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SB19’s Ken Takes His Talents To The GRAMMYS As The First Filipino Featured In Their Global Spin Series

FELIP's GRAMMY debut. We love to see it.

Another day, another slay for SB19’s Ken as even the GRAMMYs recognize the talents of SB19’s rapper and main dancer.

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We’ve said it once, and we will say it again, SB19 is truly the standard. Not only have they reigned as the kings of P-pop, but they can stand toe-to-toe with the modern greats of OPM. In their own way and pace, they have raised the standard of what it means to be a P-pop group that appeals to both local and international audiences. Despite the criticisms that they have faced in their career, SB19 continues to be a proudly Pinoy group when it comes to music, fashion, visuals, and more.

And this is true when it comes to SB19’s Ken who has proudly displayed his culture both in the group and as a solo artist. He reps his moreno skin tone and incorporates Bisaya lyrics in his songs. This mix of talent and heritage came together when Ken was featured as the first Filipino artist in the GRAMMYs’ Global Spin series.


SB19 has performed on many notable stages over the years such as in front of the CCP and the Rizal Monument. But Ken getting to perform for the Recording Academy, even virtually, is an impressive milestone. In case you didn’t know, Global Spin is a series from the GRAMMYs that spotlight artists from around the world. International acts are invited to give a special performance that celebrate both the performer and their home country. SB19’s Ken, or more appropriately FELIP, was featured on the latest edition of Global Spin where he performed his solo track Bulan. The fact that the GRAMMYs chose him as the first Filipino act for the series should already tell you as much.

The song and its accompanying music video takes heavy inspiration from local legends and myths, with the song’s name itself being the name of the moon god from Bicolano folklore. “FELIP embraces his hip-hop influences into the track, adding aggressive beats and a rhythmic, rapping vocal line. The song marks an expansion of some of his previous forays into various genres but turns the R&B of past singles like ‘Palayo‘ into something more hard-edged,” wrote the Recording Academy in an article. The track also features a timely message of crab mentality, how people seemingly need to tear people down when they don’t have to, and not letting that hate get to you.

FELIP made sure to bring all that and more to his Global Spin performance. Dressed in white and brown, FELIP was flanked by dancers in all black as he performed Bulan in a ballroom all to himself with a lightshow to boot. Aside from the song and the inspiration for his fit, the Filipino culture was also present in the fact that the performance was shot at the Teatrillo in Intramuros. The energy, stage presence, and angas were all there. FELIP has always been a fierce performer and this stage was no exception.


What’s special about FELIP’s performance is that he is the first full-blooded Filipino to be on the Global Spin series. Using his real name of FELIP instead of his stage name Ken also made the performance that much more personal. Getting to perform for the GRAMMYs no doubt is an achievement as FELIP joins other fast rising global acts like Viviz, ATEEZ, and Diamond Platnumz.

It honestly warms the heart when you remember that he nearly risked it all to move to Manila to pursue a dream that wasn’t 100% guaranteed. But here he is now, performing for the GRAMMYs. It’s a win for FELIP, SB19, and even OPM in general. At this point, never say never for a gramophone for Ken or SB19 or performing on the actual GRAMMYs awards show in the future.

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