Sabrina Claudio Glows In First Philippine Show—Here’s What Went Down

Confidently grooving.

Sabrina Claudio’s first-ever concert in Manila was marked with silky, intimate music, strong female energy, and a lovely crowd of music enthusiasts.

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American singer-songwriter Sabrina Claudio headlined a night of music and artistry last October 5 as part of the newly-minted Insignia Concert Series by Insignia Presents. Sabrina Claudio Live in Manila was held at Samsung Hall, SM Aura Premier and featured musicians in their element as well as a whole lot of love.

“It’s my very first time here, ever,” the R&B artist said to the crowd. “What an honor! I’m so happy to be here with you guys.” Twenty-seven-year old Sabrina Claudio found fame with an ethereal, sensual artistry that marks her music. Her biggest hits include Confidently Lost and Rumors (feat. Zayn), which she performed at the show along with Unravel Me, Frozen, Stand Still, Moan, and more. With her soulful ballads and unabashedly vulnerable lyrics, Sabrina makes music that’s resonant.

Intimate and sensual, her first concert in the Philippines opened with some beats from Filipino DJ Butta B and songs from Australian artist Jess Connelly. You could see couples of all ages, friend groups, and individuals dressed in chic outfits vibe to the music, drinks or cameras in hand. If you missed the show or simply want to relive it, here are some standout moments from Sabrina Claudio Live in Manila.


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Sabrina performed with strong vocals and an alluring stage presence. From the bewitching music to her long dark hair and simple beige dress, Sabrina Claudio was a siren on stage, almost gliding across, captivating the crowd with every note, every sway, and every word.


With Jess Connelly and DJ Butta B joining Sabrina, female energy absolutely radiated throughout the Hall and all throughout the night.


sabrina claudio 3

All throughout the show, Sabrina humbly expressed how shocked she was that the audience actually knew her and her songs. “This is crazy that y’all even know who I am!” The songstress remarked. “Do you know how far I away I live?” Her disbelief and humility endeared the audience, getting them to laugh reassuringly, throw hand and finger hearts, and yell back I love yous.


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One of the most amazing parts of a concert is hearing the crowd sing back an artist’s own words to them in a show of love and support. When the singer-songwriter would point the mic to the crowd, especially during Confidently Lost and Frozen, they’d sing back with such emotion and fervor—and they sounded amazing! She also joked around, returned finger hearts, and even conversed a little bit with some audience members.


sabrina claudio 2
sabrina claudio 1

At Samsung Hall, everyone was feeling the vibes of Sabrina’s artistry. The intimacy of her music and the close-knit feeling of an open area pit, in contrast to the wild and energetic crowds we’re used to at concerts, made for a lovely, personal experience.

Sabrina Claudio Live in Manila was held thanks to Insignia Presents, who brought in international acts like UMI and Rex Orange County, and are set to bring in more like Bebe Rexha, Charlie Burg, and JOJI. For additional information, visit their website or social media pages @insigniapresents.

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