Never Forget: Things To Remember When Elections 2022 Rolls Along

If there's anything 2020 taught us, it's that we have the power to change the way things are right now.

As a global pandemic continues to test our politicians and how they handle an unexpected crisis, their actions, reactions, and lack of action speak loudly of where they stand in the grand scheme of governance. You decide.

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Remember this moment, kids. Remember every leader who merely shrugged at the people dying, every politician that put themselves first before the nation, and every capitalist that profited off of this pandemic. A crisis like this shows the true colors of those we put in power. So, let this be a reminder that every vote is, in fact, a matter of life and death.

That said, this is also the right opportunity to take note of the presidential elections this coming 2022. Our politicians; those we voted for, have a duty to be in service for the public. In times of great distress, such as COVID-19 and calamities like Typhoon Ulysses, that’s when a politician’s true duty is tested. So, when #Halalan2022 happens, take a look back at this moment and remember who served the Filipinos and those who were self-serving.

We still have two years to go before the next elections and the tendency is, we forget moments that matter when campaign season starts because we get blinded by the candidates’ flowery words and empty promises. But a politician’s platform means nothing if they do not fight for it in the times that we need it the most. They say they are for the poor, but where were they during this time? Were they asking for VIP testing while others who are dying are still waiting for test results two weeks later? Or were they finding ways to help the front liners get to the hospitals during quarantine and providing relief for those who needed rescue?

To make things easier for us to remember, here are some reminders before elections 2022 rolls along:

Your vote counts and it could save a life, so register to vote. 

Before anything else, it’s important that you register to vote so you can actually make a difference this coming 2022. We have seen the consequences of voting for selfish leaders, and the fruition of voting for effective and competent leaders. The next time we choose the leaders that will serve us, we have to think smarter. We should not waste an opportunity to vote for the leaders we deserve, because it could very well be the difference of promised change and actual progress. Don’t let complacency get the best of you, leaving it up to the elders to vote. Get up and speak up, because now more than ever, your voice matters. As early as now, the hashtag #Halalan2022 is trending on Twitter. Netizens are sharing their thoughts to tweet about who they will vote for in two years.

If you have thoughts about the elections, tweet the hashtag #Halalan2022

This hashtag is the hub of all that can be considered for the 2022 elections. Some people use it to warn others to vote against certain politicians, while some tweet to motivate others into voting better officials. One intelligent vote could save millions of lives, literally.

Look back on the promises, compare it to now

Was the leader you voted for truthful? Did they actually fight for the Filipinos and consider those of us who are less fortunate? Take note of these promises, make it count. Don’t vote for the ones who did not fight for you. A true leader’s intentions will show its true colors in times of crisis.

Don’t lose focus. 2022 is more than just a presidential race

While it is most important to decide who becomes the President of our country, our vote in the senate, mayoral, down to our barangay can make a huge impact in our lives, too. Don’t lose sight of the other candidates just because we have to pick one for president. If there is anything we learned from the previous elections, it is that the rumble of change is starting to take shape in the local governments, with young, able, and forward-thinking leaders at the helm of their constituency. This is the seedbed of the future, and we will definitely reap what we sow, especially come the next telling national elections.

Lastly, be open-minded

When selecting a leader, we tend to become more interested in how they will serve ourselves, our family, our career, rather than the whole nation. So, before deciding on a leader, think about the other Filipinos that can be affected by your vote: does this leader discriminate against a minority? does this leader care about the well-being of the poor? does this leader have a history of abusing their power? Just think about it. And once you’ve simmered long enough, talk to people. Engage in conversation and discourse, even if it is with people whose politics you don’t necessarily agree to. This is the beauty of the democracy we were blessed with, so let’s do our duties as stakeholders of this nation to keep the narrative going because it will matter the moment you hold the ballot in your hands and shade in your votes, ultimately sealing the fate of our country and our future for years to come.