All The Times Regine Velasquez Showed Love To Young OPM Artists

The dream collab. She's the fairy godmother of OPM.

From making dreams come true to supporting young singers with passion, Regine Velasquez is really our Pinoy pop queen.

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In her more than three decades in the music industry, Regine Velasquez has cemented herself as one of, if not, the best singers not just in the archipelago, but even in the entire continent. She’s Asia’s Songbird for a reason. Her sublime vocal prowess resonates beyond this nation and has been an inspiration to many that have dreamt of following in her footsteps. 

And today, with a revered and storied career, the OPM icon’s mission, as she’s expressed before, is to give back all the love and the support that she received throughout the years and this time support all the passionate and talented newcomers in the local music scene. This is another reason why she’s adored, idolized, and even studied by her loyal fanbase. Let’s then look at all the times where Regine Velasquez helped showcase younger musical talents in these one-of-a-kind collaborations.

Alexa Ilacad

Speaking of making dreams come true, Regine Velasquez helped Alexa Ilacad tick a box off the Gen Z star’s bucket list: a duet on-stage. And in an episode of the musical variety show, ASAP Natin ‘To earlier this month, Alexa celebrated her 23rd birthday with a performance with Regine Velasquez and Divine Diva ZsaZsa Padilla, whom she considers her “idols.” 

The dream trio charmed everyone with a rendition of Dua Lipa’s Love Again. Regine also shares some sweet words with Alexa, calling herself theKDLex fan club’s “vice president” and congratulating Alexa on her critically acclaimed performance in the musical, Walang Aray. “We’re so proud of you,” Regine tells the emotionally overwhelmed Alexa. A one-of-a-kind moment, indeed.


If you’ve been keeping up with Regine Velasquez’s collaborations, it’s no secret that Pinoy pop holds a special place in her heart. She’s never too busy to take the stage and share the spotlight with our very own P-pop groups. Just like in this performance with BGYO where Akira, Gelo, Nate, Mikki, and JL proudly stand side by side with the Asia’s Songbird, serenading the audience with the boys’ original romantic ditty, Mahal Na Kita. And just like the song, you’ll fall in love with this collab, “walang halong bola.”


Regine Velasquez in a girl group? In the March 12 episode of ASAP Natin ‘To, Regine joined Anne, Dain, Laiza, Elle, Denise and Olive of CALISTA and became their seventh member. With coordinated fits and that kikay energy, the OPM great staged a remix of her pop anthem Urong Sulong with the girls. A special and delightful treat for CALISTA who just had their comeback recently.  


Who will forget the already iconic collaborations of Regine Velasquez and the P-pop kings themselves, SB19? The first time it happened was on the ASAP stage last October where Pablo, Stell, Ken, Justin, and Josh had a performance to remember with the OPM icon, captivating everyone with their presentation of SB19’s hit ballad Hanggang Sa Huli.

As if that’s not enough, Regine Velasquez reunited with SB19 in the latter’s WYAT Homecoming Concert late last year, performing the same song and giving thousands of A’Tin in attendance a core memory to reminisce. Regine Velasquez also took the opportunity to commend the boys for their historic feats and contributions to OPM. 

“Mahirap talaga ilabas ang musika natin sa Pilipinas papuntang buong mundo. But I think, right now, people are ready for it, and we are so happy that you guys are doing it so keep doing it,” she says. “Thank you for supporting our P-pop, our very own P-pop. Kasi I just have to say, kayang kaya [ng SB19]. Maraming salamat sa suporta ninyo and continue to support P-pop music. It’s a big honor for me to be here.” We stan a legendary P-pop stan.


In another heavenly duet, Regine Velasquez amplifies another young talent by the name of Darren Espanto. Performed years ago, the then teenager Darren shared the stage with the OPM queen in a rather immaculate rendition of Ariana Grande’s Almost Is Never Enough and Nathan Syke’s Over and Over Again. Quite challenging songs to duet to but with this caliber of talent, it’s expected to be that effortlessly glorious. Regine even took to Twitter to applaud the young performer and The Voice Kids alum for his sheer vocal greatness.


From being a mentor-mentee in Idol Philippines to sharing the same stage for a spellbinding performance, the Regine Velasquez and Zephanie Dimaranan collab is definitely a full circle moment. Just like angels descending from heaven, Regine and Zephanie have wowed hundreds of thousands with their otherworldly presentation of the songbird’s classic, Ngayong Wala Ka Na.


Asia’s Songbird meets Asia’s Phoenix in this soaring collaboration that will make your jaws drop and, to be honest, change your lives. Belting to full glory, Regine Velasquez and Morrisette Amon captured hearts with their duet of the latter’s smash hit single and The Broken Marriage Vow’s official soundtrack, Gusto Ko Nang Bumitaw. While Regine admits that the pressure of performing with a great talent like Morisette was real, the OPM duo still manage to pull off a powerful performance that’s now been viewed and listened to millions of times. It is, quite simply, magical.


The versatile queen that she is, Regine Velasquez can take on any music genre and make wonders out of it. Just like in this May 2019 collaboration with OG Pinoy rappers Abra and Gloc-9 where she gave us all those majestic riffs and runs while singing the smash-hit track, Gayuma. Channeling the same cool swag as Abra and Gloc-9, Regine Velasquez really said vocal chameleon in this performance.


Remember when Philippines’ premier heartthrob and Supreme Idol Daniel Padilla partnered with Regine Velasquez on the ASAP stage for the sweetest duet ever? Even if they’re both from different generations, the two have crafted a mesmerizing performance of Rivermaya’s romantic classic, Hinahanap-hanap Kita.  One thing to note about this performance as well is that Regine Velasquez always makes her stage partner have their shining moments. She’s an icon for a reason.


In October of last year, Regine Velasquez surprised a jam-packed Araneta Coliseum as she joined the four-piece pop rock band The Juans in their live concert. They gave a heartrending performance of The Juans’ evocative hymn Istorya, which was also reimagined by Regine in her equally powerful version of the song she released in 2020. And apparently, the crowd went wild as the OPM stalwart breathed a new life and energy into the ballad. It was quite a night for The Juans and Regine Velasquez stans.

BONUS: Belle Mariano

While this isn’t technically a duet or collaboration, it’s equally endearing to see how Regine Velasquez encourages young singers just like the new-generation phenomenal star, Belle Mariano. Hearing Belle’s rendition of her iconic song Hanggang Ngayon, Regine is surprised by the Sigurado and Tanging Dahilan singer’s beautiful voice. “I didn’t even know you sing,” Ms. Reg says after an applause. “You have a beautiful voice, sweetheart. Keep singing,” she tells the visibly overwhelmed Belle.

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