The AC Bonifacio Universe: AC Bonifacio’s Six Degrees Of Separation

You know what, maybe the world does revolve around you.

Check out these charts showing AC Bonifacio’s many interactions throughout her career so far and how they connect with one another.

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At only 19 years old, AC Bonifacio has done so much in her career that normally would take decades for most people to accomplish if given the chance. And in her career so far, the young star has interacted and worked with many artists, both locally and internationally. Her career has also seen her cross paths in ways to you may not have expected. They say you shouldn’t consider yourself as the center of the universe, but in AC’s case, that might just be true. Here are a few charts that showcase AC’s many connections in her world and how they connect with one another.


@andreebonifacioo BACK AT IT AGAINN @nianaguerrero @shawncastrooo @bjdapatsyy WYA @mitchunnie ♬ original sound – ????????????

It is often said that the kind of person you are is the kind of people you attract. So, for AC Bonifacio’s case, that means having a talented group of friends. AC can count on Niana Guerrero, Shawn Castro, Mitch Briones, BJ Dapat Sy, and BGYO’s Nate as some of her closest friends. Nate is also a member of P-pop boy group BGYO. AC memorably danced alongside the group during their One Dream concert. That concert was held jointly with sibling P-pop group BINI, and members of BINI are actually friends with AC.

You may know Niana Guerrero as an exceptional dancer and one of the biggest social media stars in the country. She and AC are also high-key best friend goals. Recently, Niana collaborated with SB19 for a special crosswalk performance. SB19 has also worked for with AC Bonifacio for a commercial, a performance for YouTube Fan Fest 2021, and she even performed at the group’s third anniversary concert. And it doesn’t stop there, AC has collaborated with dancing legend and YouTube great Matt Steffanina. You know who else has worked with Matt Steffanina? That’s right, Niana Guerrero.


Given how talented AC Bonifacio is, it is no wonder then that she has been recognized and worked alongside some major international celebrities. Did you know that one of AC’s first ever roles in a Hollywood production was as a dancer in 2104’s Step Up All In? She was around 12 at the time. Stephen Boss, more commonly known as Twitch, was also in the movie. Twitch also serves as the DJ for The Ellen Show. It was actually that show where AC got her first big break as she was featured on it a few times. Superstars Cardi B and Selena Gomez have both been on Ellen. Both have also noticed and shared AC’s dance covers to their songs, Cardi for Up and Selena for Ice Cream.

Before he became a P-pop idol, BGYO’s Nate once danced in Justin Bieber’s Purpose tour. Justin Bieber is label mates and has collaborated with Ariana Grande on a song. Back in 2015, AC performed with Ariana Grande on her Honeymoon tour.  One of AC’s most famous role to date was her role as Star Vixen on Riverdale. She memorably shared scenes with Madeline Petch as they had a dance off. Madeline has appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and so has K-pop superstars BTS. Speaking of BTS, the group’s official TikTok account liked AC’s TikTok video of her dance cover to their song Butter. One of the artists BTS has worked with in the past is Charlie Puth. AC and Charlie also share a connection as the two notably hung out once in 2018 and he even played her some unreleased songs.

A few years ago, AC Bonifacio had the honor of attending the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and she even got to interview many stars. K-pop girl group Wonder Girls had their own movie on Nickelodeon in 2012. (Yes, it’s true.) Yubin of Wonder Girls once reacted to one of AC’s dance videos. Finally, AC and Niana were both featured in a special dance video as promo for the Disney Channel original movie, Zombies 2. High School Music was a Disney Channel original movie and it was directed by Kenny Ortega. Kenny Ortega once praised AC and fellow dancer Ken San Jose for their dance cover to Chris Brown’s Questions.



ur lyric & beat squad

♬ Kilometro BINIxBGYO version – chonk

AC Bonifacio’s circle of friends doesn’t just involve a close click of talented social media stars, it also includes quite a few of her fellow young stars. For starters, AC is best friends with Kyle Echarri, Darren Espanto, and Jeremy Glinoga. Kyle, Darren, and Jeremy all competed in The Voice Philippines. You know who once competed on The Voice Philippines? Zephanie, and her and AC are actually BFFs. Kyle is also famously part of the OG Gold Squad along with Andrea Brillantes, Francine Diaz, and Seth Fedelin. AC is set to star in the musical series Lyric & Beat alongside Andrea and Seth, as well as Darren, Jeremy, Kyle, Sheena Belarmino, and Angela Ken.

AC and Sheena used to be in a short lived girl group together and the two were castmates on a season of Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids. As for Francine, she and AC have performed together on ASAP before and they enjoy a good friendship. When you think of popular love team DonBelle, AC Bonifacio usually doesn’t come into mind. But in fact, she has a connection with both Donny and Belle. AC and Donny are co-endorsers of the same brand while AC has worked alongside Belle in an iWant original, Alamat Ng Ano: The Fempire.


@andreebonifacioo STREAM BUTTER OR ELSE @bts_official_bighit ♬ Butter – 방탄소년단 (BTS)

At this point, we need AC to reveal her nightly prayers because she’s really out here winning in life and making many K-pop stans jealous. Firstly, AC is friends with K-pop soloist and former CLC member Sorn. , Sorn is childhood friends with BLACKPINK’s Lisa. Speaking of BLACKPINK, AC participated in an official dance cover contest for How You Like That and got second place. She has also received praise from noted K-pop choreographers Kiel Tutin and Kyle Hanagami, both of whom have worked with BLACKPINK.

K-pop idol SOMI once dueted AC on TikTok. And as you may know, SOMI is currently an artist under The Black Label, a label under YG, the same label as BLACKPINK. SOMI also used to be part of JYP Entertainment. Stray Kids are a boy group under the label and AC appeared in the official dance video for their song, Going Dumb.  K-pop idol B.I. once commented on one of AC’s TikTok videos. B.I. used to be a member of iKON, which is a boy group under YG, a label whose artists have noticed AC in the past.

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