Why You Should Throw Themed Parties

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Sydney Sweeney’s glamorous 80s-prom themed birthday party proves that you don’t need to wait for Halloween to throw an unforgettable party with an unforgettable theme!

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Halloween may just be a month away, but themed parties can be thrown any day. Casual, non-theme parties are classic and reliable, but honestly? Can be a bit basic. Take it from Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney, who threw a glamorous 80s prom-themed birthday party for her 26th birthday on September 19 titled “Syd’s Prom.” Guests sported voluminous curls, red and pink ruched and ruffled satin, glittery accessories and bold makeup. The party had an 80s-inspired colorful dance floor, disco balls, balloon arches, streamers, star confetti, and all the bright, retro extravagance of the time. All the photos taken make it look like you’re looking at an old photo album, and it is so cute!

Sydney and female guests at her 80s themed birthday party

Instagram Story/sydney_sweeney

Clearly, Sydney is a fan of the theme parties, but some people may not care enough to follow the theme when they arrive. And that’s okay! When you throw a theme party, you can’t expect everyone to go all out or spend so much just for an outfit. But as a guest, you should still at least try to match the theme.

Personally, I love a good themed party, no matter how simple or elaborate. Give me “masquerade” or “pajama party”, and I’d be excited—and I’m not even a frequent party-goer. A theme just adds another layer of excitement to a party, gives people the chance to express their creativity, and brings everyone together in a fun, cohesive way. Need more reasons to throw a themed party? Scroll down below.



Let’s be real: one of the best things about Halloween is seeing what everyone dressed up as. This year, we predict a whole slew of Barbies and Kens and half-and-half Barbenheimer-inspired costumes. Some people spend all year building the perfect party or finding the perfect outfit, and people have only gotten more and more creative as time passes by. But who says you have to wait until Halloween to get those creative juices flowing?

From low-key Tuesday night dinner parties to birthday extravaganzas, hosting a themed party gives someone the chance to work around a solid concept instead of building something from scratch and making individual disjointed decisions. Sydney knew exactly what she wanted with her 80’s prom-themed party, and she nailed her vision down to the film cameras, her glorious shiny pink dress and bejeweled accessories, and even the wired microphones used by guests and the band. Her party looks straight out of Pretty in Pink (1986)!

Sydney's outfit

Instagram Story/sydney_sweeney

Disco balls at Sydney Sweeney's 80s themed party


So if you want a 2014 grungy Tumblr-themed party like 2010s icon Tyler Oakley? Go for checked flannels, Converse, beanies, chokers, and striped shirts under graphic tees. Decor could include band posters or Arctic Monkeys and Halsey album covers on the walls.

@tyleroakley #stitch with @alliswannlake it was a moment 🥰 #fyp #tumblr2014 ♬ Everything Is Embarrassing – Sky Ferreira

Or maybe you want to be adventurous and host a murder-mystery night, like they did for Freddie’s birthday in the iCarly reboot (hopefully yours turns out better, though!). Create your own characters or find a mystery to solve on the internet, tell your guests what to wear, and really immerse yourselves in something fresh and new.

icarly murder mystery party


You could do Bratz or Mean Girls, red carpet or Stranger Things, folklore or Alice in Wonderland, pirates or superheroes. No matter how vague or specific you want your theme to be, the possibilities and the ways to execute them are endless.


Of course, you have to make sure people relate or at least understand your theme. A themed party is at its best when people can easily participate in terms of looks. When everyone’s all dressed up according to the theme, but with their individual signature flair, having fun and bonding, that’s when the magic happens. It’s like you’re transported into a different world or time period—and the pictures will show exactly that.

At a themed party, I love seeing what other people are wearing or what they brought that’s on theme. It’s a great conversation-starter, too! It’s so fun when people get excited talking about the decisions they made, the references they’re making, or how they put together the outfit or, if they’re the host, the party itself.

Sydney crowd 80s party


Undoubtedly, the popularity of themed parties is growing. Just look at TikTok! The last few birthday parties I was invited to were all themed, too. I was told to dress up like I was in Euphoria, my favorite Taylor Swift album, and like I was going to Harry’s House. I never had to break the bank to come up with something that fits the theme perfectly, and no one was ever strict about the dress code anyway. It was all in good fun—as any party should be!

More than the partying, I love the research, picking out the clothes, talking to other friends about outfit plans, and finally seeing everyone and everything all decked out according to theme.

Sydney Sweeney

Instagram Story/sydney_sweeney

Camila Mendes and Sydney Sweeney


When everyone’s dressed up similarly, but with their individual signature flair, having fun and bonding, that’s when the magic happens. It’s like you’re transported into a different world or time period—and the pictures will show exactly that.

So whether it’s for a Halloween bash or your own birthday, don’t feel silly about picking and sticking to a theme. It’ll make a great night even more unforgettable.

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