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Your Favorite Local Podcasts Are Coming Together Under One Community

Dozens of podcasts to discover right at your fingertips

BUNK Collective makes it easier for you to get access to dozens of diverse podcasts.

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In recent years, the world has become a more mobile place. People are always on the go and rarely settle down for long periods of time. This change in lifestyle has also affected how people consume media. Before people would sit down in front of the TV for hours. But now, people want content that can be easily accessible and consumed. This has then led to the rise of podcasts, a form of audio-based content that is fast becoming very popular among Filipinos.

The Popularity of Podcasts

A study done by YouGov and Spotify last year found that 85% of Filipinos listen to music or podcasts every day. So, many Filipinos are starting their own podcasts from celebrities, YouTubers, and just about anyone, really. The growth in the local podcast industry has led to the start of a new community that will house both popular and up-and-coming podcasts in the country.

BUNK Collective, which gets its name from Bangkal, Makati, the artist mecca of Metro Manila, describes itself as not only a curated community and network of podcasts, but also as a movement—one where listeners get to listen to and discover a variety of shows from a diverse group of creators, and where podcasters will have the resources and support to build and grow their podcasts. A testament to their growth and reception of podcasts in the Philippines, BUNK Collective is set to launch with over 23 podcasts from 38 podcasters.

Shows Available at Launch

Check out a sample of their podcasts on Spotify and here are just some shows to give a listen to when it launches on April 9:


This podcast hosted by Gideon Mendoza and Glenn Tabarejos deals with all things spooky and scary as they delve into true crime stories, disturbing events, and unexplained incidents with a twist of dark Pinoy humor.


Astrology lovers should check out this comedic improv podcast about astrology, life, zodiac signs, and the powers of the universe hosted by Bern, Nikki, and VP.

The Tito and The Iho

A podcast that tackles how two different generations see the world through the lens of friends Chad (Tito) and Cholo (Iho).

Ms. M On Air

Rosel Manahan may not be a name you instantly remember, but you may have heard her voice through her radio shows, TV shows, or numerous commercials. She now hosts her own podcast where she talks about life, love, and everything in between all while giving advice.


In Constellations, the Korean language and ASMR are combined to form an interesting premise. Each episode is spoken in full Korean by host Rome Juanatas where he discusses any topic under the sky.

Whoa or No

If you like reviews, you may like this review-focused podcast. Each episode sees Chad and VP talk about and review almost any product from movies, music, and food. As the title suggests, they end the episode with a one-word verdict: woah or no.

Bulalo Sessions

Hosted by Brian and Luigi, this podcast revolves around topics related to Millennial adulting. As they describe it, “Kwentuhang puro kasabawan, pero may laman.”

Pod Surfing

Learn about all things podcasts as host Choi talks about the ins and out of the podcast world.

Pinoy Pod Superstar

OPM fans should give this a listen as hosts Madox and Sed spend each episode talking about Pinoy pop music, concerts, and the local music industry.

Cine Files.

Two self-proclaimed cinephiles Jefre and Ron talk about their love of movies and share their perspectives of the goings-on in the movie industry

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