Meet The Members Of NYLON Manila’s First-Ever K-Council

Sharing what they love to the world.

Composed of some of the biggest Filipino stans in the world of K-pop, K-drama, and K-style, the NYLON Manila K-Council are 15 individuals ready to share their love of Korean pop culture to the world.

When it comes to talking about Korean pop culture, whether it be about K-pop, K-beauty, K-drama, and everything in between, the best people who can are those who genuinely love it. While we here at NYLON Manila love our fair share of K-culture, we recognize that there are those who are way bigger fans than us in many fields. This is why we launched the first-ever NYLON Manila K-Council. We put out a call to audition and you guys chose your top 15. Split across three fields: k-pop, k-style, and k-series, these people can be considered as NYLON Manila’s go-to experts for all things hallyu. More importantly, they are genuine fans who know what’s what.

Already, the council chose the nominees during the recently held NYLON Manila K-Faves celebration. But that’s not the end for them. Prepare to see more of the council in upcoming content on our social media channels as they share what they love to the world. Curious to know who makes up the K-Council? Then check out this guide on the members of the NYLON Manila K-Council.



Chances are you may have come across a couple of videos of this content creator on TikTok. On the platform, Marco has built a following thanks to his K-pop-related content like his edits, general discussions, or sharing his latest budol. This muti-stan has a charismatic personality who’s ready to share is love of all things K-pop.


Una is a K-pop fan from Muntinlupa City who’s love for K-pop isn’t just limited to talking about it online. She has also been involved in physical and online K-pop centric events where she served as a host. More importantly, she wants to use her platform as a safe space for K-pop fans to let their inner fanboy/girl shine.


Hailing from Tuguegarao City, Jiana first became a K-pop fan in 2017 and that love has only continued to grow ever since. If she isn’t talking about her favorite groups on social media, then you can catch her dancing to the latest K-pop songs taking over the internet.


When you say OG fans, Yumi can fit that description neatly. She has been a K-pop stan all the way back since 2010 with her first ult group, Super Junior. Since then, Yumi has been following K-pop across the generations, from 2nd gen, 3rd gen, and even 4th gen. She even has flown to South Korea and Taiwan to see her faves live.


Deejeah first became a fan of K-pop in 2018. Since then, this Civil Engineering student from UST’s love has grown to encompass different aspects of Korean culture. While some may see listening to K-pop as just a fad, she sees it differently. Deejeah feels that being a fan of K-culture can have a positive effect in one’s life and make it better.



With a passion and love for acting, it’s no surprise then that Shenille loves watching K-dramas. In fact, most of her TikTok page is dedicated to creating K-drama content. You may have come across her videos where she recreates K-dramas in real life. As part of the K-council, Shenille is here to share her K-drama expertise to the world.


Even though Justine became a fan of Korean culture since 2020, that doesn’t make her any less of a fan compared to others. In fact, Justine, who is an aspiring actress and model, content creator, and freelance photographer, has been tapped by Korean-centric organizations and brands to serve as one of their ambassadors. She and her family have even been featured on TV thanks to their love of K-Drama. So, her inclusion to the K-Council feels correct. And to top it all off, Justine can speak Korean.  


When Aliyah was growing up, she didn’t have much to do. So, how did she pass the time? By watching K-dramas of course. As a young child, Aliyah turned to K-dramas as her source of entertainment and that love continued with her all the way into young adulthood. Now part of the K-Council, she’s here to share her knowledge of K-dramas.



♬ DARARI – ︎ ondu

Another long time K-fan in the council, Jim has been listening to K-pop since 2009. Over the years, he has collected a rolodex of groups that he stans. He even manages to participate in a couple of video call fan sign events as well. Aside from this, Jim is also active in his local K-community in Tagum where he helps organize cup sleeve events among other things.


Izzy loves K-pop and K-drama so much that she actually has an entire blog about it. But before she got into that, she used to write about music for a local publication for over five years. The blogger has since used her platform and expertise to write about the latest trends and other interesting topics in the world of K-pop and K-drama.



Zahra began watching K-dramas since 2003. But among the many things that she enjoys about watching K-dramas, she loves how the characters mix and match their outfits and that’s something that she tries to emulate as well. Aside from this, she also has participated in K-centric events and even knows how to speak Korean.


Kyla really took her K-fangirl life to a whole other level. You can catch this Aroha share her love of Korean pop culture on her TikTok page, as well as her YouTube channel. As a content creator, she has managed to do things like leaving the country for 24 hours just to meet Cha Eun Woo and filming a video with Stray Kids.


In 2010, Raymart got into K-pop. By 2015, K-dramas became his latest obsession. And in 2020, he started incorporating K-style into his daily wardrobe. If Raymart looks familiar, then maybe you have come across one of his viral videos on TikTok. He also has participated in and helped organize local K-pop conferences and fandom gatherings. The content creator from Butuan City has even been featured in a video for TikTok Korea and included on a news segment in a Korean news show.


Lyka began her journey into K-pop in 2017. Since then, her stanning has continued to grow. Today, the UA&P student considers herself a multi-fangirl who follows a multitude of boy and girl groups.


Korean culture has been influential in shaping the way how people approach certain aspects of their life. That much is true for Kaye as she loves taking inspiration from the latest happenings in Korean style and pop culture to influence her looks and fits. As a member of the K-Council, Kaye is here to share and show off her tips and tricks in styling.