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Vibe Check: Daniel Padilla Is All Sorts Of Happy In This Fashion Revival

Here comes the supreme.

Word on the street is that this Filipino-favorite brand is in its long-awaited comeback era. Leading the show of force for Mossimo is no less than the supreme himself, Daniel Padilla

If you know, you know. This expansion of one of the internet’s favorite abbreviations is perhaps most fitting to talk about what was truthfully a thinly veiled attempt at a teaser. It can be easy to go incognito, especially when cloaked in a roomy hoodie, in this case a cream colored one with the letters M, O, S, and I peeking from the edges. But when your jawline or signature smile is seared into the consciousness of many, your identity doesn’t stay a secret for very long. Thanks to the sleuthing of the world wide web, it became clear that the iconic classic American apparel brand, Mossimo, was about to meet the new man in its life. Enter: Daniel Padilla.

In its era of revival, the brand is doing something for the first time since its Philippine launch in 1998: introducing a celebrity endorser. With Daniel Padilla front and center of this comeback, Mossimo strikes a serious chord between the longtime fans of the brand, as well as introduce it to a new generation. Cutting across ages and points-of-view, the appeal and edge of casual streetwear is resonant.

daniel padilla mossimo

Ushering in a new face, a new vibe, and ultimately, a new Mossimo, there are no words to encapsulate this new age debut than triumphant. Now that’s how you pass the vibe check.

The Supreme Comes Again

A coming together of forces, Daniel Padilla and Mossimo are making it clear that they are in it for the happy vibes, which pretty much inspires the collection the leading man, box office royalty, and OG teen king sports. In fact, if you have followed the filmography of the actor, you will likely see facets of the roles he has played in the images rolled out for the first phase of the collaboration. But despite the connection to his beloved characters, the threads from Mossimo is still very much Daniel Padilla.

Beyond that, however, there is an ease and wearability to the fashion that will help express your personality. From graphic prints, a versatile color scheme, and a range of fits, there is a Mossimo piece that will easily integrate into your unique sense of style. It isn’t lost on us that this drop also ushers in its holiday efforts, of which its selections can help complete your seasonal wardrobe.

Just Happy Vibes

Whether you’re a fan of fashion or of Daniel Padilla, Mossimo promise a lot to look forward to in this connection. Naturally, details are scarce, as it should be. The supreme himself writes nothing more on Instagram than a cryptic, “Mmmmmmmm…” If that means his lips are sealed tight or basking in the glory of this introduction, then we’ll take it and run away with it for the time being. But if the happy vibes are any indication of what’s to come, then consider us hooked.

daniel padilla mossimo