BTS’ V flirts with Olivia Rodrigo memes

Olivia Rodrigo And V Had A Moment During The 64th Grammys And Got ARMYs Talking

Alexa, play That Should Be Me by Justin Bieber.

Olivia Rodrigo and V of BTS having a short skit together during the 64th Grammys was a moment we didn’t know we needed, but are happy it’s real.

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Just like that, the 64th GRAMMY Awards are over and like with most shows of the past, it was filled with performances, wins, surprises, and a few snubs. Held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, the 2022 GRAMMY Awards concluded without a slap in sight. Among other things, music’s biggest night saw its Big Four categories be swept by people of color. And while Lil Nas X may have lost in all his categories he was nominated for, he proves once again that his internet game is superior. In the cadre of artists who performed and were nominated during the night, Olivia Rodrigo and BTS could consider the night successful.


BTS Butter Grammys

Heading into the show, Olivia was nominated for seven awards and ended up taking home three, including Best New Artist. The first-time GRAMMY winner joined her fellow Filipino-blooded musicians H.E.R. and Bruno Mars among the many winners of the night. While BTS sadly lost in their only category, they did deliver arguably one of, if not the best performance of the night. BTS channeled their inner super spy for their performance of Butter. That jacket dance break alone is worthy of iconic performance status. But what got many fans talking on social media was a *moment* between Olivia and V.

Olivia Rodrigo at the 64th annual Grammy awards.

Before the performance started, the group had a skit that included Jin on a computer console and Jungkook being hoisted down from the ceiling. The camera then panned to the individual members in the audience and we see that V is sitting beside Olivia. V whispers something into her ear, which causes her to give a shocked expression. V then brings out a gold card, signaling the start of the performance. The moment immediately set social media ablaze and proved to be one of the highlights of the show. According to those in attendance, the skit was most likely (and later confirmed by BTS themselves) planned during dress rehearsal as RM, V, and Olivia were spotted talking together.

A woman and man smile and pose together while seated.

TBH, the entire population of the internet was tinged in jealousy, and we weren’t sure if we wanted to be Olivia or V. What exactly V told her, we don’t know, and it will probably be the biggest mystery of the night. But that didn’t stop the ARMY from speculating and sharing what they thought of this eye-catching moment. Needless to say, the Olivia Rodrigo x BTS agenda is alive and well and we’re maybe even one step closer to getting that collab. Here are just some of our favorite reactions we found on social media.


tapos ngayon kakatok ka ? jan ka matulog sa labas

♬ traitor – Olivia Rodrigo
@ranmae8 peynn!! #teahyung #btsarmy ♬ original sound – Ian Go – IAN GO
@mrgslvdr Yung ang saya saya naming nanonood… TATA MIC FOR SALE HAHAHA char ang ganda ng performance!!!! #grammyawards #btsgrammy #butter #thv #bts ♬ Butter – 방탄소년단 (BTS)
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@yeonthrn pls tawang tawa ako ? #taekook #fyp ♬ Nasaan Ang Utak Mo – lovelye
@_agxstd ang papanget nyo? #taehyung #fyp ♬ original sound – ≮
@fyouia joke #taekook ♬ Mr.kupido – Yeng ᥫ᭡