The Tommy Revisited: Music Edition Collection Is Giving Us Strong 90s Vibes


Get the chance to relive one of the wildest decades in music with style through TOMMY JEANS’s most-inspired collection yet

Tommy Hilfiger always loved music, and he was never afraid to let the inspirations he took from his favorite artists shine in his work. In “Tommy Revisited: Music Edition”, TOMMY JEANS manages to take this deep connection with music and give it a vintage 90s twist; paying homage to unforgettable acts such as the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and more. Fuelled by raw nostalgia, fandom fever, and sheer star power from a wide variety of music legends, the collection comes as the perfect wardrobe pieces for the ardent lovers of 90s culture and tour merch who also love wearing that vintage streetwear aesthetic.

A timely throwback

It’s probably safe to say that we are all secretly stans of someone deep down inside. Fortunately, ever since the first musical note was discovered, people have been idolizing their favorite artists for their amazing talents and personalities so don’t worry, fangirling is natural. 

This unique feeling of hype that one feels with being part of a fandom is exactly the sensation that TOMMY JEANS wanted to channel in this collection. 

All of your faves

If you’re wondering whose names and faces you’re gonna be brandishing when wearing a piece from this collection, don’t fret. The Tommy Revisited: Music Edition’s lineup consists of some of the biggest headliners in music history; all of which have enjoyed early connections with TOMMY JEANS ranging from sponsored tours to offstage friendships. Such bonds deserve to be celebrated with artworks heavily-inspired by their most iconic tours and merch combined with that distinct TOMMY JEANS twist. 

Consisting of 16 various styles of tees and sweatshirts in both unisex and female sizing, every piece of the Tommy Revisited: Music Edition is made from organic cotton, highlighting an assortment of memorable moments onstage.

We are a generation that loves to throw it back because we appreciate all art forms no matter the era it’s from. For those of us who were too young for the time of TLC, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, or the Rolling Stones but have still fallen in love with their music, we finally have a chance to take part in the fandom.

Shop the “Tommy Revisited: Music Edition” capsule collection in-store at Robinsons Malate, Greenbelt 5, Newport Mall, SM Mall of Asia, TriNoma, and Power Plant Mall. You can also get your hands on these pieces by ordering through SSI group’s at-home concierge service, The Specialist, via email (, Viber Community, or Facebook. For more information, visit SSI Life at their official website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.