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Giving Up? No, Patrick Starrr Is Subscribing To Social Media On His Own Terms

Petition to make social media a happy place again, please.

Before the alarm bells go off, Patrick Starrr is turning up the honesty in a recorded introspection that sees him finding his way back into love with the tempest that is social media.

Is Patrick Starrr really giving up social media?

Over the course of the past few years, the last two coming into focus most especially, hhe has experienced quite the tectonic shifts in his life. From countless collaborations, a universe of content created to express and entertain, and most importantly, a beauty brand built that has, in its infancy, made a significant impression on the already saturated market both critically and commercially, the audience Patrick Starrr has built on social media, especially on YouTube has seen less of the digital superstar. Well, at least in the way the internet was used to at one point where tutorials, transformations, and truths were regularly scheduled. While the stories on the channel were not calendared as consistently as before, Patrick Starrr worked on ONE/SIZE with eagle-eyed focus and laser-like precision to truly carve out a safe space where makeup is one size fits all.

Now, before the alarm signals go off in a fit of panic with the possibility of Patrick Starrr giving up social media completely, the Filipino beauty guru and mogul sets the record straight in what else, a YouTube video.

“I know I haven’t been as active in posting and I haven’t been as engaged. You know, the algorithm has changed; influencers in the space, content creators are finding that Instagram isn’t as favorable. You have to be a TikToker now, you have to get views,” he says of his journey, recognizing the pressure to perform—and perfectly at that. “I think I came on YouTube to express myself and really authentically share with you, you know, me, and I feel like I wanna continue to do that.”

The Reality Of Social Media

In the recorded introspection, which was, to further the irony, published on social media, Patrick Starrr grapples with the realities of what his life has become. Further compounded by the unhealthy desire to just keep going and meet the expectations of people, the content churned out was glamorous, sure, but not as vulnerable as he had intended in the first place. Without the larger-than-life production and gleaming finish of a typical video, Patrick Starrr turns honest, which is already something he has expressed before, except this time, it was serious.

“It’s kind of sad, when I thought of me being over social media. It was kind of sad because that was like, how I started, and when I think about where I am now, its because I have a freaking brand,” Patrick Starrr shares, bringing into the conversation the grown-up responsibilities, insecurities, and imposter syndrome that everyone has to inevitably work through in life, whether it be shared online or not. “I wanna share with you my life, share with you what makes me happy. I’m able to have a brand to call my own with amazing team members on it that help me thrive and bee myself creatively. I get to be a boss; I get to be proud of the things that I create for all you guys.”

So, no, Patrick Starrr isn’t leaving social media behind. It’s just that this time around, he is subscribing to it on his own terms, much like he did before the well-deserved fame and fortune happened. And more than anything, after admitting to falling out of love with social media, he simply wants to bring back the joy, which perhaps, as many of us have experienced, was lost along the way.

This Is Patrick Starrr                                          

“If you guys are watching and have a dream or have a goal, no matter how old or young you are, I want you guys to know that you’re special. You’re amazing and life opens up when you do. And that’s what I’m here to remind myself, is to continue be vulnerable for you guys,” intimates Patrick Starrr. “At first, I was ashamed to talk about my social media and my decline on social media, but I don’t see any decline, I just see gains and a more mature me, a more expressive me, a more adult side of me, and I’m so excited to share that with you. I’m still going to be Patrick f*cking Starrr, b*tch. I still think I’m fun, I still feel like I love to kiki, and have a good ‘ol time, but you know, I’m an adult now and this is just me.”

Patrick Starrr has a lot going for him. There’s a growing fashion line, a podcast, and yes, ONE/SIZE that is well on its way to dominate more markets beyond the strongholds of Sephora in the USA, Canada, and parts of Southeast Asia  (hello Europe and Latin America), he wants to share that with the rest of the world, with the very same people who have been supporting him from his first upload on YouTube to the latest drop of the Beauty Blur Balm on Sephora. Going back to the basics of vlogging, he hopes to be able to connect and further develop a relationship with his audience. Whether it be through Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, or YouTube, he wants to continue to inspire as many people as he can, all while being glam, best believe.

Back, Back, Back Again

“I’m glad to be back here with all of you,” says Patrick Starrr in a reflective series of Instagram stories following the release of the YouTube video. A necessary lesson, especially those who struggle with disengaging and disconnecting, it is important to take a step back from the grid from time to time for your peace of mind and well-being. If it doesn’t bring you any joy, then it’s time to shift perspectives, quiet things down, and recalibrate the platform to align with your purpose and passion. Also, and perhaps most importantly, one must remember that in a time where the virtual has become a veritable extension of our existence, there is life outside the world wide web.

Besides, you aren’t here to please anyone else but yourself, so what, when, and how you post is completely up to you, just as long as you play nice and be kind as much as humanly possible. “Let’s spread more love for everyone, but also for yourself,” punctuates Patrick Starrr. “Treat yourself with kindness, operate through kindness, and I will see you all on my next video.”

And just like that, all is well.