Calvin Klein Is Giving The Freshest Essentials And We Are Here For It


Leave it to Heron Preston to craft an entire collection of sustainably-crafted minimalist fits that manage to keep Calvin Klein’s signature seductive DNA intact

Calvin Klein’s status as an undeniable fashion icon rests in its unrelenting commitment to provocative designs and bold, progressive ideals. In season two of the trademark’s team-up with Been Trill co-founder Heron Preston, CK reiterated its commitment to their fashion forward philosophies in coming up with a stunning collection of streetwear pieces that are both sustainably crafted and gender neutral: ensuring that whoever you are in this world, you can always don a CK piece and look absolutely fly.

Who is Heron Preston?

As one of the leading visionaries behind a bunch of the streetwear innovations you see in the industry today, Heron Preston is a man that bleeds for the culture. In founding the men’s streetwear brand Been Trill and collaborating with icons from the likes of Virgil Abloh to Kanye West, it’s safe to say that the 38-year old designer, content creator, and DJ knows a thing or two about fashion.

As he brings out a second season of his collaboration with CK, Preston made major references to both his roots in streetwear, as well as his idea on what truly constitutes as “essential.” This resulted in a wide collection that manages to present Calvin Klein’s DNA through a modern lens with distinct, purposeful and recognizable pieces designed for the every day. 

“For Fall, it was about introducing new materials and dissected, timeless essentials that are interesting. We thought about how Calvin Klein shows up in the world, in a modern way. What I love most about Season 2 is the versatility of each piece and the different styling options through the layering that we designed into the collection.” 

Heron Preston delves into the thought process behind the collection

Stylishly utilitarian

A huge element of Heron Preston for CK Season 2 are the elevated and sustainably-sourced materials utilized for all of the pieces in the collection, as well as the gender-neutral fits that maintain a beautiful fit for people of all dimensions and sizes. 

Straight-leg joggers in plush cotton french terry, signature Calvin pieces such as bralettes, long sleeved crop tops and leggings, and in waffle thermal knits, lined shirt jackets and puffers were all designed with comfort and warmth in mind. New knits and denim silhouettes were composed with organic cotton, recycled polyester, and recycled nylon.

Overall, the collection showcases Calvin Klein’s classic styles infused with Heron’s unique twists in oversized silhouettes, crafty color play, and signature orange detail to create a tasteful lineup tailored for a future fit. 

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