How You Can Watch Award-Winning Filipino Films For As Low As ₱50 This September

For the love of Filipino films.

Watch any of Sine Singkwenta’s showings of award-winning films for only ₱50 this September, or watch beloved Filipino comedy films for free with Sine Halakhak!

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This September, celebrate Philippine Film Industry Month and Philippine Creative Industries Month by partaking in Sine Singkwenta and Sine Halakhak, the Film Development Council of the Philippines’ grand showcase of Asian and Filipino film excellence. And the best part is that you don’t need to break the bank to do so.

Watch six films from the Philippines, South Korea, and Japan for only ₱50 from September 11 to 17 at cinemas in SM Southmall, TriNoma, and Robinsons Galleria. Or, watch comedies for free at Cinematheque Centres nationwide!


Sine Singkwenta features 6 acclaimed films spanning different genres. Filipino crime thriller films Honor Thy Father (2015) and On the Job (2013), and independent dramas Respeto (2017) and John Denver Trending (2019) front the lineup, along with South Korean blockbuster Train to Busan (2016) and Japanese animated fantasy romance Your Name/Kimi No Na Wa (2016).

These lauded films have everything, from heart-racing action to heartbreaking emotion.

Honor Thy Father won five awards at the 41st Metro Manila Film Festival in 2015, On the Job won six FAMAS awards at the 62nd Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards in 2014, Respeto won five awards at the 13th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival in 2017, and John Denver Trending won all of its six nominations at the 15th Cinemalaya Film Festival in 2019. Clearly, it’s worth it to experience these exemplars of Filipino filmmaking on the big screen. And at only ₱50? It’s a steal.


As digital and streaming rose in popularity over the pandemic, the Sine Singkwenta Initiative is a celebration of local cinema and the communities formed within theaters. It’s FDCP’s initiative to “encourage Filipino viewers to go back to the cinemas and enjoy once more the communal experience of watching a film on the silver screen, along with other moviegoer[s].”

There truly is no other experience like watching a movie in a theater with other people. The ambiance, the social aspect of it, the science and artistry behind it, and of course the snacks are just a few reasons why cinemas are are such a benchmark of culture.


Sine Singkwenta isn’t the only initiative by that makes cinema accessible to Filipinos this month! In line with the Philippine Film Industry Month’s theme of “Tuloy Pa Rin ang Tawanan,” celebrating the cinema of comedy, the FDCP launched Sine Halakhak, where beloved Pinoy comedy films are screened for free at Cinematheque Centres nationwide from September 6 to 28. From Praybeyt Benjamin (2011) to Yaya and Angelina: The Spoiled Brat Movie (2009), these comedy films are guaranteed to give you hours of fun.

Given that many local films are unavailable online or not as easily accessible as, say, international productions, these initiatives and endeavor to promote local movies and cinema and foster greater appreciation for the rich art and filmmaking culture we have as Filipinos.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to SM Southmall, TriNoma, Robinsons Galleria, or a Cinematheque Centre near you and settle in—you’re in for a treat.

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13 Coming-Of-Age Films To Watch On A Rainy Day

Growing up means curling up under a blanket and binge-watching movies.

Explore love, friendship, and growing pains in these 13 coming-of-age films from both local and international producers.

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Coming-of-age is a special genre that marries all the craziness of youth with the melancholy of growing up. Movies in the genre make us laugh, cry, hurt, and realize a few things about life and ourselves. Both local and international productions capture the essence of youth in a myriad of ways, and hopefully you’ll find something special to love in the list of coming-of-age films that are perfect to watch on a rainy day below.


This highly-stylized anthology film directed by Glenn Barit revolves around the stories of a group of students who were designated classroom “cleaners” in the 2000s. Produced with authentic performances from actual students from Tuguegarao in their first acting roles, a killer soundtrack and aesthetic, an exploration of themes surrounding “cleanliness”, and a genuine desire to tell the stories of the youth, Cleaners offers a raw, unique look at the Catholic high school experience and was easily said to be one of the greatest films of 2019.


No coming-of-age film watchlist is complete without this drama based on Stephen Chbosky’s 1999 novel. Perks follows the life of kind, timid Charlie struggling with mental health issues and finding his way in the world with his newfound friends. It may now be cliché defining moment in the Tumblr era, but the film’s depth, performances, and quote-worthy dialogue make it a must to watch.


A trip to the 90s and all the shenanigans and troubles of leaving a childhood behind adds up to a funny, charming jaunt in Death of Nintendo. As four friends on the cusp of childhood and adolescence navigate their firsts—first loves, first heartbreak, first time truly understanding their realities and relationships—they experience firsthand how growing up could be as earthshaking as an erupting volcano.

LADY BIRD (2017)

Greta Gerwig’s successful drama about the complex relationship between a mother and a daughter is a coming-of-age masterpiece about girlhood, family, belonging, and growing up. Well-written, emotional, funny, and presenting an honest, relevant story, Lady Bird is one of those films that stick with you forever.


Smart, overachiever best friends Amy and Molly try to make the most of their senior year after realizing that they might have wasted their entire high school life. They embark on an outrageous night of partying, romance, and drama as one last hurrah. Fast, witty, and wild, Booksmart is a fun take on high school stereotypes and growing up.


O Captain! My Captain! This heart-wrenching tale about a group of boys at an all-male boarding school and their new, unorthodox teacher is a classic drama film beloved by multiple generations. The boys learn all about freedom and love in its many forms, and it’s nothing short of beautiful and emotional.

TOY STORY 3 (2010)

No, this one isn’t lost from another movie list. Toy Story 3 is a coming-of-age not just because Andy has to let go of his toys, but because every character’s life is being upended by the realities of growing up and they have to accept the changes as they come. Also, there is no way to not cry at the end of this film.


This Cinemalaya 2012 Audience Choice-winning film follows a selectively-mute Gibson as he returns to his hometown for the holidays, a time wherein his family is reminded of a tragedy that occurred years prior. Set against the local music scene, Ang Nawawala sees Gibson reconnect with old friends, fall for a free-spirit, and navigate a life after loss.

LOVE, SIMON (2018)

Coming-of-age…coming out…there’s a correlation there, of course. The closeted Simon Spier exchanges messages with a mysterious boy named Blue and is blackmailed into helping set up a classmate with his friend. He faces all sorts of trouble such as the possibility of being outed, initially-unsupportive friends, and the terrifying ordeal of being known in this rom-com all about teenhood, love, and acceptance.


Love and coming into adulthood by facing what lies ahead are intertwined in this film about two college best friends going on a road trip days before their graduation to finally settle whatever feelings they have between them. Expect booze, music, bad decisions, partying, and a whole heaping of rom-com cheesiness.


Starring fresh-faced kids who would eventually become showbiz icons, Nagbibinata presents the challenges and pressures felt by a barkada of boys in all their reckless, naive glory. Exploring everything from family drama to budding romances, this film is a major throwback, and yet all the issues of adolescence hold up to this day.


Sofia Coppola’s modern reimagining of the life of ill-fated French Queen Marie Antoinette follows her betrothal, engagement, and life as a young queen breathes new life into the young monarch’s story. A fun, modern, and stylized period piece that subverts the expectations of a movie revolving around the time period, this film, while set against an extravagant backdrop, is truly all about the trials and tribulations of being a young woman.


Grades, identity, relationships, homework, family, expectations, future plans…Senior Year ticks all the boxes of high school as it explores the lives of ten students on their last year before their lives change forever. Based on real experiences by the cast of students, the film is a snapshot of one of the most significant eras of a person’s life.

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Andrea Brillantes, Kyle Echarri, And Xyriel Manabat Solve A Mystery In New Series “Senior High”

Something's not right in Northford High.

Nothing is what it seems in Northford High. Check out what to expect in the upcoming teen drama Senior High!

Trigger Warning: The following article and subject matter include mentions of bullying, abuse, and suicide.

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When the first teaser trailer for upcoming teleserye Senior High dropped earlier this year, the response was interesting, to say the least. But that first look wasn’t all that the show was going to be as the series, produced by ABS-CBN and Dreamscape Entertainment, dropped its first trailer over the weekend, and it’s filled with teen drama, industry big-names, and a whole heaping of intrigue.

In the dog-eat-dog world of high school, tensions and emotions run high. But who could have thought anyone would be embroiled in a death of a student under mysterious circumstances? Lead star Andrea Brillantes as Sky embarks on a mission to find out the truth about her twin sister’s apparent suicide, but it seems like secrecy and power run through the halls of Northford High, and that won’t be an easy task.

Interested yet? If the trailer set to SB19’s Bazinga didn’t convince you to check it out, below are more reasons to stay tuned to this new show!


Andrea Brillantes plays two roles in the series: twins Sky and Luna, who go to school at the prestigious Northford High, where cliques and hierarchies run rampant, and a tragic event will change the students’ lives. Luna has big dreams, but is unfortunately being taken advantage of by the clique of popular rich kids led by Z (Daniella Stranner). Brave and headstrong Sky is new to the school and will do anything to find out what really happened to her sister.

The young actress committed herself to the role. In a blogger conference for the series, Andrea shared that she did extensive research to fully characterize Sky and Luna. Being very specific with characterizing each role, from their humor to the way they walked, allowed her to portray them distinctly. She is able to do so much with each twin, and we can’t wait to see her show-stopping performance.


Acting alongside Andrea Brillantes is a stellar Gen Z cast comprised of Kyle Echarri, Xyriel Manabat, Juan Karlos Labajo, Elijah Canlas, Zaijan Jaranilla, Daniela Stranner, Miggy Jimenez, Tommy Alejandrino, and Gela Atayde in her first acting role where she also co-stars alongside her mother, Sylvia Sanchez. Dubbed the “future of Philippine entertainment,” the young cast is set to portray a wide variety of characters alongside “the industry’s finest”—a set of established veteran actors: Angel Aquino, Baron Geisler, Mon Confiado and so many more.

Senior High boasts a star-studded ensemble with the acting chops needed for such a project. Seeing Andrea go toe-to-toe with Angel Aquino in the trailer with bursts of emotion was a great moment that immediately established each of their perspectives and their relationship. Angel herself also praised the young actors. “Alam kong magagaling sila,” she says in the conference.


The first teaser for the series showed a bunch of kids partying and doing things they probably shouldn’t be doing in a Euphoria-esque haze, but it kept many things about the narrative hidden until the full trailer.

Sure, the series delves into the usual—partying, romances, and secrets—as well as prevalent problems like fitting in at a new school, the popular rich kids taking advantage of the smart kid, parental pushback against dreams and aspirations, and so much more. The twist about Luna and her death, as well as Sky’s desperation to get to the bottom of things, adds a whole new dimension to the series.


Luna’s apparent suicide doesn’t appease Sky nor Sylvia Sanchez’s character, the security guard who saw something go down before the incident. And with all the rumors about the popular clique mistreating Luna, something is definitely up. Andrea also revealed that each character in the series has their own storyline, so it will be interesting to find out what really goes on in the lives of the young students of Northford High.

With Luna’s mysterious death, the series shows that it’s not just your run-of-the-mill teen drama. Similar to the likes of Elite, Riverdale (Season 1, at least), and One of Us is Lying, Senior High will delve into a mystery and possible murder where the characters work together to get to the bottom of things, facing danger and action along the way.

With such intense subject matter, it’s important to deal with serious issues sensitively. Fortunately, Andrea and Elijah Canlas shared that such relevant and important topics like bullying, suicide, and abuse will be talked about and dealt with in proper ways.

As Filipino entertainment diversifies the stories they tell and the way they tell it, it’s exciting to bear witness to all the new that comes next. Senior High will air on the Kapamilya Channel this August 28.

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