Selena Gomez Is Over Trying To Be Made The Villain

True Alex Russo energy.

Selena Gomez’s reactions at the MTV VMAs led to hot takes and a wide array of thinkpieces. The way she responded to all the viral moments prove that she’s really over all of it and brings up an important discussion about celebrity social media discourse and public opinion.

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Whatever you think of all the Selena Gomez viral videos and hot takes about her VMAs appearance on social media, she’s over it. The multi-hyphenate’s reactions during the MTV Video Music Awards garnered plenty of attention, and all sorts of discourse has put her on the top of the trends list once again.


Selena went viral during Olivia Rodrigo’s VMAs performance, where the deja vu singer reenacted her vampire music video by staging a faux stage and pyrotechnic malfunction and Selena could be seen holding a hand to her ear. And of course, the narrative people on social media ran with was that she didn’t like Olivia’s performance.

People defended her, though, clarifying that Olivia’s set surprised and confused the audience, especially with the singer’s fake-worried reaction to her own stage. Selena herself commented on an Instagram post about her reaction, explaining “I heard a loud noise and it scared me.”

Selena comment on Instagram: I heard a loud noise and it scared me


Second, when she made a face at convicted assaulter Chris Brown’s nomination, she earned all sorts of reactions—mostly positive, though. She was praised for showing disapproval of the artist. And then she made headlines again when she commented on an iHeartRadio Australia Instagram post about the “incident” saying, “Who cares lol.”


Selena took to Instagram after all that to comment, saying, “I will never be a meme again. I’d rather sit still than be dragged for being myself. Much love.”

Selena Gomez instagram story "I will never be a meme again"


Within a day, public opinion about Selena swayed so fast with just a few seconds of videos and some viral posts. And it’s happened many times to Selena before, her Francia Raisa incident among them.

And while it’s ironic she’s making headlines (even ours) after subtly (and perhaps inadvertently) shedding light on sensationalism, it’s worthy to have a discussion about the problem with going viral, unwarranted think-pieces, and pushing our own narratives on celebrities and everything we see on social media.


Selena has had a year in the spotlight. From the “beef” with Hailey Bieber, to being made a meme multiple times, the star has gone viral so often just for existing—as celebrities often do.

Selena gomez blanket meme

insatgram/selena gomez


And whether or not you like or care at all about Selena, all these instances beg the question of how easy it is for us to fall into the trap of basing our opinion of people and issues on what we see through a screen. Of course, a person’s actions do help form our opinion of them, but in the spotlight, at a time where anybody can post a photo or video without context and frame a moment however they like, our assumptions and hot takes are less grounded on actual facts and context and instead hinges on “what’s this account with thousands of followers implying?” or “what’s the majority of people saying?” for fear of getting cancelled.

Celebrities themselves can also frame a narrative however they like (they literally have teams of people advising and executing such plans), so it’s really been tough to critically examine things or form our own opinions when control of media and public opinion is so easy to take.

So, it’s kind of new and refreshing to see someone like Selena Gomez herself take control of the narrative and stand her ground with the truth on her side. People are quick to turn unnecessarily cruel or perceive not just celebrities, but anyone they see online, not as people but as fodder for hate or gossip or think-pieces. The online world has become so tricky and exhausting that we really often need to take a step back and reexamine ourselves, our obsession with celebrities, and our social media consumption.

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Here’s Proof That Olivia Rodrigo Was The Gen Z Pop-Rock It-Girl at the 2023 VMAs

Gen Z icon.

Olivia Rodrigo is well on her way to her pop/pop-rock icon status as her much-anticipated appearance and performance at the 2023 MTV VMA’s became the talk of the town.

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Twenty-year old Olivia Rodrigo, fresh from the launch of her much talked-about second album GUTS, absolutely slayed at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards. From her vampire music video winning Best Editing, a killer performance, and viral moments not even featuring her but about her, Olivia was a major highlight of the awards show.

This Fil-Am Gen Z singer-songwriter is making waves as she continues to be bold in her lyricism, authentic in her character, and brave in the way she’s blazing a trail for this new generation. She came, slayed, and left the VMAs like it was nothing. Here are just some of her best moments from the show.


Olivia kicked off her set sitting on a foggy, forest-like set singing vampire, the lead single from GUTS. Her red Sandy Liang set and leg warmers over sneakers were exquisite, perfectly matching her bold, youthful energy.

As the beat picks up, sparks flew from the set and she, ever the actress, looks around worriedly as if the stage was collapsing. It was, in fact, a recreation of the vampire music video, complete with being fake-escorted from the stage only to come back for an incredibly fun and hyped performance of get him back alongside pink-clad Olivia clones.


Put those beefing rumors to rest! Taylor Swift, another woman of the hour as she had fun (and looked gorgeous doing it) at the VMAs, showed support for Olivia during the singer’s set. The two have been subject of unfortunate social media rumors, but in this moment, this was just one singer-songwriter who started off young showing unbridled support to another.


International K-Pop group Stray Kids is just like us! After being asked who they wanted to run into at the awards show, member Felix revealed that the members really wanted to see Olivia Rodrigo. The band has shown appreciation for her music before, so fingers crossed that they got to meet.


If her Sandy Liang set and her plaid vintage dress from Chloe Sevigny’s sample sale wasn’t enough proof of her fashion icon status, the young star’s sparkling custom Ludovic de Saint Sernin gown she wore to the VMAs definitely was. The 150,000 hand-embroidered Swarovski crystals catch the lights perfectly and light up a room the same way she does.


After weeks of social media discourse about the young artist’s music style, Gen Z icon status, “beef” with other artists (that she’s promptly squashed), Olivia’s still making headlines as her performance garnered confused reactions. From Selena Gomez’s reaction to the faux stage malfunction to people thinking Olivia herself was unaware of the malfunctions, the 20-year old certainly isn’t leaving the trending page any time soon.

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