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Bretman Rock Has A Few Wise Words To Say About New Year’s Resolutions

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The struggle is real. So, before it gets any more challenging and we ditch the new year’s resolutions in frustration, Bretman Rock has something to say that will help out at a lot.

At the turn of the New Year, not only is there a heaping of hope, there is also that common practice of swearing to a list of resolutions to make the rest of the days, as well as of yourself, the best yet. The results understandably vary, with some commitments proving more difficult to stick to mere days after pledging to it. From the usual fitness, diet, and wellness, to the broader strokes of piety and restraint, the path to the new year, new me, isn’t as easy as 1-2-3. No one understands this more than Bretman Rock, who in a series of Intagram Stories posted, just at the teetering edge of the last year, his thoughts on New Year’s resolutions.

Prefacing what he calls a cute little segment by asserting how it can be a little bit outdated, the social media superstar further explains, “I just feel like you can f*cking change yourselves whenever the f*ck you want, but new year’s is a good excuse to make a list of things you want to accomplish.” Decked out in a lush shade of periwinkle blue, a color we now know as Very Peri, Bretman Rock settles into his little moment, sipping (and spilling) coffee in his journal.

Here, he specifies things personal pledges such as only smoking (weed) at night, eating out less, stop tolerating people of no culture, which are as it is fairly doable. But following an epiphany from a TikTok he saw, as well as of a Tweet from Sza, Bretman Rock points out an important New Year’s resolution: “I want my ego to die, period.”

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Now, this might sound alarming, especially for someone as charmingly confident as Bretman Rock, but as he details, this resolution means that he will no longer be explaining himself to other people who don’t know him, and by extension, we should, too. Just as the TikTok that he stumbled upon asserted, “When you say goodbye to your ego you wont have to go so hard to explain yourself and defend yourself all the time, in fact, you would rather swallow a jean jacket whole than explain yourself to someone.” Was that a lightbulb that just switched, because it makes a lot of sense, right?

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This consciousness of thinking and feeling doesn’t mean closing oneself off from the rest of the world. In fact, if anything, it is a service to self-actualization and self-worth. Your life, and everything that comes with it, is yours, so hold on to that sense of peace and truth, because not everyone will see it the way you do. So, trust and focus on yourself. “What I got out of it is that it is so f*cking insulting to myself to have to explain myself to other people who will never understand me or take the time to understand me,” he emphasizes. “So, yeah, if you don’t get me, good—period.”

You Do You, Boo

Sure, it is a lot easier said than done, but the sooner it is planted in your consciousness, the more time it can grow and thrive into what truly is potentially your best self yet. Besides, it can be exhausting and downright ridiculous constantly having to live a life of chasing for recognition, navigating thoughts, opinions, and breakdowns, and justifying every choice you make. Remember, and we’ve learned this from Bretman Rock, the only validation you will ever need is from yourself. You have nothing to prove, especially to yourself. It is so much freeing to continue the journey of discovery and identity with peace of mind and clarity. This is in itself when framed in the gateway of possibilities, such as at the start of the New Year, can potentially be a powerful spark, just saying.

You know yourself better, so you do you, boo. And with this resolution, hopefully tucked neatly in your own journal, you can make this your year, too, just like Bretman Rock, who’s well on his way to make this his decade.