nylon manila 2022

Our Favorite NYLON Manila Moments From 2022, So Far

What a year.

From those iconic Nadine Lustre and Liza Soberano pictures to our very first in-person party, we look back at some of our favorite moments of the year.

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For many, November signals the official start of the holiday season. But for us here at NYLON Manila, November is extra special because it’s our anniversary month. In November 2020, NYLON finally landed in Manila and since then, we have continuously strived to hero, highlight, and champion the Filipino youth and its many diverse and colorful aspects.

This November, we’re turning two, which is getting us pretty nostalgic as we remember all that we did in the past year. We love covering pop culture moments, so as we celebrate our birthday this month, it feels fitting that we take a look back at some of our favorite pop culture moments that were our highlights of the year.



There’s no denying that the Hallyu wave hit Filipinos hard. We here at NYLON Manila also love our fair share of all things Korean. And when it comes to talking about these things, it’s the fans who are leading that conversation. That is why we launched the first-ever NYLON Manila K-Council back in March 2022 that lets select fans talk about what they love the most. Experts in the fields of K-pop, K-Style, and K-Dramas were chosen through fan voting with the top five winners of each category comprising the council.

This select group of fifteen people came together to come up with the nominees for our K-Faves Awards that happened later that month. More importantly, it gave these fans a platform for them to share their love of Korean culture with the world. Who else to talk about the things they love than the fans themselves, right?


As the biggest event in NYLON Manila, we expected the second edition of the Big, Bold, Brave Awards to make noise. But our expectations for this yearly event honoring the biggest, boldest, and bravest in Philippine pop culture were blown out of the water. In two weeks, all the categories recorded a combined jaw-dropping 20 million votes. And that was all thanks to the fans who really showed up (and gave our website a good workout) to support their nominated faves that made the event a success.


When we launched in November 2020, the pandemic forced us to move all our events online. But now that things are starting to open up again, we felt that 2022 was the perfect time to finally have in-person events. And what better than to have the Big, Bold, Brave Awards Night Party serve as our very first in-person event? We wanted the 2022 edition of BBB to be bigger and better than last years so an in-person party was in over.

Over 200 guests made their way to House MNL dressed in their best oversized and maximalist fits as we announced the winners, celebrated the nominees, and had a grand time. And for winners who weren’t able to attend, they did give video greetings that you shouldn’t miss.


When we say that the BBB Party was a night to remember, we mean it. It may have been s blur of a good time, but the night also served as a moment for the celebrity guests to let their hair down and have fun. All corners of the venue were filled with stars mingling with each other. Some interactions that caught our eye include Maymay and Mimiyuuuh’s surprise reaction to arriving at the venue at the same time, Nadine and Awra having a queen moment, and Careless Music shutting the party down, and capturing a warm hug Nadine gave to Mimiyuuuh. It was a night to remember.


Epic is an appropriate way to describe this cover we released in June 2022. To lens the whole Careless crew for this shoot wasn’t easy. But it was all worth it. Having Liza Soberano, Nadine Lustre, James Reid, Massiah, Issa, Lesha, and Jolianne in one photo was a sight to behold. It captures Careless Music as the noisemakers that they are and certainly gave fans a lot to enjoy. Moments like these don’t happen often, so we feel grateful for all the proper pieces that came into place for this to happen.


When we planned the Careless Music cover shoot, we knew that we had a goldmine in our hands and wanted to make the most out of it. And that included having Nadine and Liza together in one frame. Fans have always wanted LizDine to have a photoshoot together and this cover finally answered those wishes. Their low maintenance friendship took a big step forward with their first official shoot together, and it was everything and worth putting on a billboard. It’s the kind of moment that can and did break the internet.


BINI Cover NYLON Manila Headline

2022 saw the introduction of the NYLON Manila Headline that spotlighted artists such as K-pop boy group ONF and Donnalyn. But our favorite has to be when BINI graced the Headline issue in May 2022. Not only did we get the chance to interview and write about the girls as their careers continue to take off, but also because it was there first anniversary. It captured the girls one year into the game and celebrated just how far they have come in a year.


nylon-manila-enhypen-magazine-cover-fanzine-cover layout by kenneth dimaano

We here at NYLON Manila love getting the chance to cover and interview young musicians, actors, and other creatives in the scene. And that includes getting to interview a handful of K-pop stars over the past months. ONF, Cravity, Golden Child, CIX, and more shared their musical secrets with us in exclusive interviews. But by far our favorite K-pop moment of the year has to be ENHYPEN being the cover stars for the second edition of our yearly print fanzine. As one of the biggest 4th gen boy groups in the world, ENHYPEN felt like the perfect choice to front this once-a-year fanzine. It was a definitive highlight that will go down in NYLON Manila history.