How To Have The Most Extra Birthday Party, According To Bretman Rock

Taking notes.

Three looks in one night? The theme revolving around you? When you’re Bretman Rock, there’s no such thing as an extra birthday party.

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It goes without saying that your birthday should be about celebrating you. It’s a whole day (and then some) of having fun and doing what you want as you mark another year of living on this earth. And that fun comes in many shapes or forms, from intimate gatherings with friends and family, nights out at the club, overseas trips, or grand celebrations to which the whole barangay is invited. For Bretman Rock, the way they celebrate their birthday leans very much on the latter. Bretman is never one to do things simple and subtle, and that also applies to their birthdays.

In case you didn’t know, the social media superstar has a bit of a reputation for going all out for his birthday, and as they should. That much was the case when Bretman recently turned 25 years old and had a birthday party with a budget to support its grandeur. Not only did it radiate big Leo energy but it also gave us inspo for the next time we wanted a blowout bash unlike any other. Check out some of the highlights from Bretman’s 25th B-day.


Why have one look for your birthday bash when you can have several? As the birthday celebrant, no one is going to bat an eye when you come to your party serving several looks. Just look at Bretman as they and their stylist, Brian Meller, prepared not one, but three looks for the evening. Bret stunned in a Leo-inspired dress from The Attico, dazzled in an Area top, and sparked with their silver ‘fit from 16Arlington. Who’s doing it like Bretman?


Your birthday is one of the best opportunities you have to see your fave artists live and in person. So, take the opportunity to turn that dream performance into a reality. Case in point, Bretman had live performances at their birthday courtesy of two of their favorite Hawaiian musicians, Hirie and Fia. Nothing says best B-day ever than having live music from your faves.


There’s no such thing as being too extra at a birthday party, and that includes the theme. Sure, you can go for a classic like dedicating it to a color or period, or you can make it all about you. That’s the route Bretman took when they made the theme for their birthday party “A Night of 1000 Bretmans”. As the name suggests, guests were asked to dress up and cosplay as their favorite Bretman at the party. You can imagine how fun that sounds. And tbh, it makes sense considering the party was all about celebrating Bret. It’s giving star of the night.


The key to having an extra birthday party is to make sure it looks the part. And to that end, Bretman hired the services of Charming Events Hawaii to bring to life their vision. Held at the stunning Hale Makaha, a private Hawaiian Estate, the grand birthday party was true to the theme of celebrating Bretman Rock. Guests already knew where they were as a giant light-up Da Baddest Bitch sign greeted them, which includes pictures of some of Bretman’s most iconic moments. There was live music, food and drink booths, self-care stations, and even a 360-degree phot booth. Even the cocktails at the bar were Bretman Rock-themed, and that included one inspired by their Vogue Philippines cover.


Who doesn’t love getting all dolled and glammed up for their birthday shoot? It’s your chance to feel like a model or celebrity with the camera firmly pointed at you, or, in Bretman Rock’s case, have another excuse to serve more looks. Even with all that when down at their 25th birthday party, the Filipino star still had a birthday shoot where Bret lived their Island Barbie Fantasy. And don’t worry if you don’t have the biggest of budgets like Bretman. Resourcefulness, craftiness, and a bit of creativity can turn a simple shoot into a stunning birthday spread.

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