New Wave Queen: Get To Know Christina Nadin, The Newest It-Girl On Our Shores

She’s back in her Asian homeland for more than a splash

The proud member of the Belo family is making waves in the international scene.

Growing up in a multicultural upbringing opens one to a world unlike any other. Straddling different traditions and points-of-view, one tries to fit in a place where you sort of belong and seemingly don’t at the same time. It can be so complex and only people who were brought up in the same way would know exactly what that means. However, even with this set-up, third culture kids thrive and become a bridge to the peculiarity of the world.

It’s a feeling all too familiar for international model and digital content creator, Christina Nadin, who, at a young age was able to immerse herself and swim in two different seas harmoniously, the Atlantic and the Pacific.

A Siren’s Tale

It’s a typical trip for 27-year-old Christina Nadin—visiting the Philippines, basking and frolicking in its tropical glory, and rediscovering more of her roots through yearly visits to her mom’s and grandmother’s ancestral home in Southern Luzon. 

In between this sojourn, the international model would always find herself hopping from one remote Philippine island to the hectic yet energetic vibe of Manila, and then springing onto the hottest international destination with longtime friends in tow.

A life of non-stop discoveries and appreciation for the world before her isn’t totally foreign to the half-Filipina. The way it has been for the doe-eyed, freckled beauty was building a world unique in her gaze; through familiarizing and discovering new and interesting places and diverse cultures. Oftentimes, this young lady is at-the-ready to share her world with anyone she encounters as she is brimming with colorful experiences from her jet-setting ways.

Born in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, this fierce Piscean was born to an Irish-Dutch father and Filipino mother who hails from Legazpi, Albay. From childhood to her young adult life, most of her fond memories were spent in the quintessentially English village of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire in England. But summers? They were best reserved for another facet of her mixed upbringing and what makes Christina Nadin a natural stand out in her British hometown, embracing her Filipino heritage.

From crushing on fellow Filipino halfie singer and songwriter Enrique Iglesias and knowing how to eat with her hands, to espousing our well-kept traditions and values wherever she goes, the part-Bicolana exactly knows how to embrace her Southeast Asian side.

“I just can’t get enough of the Philippines because I love the people, the culture, and I really did grow up very Filipino because I actually spent the summers of my youth in Legazpi City in Albay,” shares Christina Nadin. The digital creative also relates how learning the basics of Filipino values was something that has been instilled in her by her mother.

A Face That Launched A Thousand Searches

A life of travel and being in front of the cameras was always in the cards for this laidback babe. Scouted in Westfield, London at the age of 17, Christina Nadin was ready to get up and move into the world of fashion, learning the ropes far too quickly and impeccably. And so, from one fashion capital to another, the ever-versatile model now finds herself with a new homestead, the bustling and vibrant city of Los Angeles.

In recent years, the half-Filipino, half-Irish stunner has gained a massive social media presence with a healthy global fan base to boot. All thanks to a variety of beauty content that showcases her quirkiness, her know-how with skincare and makeup, and behind-the-scenes of her blooming career to her growing 656,000 Instagram followers and a couple hundred thousand more on TikTok, the international model is becoming an undeniable force in social media.

It’s not an exaggeration when we say that she’s basically everywhere. One quick search on Google, Twitter, and Pinterest and you’ll be welcomed by a barrage of comments, tweets, and pins fawning and raving about her hazel brown eyes, freckled cheeks, and stunning bod.

Her portfolio, however, is a different story with a multitude of global brands enlisting her to be front and center of various campaigns such as Alo, Fendi, Gucci Beauty, Louis Vuitton, Off-White, COACH, Kenzo, Coca-Cola, Smashbox, and Sephora. Even local companies have caught on to her wave with established beauty brands, such as Belo Beauty, giving her the spotlight to show off her beauty in their campaigns.

“One of my little dreams was to be on a billboard in the Philippines just so my lola would be able to see me in a local mall,”

Christina sharing one of her many dreams as a model

Girl Just Wanna Have Sun

In the many years she’s been traveling back and forth to her Asian homeland, her undeniable love for the luscious southern Philippine island, Siargao, has been so apparent with the model surfing to her heart’s desire, eating her absolute fave Philippine mangoes, and getting to know the small community of the surfing capital of the country.

Every major activity she’s done on the idyllic island always involved the warmth and rays of the Orient Sun. As much as there’s a fondness for her tropical routine, the beauty maven also had her share of inevitable skin issues from being under the sun for longer periods of time. Even if she dared not miss her much-needed dose of SPF, Christina Nadin noticed how her skin felt dehydrated and dull, and was in dire need of a facial.

As happy coincidences are a thing to the rising international model, stumbling into the Belo-verse and subsequently becoming their newest brand ambassador was definitely kismet. As soon as Christina returned to Manila from her many beach trips, the Universe was in full swing to make the connection take place.

“I first got to Manila, I met up with my friend, Jess [Wilson] (also a fellow Belo baby), and I really needed a facial because of my flights. My face was very dry and she mentioned Belo.” Christina Nadin continues, “I’ve had Doc Hayden [Kho] on Instagram for a few years now. I popped into Belo and now I’m a Belo baby.”

On Her Beauty Secrets

It didn’t take long for Dr. Hayden Kho to determine what Christina needed exactly for her skin woes. The other half of Dr. Vicki Belo immediately prescribed to her one of the aesthetic clinic’s Sensational Signature treatments, the Mermaid Facial.

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The much-raved treatment deeply hydrates skin leaving it with a glass-like finish. Through a patented deep wash technology that creates “micro-bubbles,” your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and prepped for exfoliation with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs).

The LA-based charmer soon realized how she stumbled upon a gem of a skin treat and became an instant fan. “It is honestly my favorite facial I’ve had! I was glowing for days.” Soon enough, she found out that her beloved facial treatment also has one made for the body. Christina Nadin was definitely on board to maintain that glowing sun-kissed skin that she’s known for.

Aside from working hard on her physique, the Mermaid Body has been Christina’s go-to form of self-care. Through its all-in-one approach to body care, the hydrating treatment cleanses and exfoliates your skin, infusing it with antioxidants and peptides to make you supple and glowing.

“Looking after my skin and body helps me with my self-confidence. When you treat yourself right, you feel better about yourself. Whenever my skin is at its best, I feel most confident.”

Christina Nadin on how taking care of her skin and body is vital to her well-being

Between hopping from one city to another and working as a model and ambassador for well-known fashion and beauty brands, Christina Nadin knows why she’s exactly where she wants to be in the scheme of things. Through her unique upbringing, she gets the best of both worlds and understands that life is pretty much how you make it, she shares in an interview, “My dad’s second language is Dutch and he always says this, ‘Doe het rustig aan.’ It means ‘take it easy.’”

Dive into healthy dewy skin and book an appointment for Mermaid Body by clicking here or calling (02) 8819-BELO (2356).