SB19’s Stell Battles His Inner Demons In The Juans’ Touching Music Video For ‘Salamin’

You're more than worth it.

Embodying the track’s heartfelt message of loving yourself, SB19’s Stell channels his acting side in the music video for The Juans’ Salamin.

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It’s safe to say that SB19’s comeback is on the way. But as the group continues to tease us with what could be a new album, the members also have solo activities under their sleeves. Everyone has been doing their own passion projects lately and that also includes Stell. While he’s usually front and center in SB19’s stage and music videos singing and dancing, that doesn’t mean he can’t also do that for other artists. And that was seen in his starring role in the moving music video for The Juans’ latest single, Salamin.


First featured on the group’s Liwanag album back in March, Salamin is a mid-tempo, slightly chill band track where The Juans share a message of loving yourself. Its relatable lyrics paint a picture of how we often go through personal struggles, especially when it comes to accepting ourselves. The song implores, and even roots for, the listener to let go of all that fear and learn to love the person who’s looking at you in the mirror, aka you.

Before you can grow and love other people fully, you first have to recognize the unique individual in the mirror. The song’s message is one many people can take to heart and hits hard for anyone who is going through it right now. Showcasing this message visually isn’t the easiest to bring to life though. So, when it was time to film the music video for the single, The Juans enlisted the help of one of their close friends, SB19’s Stell, to serve as the visual representation of the track.


Directed by Mica & Jason Max, the video is set at a home with Stell’s character by himself. As the song begins, we see him in what looks like a chill day. But as it continues, it is revealed that there are many scars that is inside of him. This struggle to love himself is brought into greater detail when the chorus drops and he explodes in a fury of artistic dance moves. As the video continues, he becomes the visual representation of what it might look like to struggle with loneliness, depression, a lack of self-confidence, and more.

But as the track also says, the change starts in you, and Stell’s character figuratively battles his inner demons as he learns to embrace his uniqueness and see the beauty that is inside of him. At the end of the video, Stell’s character meets other hims and the two almost touch hands, a sign that he’s learned to accept himself. While we all have flaws and shortcomings, the song and the music video teaches us that it’s not that hard to love yourself and is one of the best things you can do for yourself. The internal struggle and challenge to reach personal acceptance is real but know that you are more than enough.


The Juans also appear in the Salamin MV, helping cut the seriousness of Stell’s struggles with their camaraderie. Renz Gonzales’ cinematography enhances that message further with camera work that lends the visual a solemn yet aesthetic feel. The use of single colors like brown, blue, green, and red gives the video a distinct look. It’s not often that Stell makes a cameo in music videos outside SB19, but when he does, you know he’s going to deliver. It’s a heartfelt music video with a poignant message that Stell gracefully brings to life. Given the personal struggles that Stell has been through as well, it also feels appropriate that he helped bring the song to life.

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