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The 6 Sweetest Secrets We Learned From Nash Aguas And Mika Dela Cruz’s Boyfriend And Girlfriend Tag Videos

The couple has been together for more than 2 years now, but we are still learning new things about them.

Nash Aguas and Mika Dela Cruz spilled a lot of secrets when they did the boyfriend and girlfriend tag video. Here are the ones that caught our attention.

Nash Aguas and Mika Dela Cruz have known each other since they were kids. Starring together in Goin’ Bulilit and both having built a career for themselves post-Goin’ Bulilit, you could probably say it was destiny when both of them officially became a couple a few years back. The two have been going strong ever since and recently, they opened a joint YouTube channel called Mika and Nash. A few weeks ago, they did a video on the popular boyfriend and girlfriend tag and spilled some details behind their romance. Here are the six sweetest secrets we learned that made us envy their relationship even more.

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Mika sent Nash a message on Facebook saying, “You Make Me Crazier”

When Mika asked Nash where he was when she sent the message, he revealed that it was when they were still young, around 10 years old and that Mika sent it through her older sister’s computer. It was also revealed that she got the line from Taylor Swift’s song, Crazier.

Nash bought Mika a green mermaid pen when they were kids as a gift

Nash revealed that when the two were still on Goin’ Bulilit, they once filmed in Singapore and Nash noticed that Mika was looking at a green mermaid pen at a souvenir shop. Mika didn’t have the money at the time to buy it, so Nash bought it for her. According to Mika, Nash threw the pen at her without telling her he bought it. But the whole experience touched her.

Nash was there when Mika had her first period

Mika asked Nash when she had her first period, and he said that it was on his birthday on October 10. Mika explains that it was during a taping for Goin’ Bulilit and only told Nash about it years after they saw each other again. Nash then jokes that it’s relationship goals that Mika’s first period is on the birthday of her boyfriend.

Nash accompanied Mika when she bought her first baby bra

The story goes that Mika and Nash were going to swim at Ace Water Spa and they went to Crossings Department Store to buy a baby bra. The two weren’t alone though as they were accompanied by their mothers. Nash also knew what size the bra was and even jokingly made fun of her at the time.

The two first met on the set of Tiyanaks

At the time, Mika was just starting out on Goin’ Bulilit, so she didn’t know Nash that well. He then went to look for Mika and the two saw each other behind the set. Nash says that the situation felt awkward because he didn’t want to say hi to her and describes the moment as slow motion. He also inferred that he may already had a crush on Mika at that time.

Nash noted down the first time they met as their anniversary

When Nash asked Mika when they first met, she responded by saying May 3, 2007. Nash then said that he placed down that date as their anniversary even though they were dating yet. He explains that on his first-generation iPhone, he noted the date down on Mika’s contact as their anniversary, which is something Mika learned for the first time.

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