Earth Day 2021

This Earth Day, Here Are 7 Ways You Can Help Out The Environment In Your Local Community

You don’t need to be in a position of power to make change

Happy Earth Day! Here are 7 things that you can do at home or in your surroundings to help the environment.

In the past decade, the climate and the environment have become important issues due to the rise in global warming and the steady decline of the environment around the world. Now more than ever, it is important that we do what we can to help the environment because we literally do not have that much time left to prevent irreversible damage. Truth be told, the climate crisis has become so central to the conversations of today’s youth, and with good reason, too. After all, who is to inherit the world that we are not properly taking care of now? While we are far from where we are supposed to be in the shift to eco-consciousness, steps have been taken in terms of information and practice. It is with great hope that this becomes a way of life for all, especially that we are responsible for this planet we live in.

This Earth Day, even though most of us are at home, we can still do our part to support the environment. Here are 7 simple things that you can do (and should do even after Earth Day).

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Support local businesses by buying local products. Not only do you get to help your local community, but you also get to lessen your carbon footprint. This also works when buying local produce as you get to hit two birds with one stone: you support our local farmers and fishermen and help the environment. If you have space, resources, and know-how, you can even grow your own vegetable garden so that you can get your vegetables right in your own backyard.


This may sound obvious, but thinking before shopping is one of the best ways to reduce waste and help the environment. Before you buy something, think first if you really need it or if it’s just an impulse buy. Rather than buying a lot of products, use things that you have at home first. And while you’re online, you may also want to consider deleting old emails. Emails actually contribute to the carbon footprint and that’s the last thing you want to do.


By sustainable, it means products made out of recycled materials or those that won’t ruin the environment easily. Try to substitute the products you have at home with products made out of sustainable material. It also is not that hard to find animal cruelty-free and environmentally friendly make-up brands that are both great and affordable.


WHO: Fabric Face Masks Should Have 3 Layers

Mask-wearing has now become part of our daily lives. Because of this though, there has been an increase in masks littering beaches, oceans, waterways, and other spaces. Even when it comes to masks, you have to still throw them away properly. Before you throw the mask, remember to remove the straps of the mask. This is so to prevent animals from possibly being caught and entangled in the masks.


This age-old adage remains true today and will remain true for years to come. There are many things you can do at home to follow this and help the environment. Composting your own food or donating it to a local composter is a viable option. Upcycle your old things can also help you reduce waste. If your old gadget is still working and you don’t need an upgrade, don’t buy. For broken electronics, there are programs that deal with the proper disposal and recycling of these gadgets. Bring reusable plates, utensils, and straws when you go out to prevent the use of plastics. When out shopping or groceries, use cloth bags so that they can be reused multiple times. And if planting trees are your thing, then you may want to use Ecosia as your new browser. Go on the web and help plant trees at the same time if participating in tree-planting projects are to inconvenient for you.


Read up and educate yourself on environmental issues. It just takes a google search to get up-to-date information on pressing issues regarding the environment. You can also use what you learned to educate (not humiliate) others as well. Talking to people about the issues and spreading awareness may seem really small, but that’s where big environmental movements start. But always make sure that your information is reliable and comes from credible sources (spreading false information can be more damaging to the cause).


As good as it is to do individual action, it also greatly helps that large corporations and governments also do their part considering their potential impact to the environment. And in this aspect you can help. It does not hurt to tell or inform your local government unit (LGU) about environmental things that can be improved or implemented such as more sustainable practices. Support local NGOs, charities, and organizations who are keeping up to good fight against climate change and for the environment.

You can even talk to your local barangay and inform them about possible environment-related programs they have or the possibility of starting one. An example of this could be advocating for the maintenance of parks and green spaces in your village or local community. There is also the possibility of starting a community garden or a donation system within the community. At the very least, your vote is important in helping usher in politicians who actually care for the environment. Remember that you have the power to vote people in and out of office.

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