5 Date Ideas According To Khalil Ramos and Gabbi Garcia

We're feeling kilig!

Whether it’s a fancy dinner or a spontaneous trip, Khalil Ramos and Gabbi Garcia will make you say #SanaAll.

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All-around actors, singers, and foodie entrepreneurs, Khalil Ramos and Gabbi Garcia are a celebrity couple whose years-long relationship is straight goals. After spending six years together, we can confidently say that Khalil and Gabbi are the standard. During the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala, we quizzed them about their secret recipe for keeping things exciting, and the perfect pair spilled the tea, revealing they’re all about those date nights (or days). Whether it’s a cozy speakeasy bar or an art museum date, they’re making every moment count.

If you’re running out of ideas, no worries—we have Khalil Ramos and Gabbi Garcia for date ideas. The celebrity couple are always at the most IG-worthy hangouts. It’s time to start taking notes.

Plan an Amusement Park Date

Feeling that adrenaline rush? Plan an amusement park date! No stress, it doesn’t have to be Disneyland—maybe Enchanted Kingdom, Skyranch, or Star City? Nothing says quality time like screaming your hearts out on roller coasters, sharing cotton candy, and splurging on water gun games.

Roadtrips? Always.

Imagine: your soulmate, the perfect playlist, and a wide-open road ahead. Whether you’re cruising along coastal highways, camping beneath the stars, or traversing those winding mountain roads—road trips are a fail-proof date idea. It’s an adventure where you can connect, take scenic shots, and capture candid moments that will last a lifetime.

Same Music Taste? Try a Concert Date

Sometimes, nothing can compare to the electrifying experience of attending a live concert with your significant other. Just like every cute couple having their song, you’ll have an entire tracklist that resonates with your love story after attending a concert together.

Slow Days and a Pottery Class

Slow days and pottery classes—it might not sound like the most feed-worthy date idea, but here’s the thing: as young adults who are always on fast-forward, stepping back and embracing creative activities is a charming, calming, and downright romantic escape. And the best part? You have the opportunity to take your creations home as adorable mementos.

Work Together at a Café

Why not spend some quality time while working together at a cozy café? It isn’t your usual ‘date night’, but imagine being productive while spending time with your significant other—now that’s the ultimate Gen Z power move.

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tiktok couples

14 TikTok Couples That Will Make You Wish You Had A Valentine

All together now: "Sana all."

Love is in the air every day as long as you’re on TikTok. But recently, we feel a little more single while watching these adorable couples show their significant others off on the app.

We kind of wish we had a partner to dance the #dominochallenge with, too. Now that it’s the season of love, we can’t help but admire these Filipino TikTok couples as they make cute videos together.

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So don’t mind us, we’re just going to live vicariously through these relationships on TikTok while we wait for the right person to come. For now, have a look at why we’re all saying, “sana all.

Aileen Christine & Deven Chris


(Most) boyfriends are simple, be interested in their game = happiness LOL @devenchris

♬ original sound – Aileenchristineee

I know I’m not the only one blaming Aileen and Deven about the reason my standards are so high when it comes to relationships. We love this unproblematic couple and their wholesome, hilarious content.

Andrea Brillantes & Seth Fedelin


Now this is the Gen-Z power couple we’re talking about! We love how these two lovebirds are just having fun together, and apparently, with Andrea’s mom’s stamp of approval, too! Watch them do the #dominochallenge on TikTok.

Brian Puspos & Aja Dang

Brian Puspos and her stunning girlfriend, Aja Dang make the funniest and relatable couple TikToks!

Cass Valencia & Karlo Marquez


Cass Valencia and Karlo Marquez make us believe in modern-day romance. From the first time she said yes to being his girlfriend to the sweetest online proposal for Valentine’s day–love is not dead, indeed.

Ady Cotoco & Sophia Padre

We feel like we’re witnessing the honeymoon phase of a relationship while watching Ady and Sophia’s TikToks together.

Trevor Brouhns & Naiyasha Nicole


Trevor Brouhns aka “da coziest Filipino” and his girlfriend, Naiyasha Nicole show us that there’s no such thing as extra. How does one come up with the most perfect date every time?

Addison Rae & Bryce Hall

This list wouldn’t be complete without TikTok’s most powerful couple, Addison Rae and Bryce Hall. Fun fact: Bryce is actually part-Filipino!

Yanyan De Jesus & Joseph Cuaton


Yanyan De Jesus and Joseph Cuaton bring the heat with the #dominochallenge and their chemistry is oozing from the screen!

Lite Lamayo & Roi Oriondo


NEW VLOG IS UP!!! true or false challenge 🙈 sobrang intense ng mga questions 😅 LINK ON MY TIMELINE 🥺❤️

♬ SINGLE LADIES – rofherson suzon

What a sight for sore eyes, these two are! Lite and Roi have such good dynamic together, we cannot help but ship it.

Mika Dela Cruz & Nash Aguas

After all this time, we’ll never get tired of Mika and Nash’s content together. We just love seeing the two so happy!

Ella Cruz & Julian Trono

Now this is the dance duo we love to watch! Ella and Julian aren’t just couple goals, but they’re also dance royalties!

Kristel Fulgar & Yo Kim


Made him dance again yay! 🥴 @yo.kim

♬ LOTUS FLOWER BOMB x YRN – Michael Napiza

A real-life K-drama couple, Kristel Fulgar and Yo Kim are literally living the fanfic life and we’re all for it. We love how they’re so supportive of each other’s careers and we can’t wait for them to reunite again in real life.

Franco & Joanna


Gusto ko lang to e share guys! 🥺 Tag your LDR partner ❤️ #ldrcouple #fyp #foryou #tiktokphilippines @idmilaofranco

♬ original sound – Joel & Kat – Joel & Kat

@msqueenofjetlags and @idmiliaofranco are the sexiest couple on TikTok and it’s so refreshing watching their content together.

Killa Kushla & Annika Yanez


except we’re not on vacation and we moved here hahaha #fyp #viral #trending #philippines

♬ “Vacation” by Dirty Heads – .

Killa Kushla & Annika Yanez are our guilty pleasure. Don’t you just want to move out of the city and live by the beach just like Killa and Annika?