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9 Young Stars Who Are Set To Make The Year Of The Water Tiger Their Year

Luck is on their side.

This Chinese New Year, those born in the year of the tiger are set to have an extra special 2022. Just take a look at these stars.

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When the clock strikes 12 AM on February 1, 2022, it will be a special moment for many Chinese and those who celebrate the Lunar New Year. As we bid goodbye to the year of the Metal Ox, it is about time we welcome the year of the Water Tiger. According to feng shui experts, the upcoming year for those born on the year of the Tiger (ie 2010, 1998, 1986 etc.) will have a fruitful and prosperous year when it comes to career and business. This will be the year where their efforts will pay off and will receive much deserved recognition. Relationships are also looking rosy and are set to blossom. But the upcoming year will also be one where those born in the year of the tiger may experience health issues.

With those born under the year of the tiger to be the “face” of the upcoming Chinese New Year, eyes will be on them such as on these young stars born in the year of the tiger. This Lunar New Year, here are celebs to keep an eye out for.

LIZA SOBERANO (January 4, 1998)

IN 2021, Liza stared in one of the most talked about shows of the year in Trese and no doubt, the superstar has more planned for 2022. This year, she started her very first podcast called An Open Mind with Liza Soberano where she and her guests share candid conversations on mental health. Considering how it’s been a while since Liza has appeared in a live-action project, maybe this year will also be her comeback.

DONNY PANGILINAN (February 10, 1998)

Donny Pangilinan is entering 2022 with his status as A-list leading man firmly secure and part of one of the hottest love teams right now in DonBelle. And his momentum looks to continue for the rest of the year. It has already been confirmed that the second season to the hit show, He’s Into Her, is set to air this year. There’s also the possibility of Donny acting in more projects, whether it be teleseryes or movies. And there’s his burgeoning music career, which we may see more of this 2022.  

KOKOY DE SANTOS (May 15, 1998)

In just a few years, Kokoy de Santos went from supporting actor to leading star. Thanks to his breakout role in 2019’s Fuccbois, Kokoy is seen by many as an actor to watch out for. And 2022 looks to further that status. This year will hopefully see more of the barrier-breaking and Emmy-nominated Gameboys and continue the story of Cairo and Gavreel.


Most people may have first heard of Maureen through her time as a model and becoming the first and only Filipina to win Asia’s Next Top Model. But over the years, she has shown that she can conquer various fields. In 2021 alone, Maureen competed in Miss Universe Philippines 2021 and became a fan favorite, which was impressive considering the competition she was up against. She then made it all the way to top two, placing runner-up to Beatrice Luigi Gomez. The past year also saw her embark on her acting career with her very first movie role as Hannah in Runaway. Whether Maureen decides to compete in another pageant or pursue other opportunities, we have a feeling she’ll do great.

SB19’S JUSTIN (July 7, 1998)

How do you live up to a year like what SB19 has in 2021? Well, given SB19’s track record, most likely they’ll find a way to top it. This January alone saw the group perform at an international music festival and break another Billboard record. Regardless of what SB19 has in store this 2022, no doubt Justin will play a key role in it, as do the other members. Aside from being the bunso of the group, Justin is also the creative mind behind many of their projects. From their concerts, music videos, merch, and more, Justin has had a hand in shaping the final outcome of many of SB19’s projects. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with this year.  

BRETMAN ROCK (July 31, 1998)

The baddest himself, Bretman Rock is on top of his game. From brand deals, endorsements, commercials, viral, and award-winning content, and more, Bretman has been slaying it hard. If he isn’t his real and colorful self on social media, he’s collecting manifestations from his various projects. Whatever Bretman has planned for or is going to do this 2022, we know he’s going to do it in his signature baddie style.

MIGUEL TANFELIX (September 21, 1998)

Miguel Tanfelix started out his career when he joined the kids version of StarStruck at just five years old. But since then, he has come a long way and has made a name for himself as a rising star of his generation. And he’s about to rise even further as he set to star in one of his biggest roles yet in the anticipated live action adaptation of Voltes V, Voltes V: Legacy. He is set to play Steve Armstrong, the main protagonist of the show.

JANE DE LEON (November 22, 1998)

Jane De Leon is set to star this year in arguably the biggest role she has taken so far, that of the iconic superhero Darna. When Liza Soberano dropped out of the role in 2019, it was announced that Jane would be taking up the mantle which lead to some heated discussions. She will soon be able to prove herself when the highly-anticipated Darna: The TV Series airs sometime this year. If Jane can give the role justice, and we hope she can, she might be able to deliver a Darna for the 21st century.

GABBI GARCIA (December 2, 1998)

Gabbi Garcia has been a familiar face in GMA in the past few years, whether it be her numerous acting roles on TV and film, her variety show performances, or her hosting gigs. But 2022 might be one of her biggest yet. And that’s just not us talking as even GMA themselves sees her as one of their biggest stars of the year. Up first for multi-talented star will be her latest series, Love You Stranger, her first co-starring actor and boyfriend Khalil Ramos.

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