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A Look Back At NYLON Manila’s First Ever Big, Bold, And Brave Awards

Celebrating our faves.

In May 2021, we launched the Big, Bold, Brave Awards as our way to celebrate the trendsetters and changemakers of Pinoy pop culture.

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At the intersection of fashion, entertainment, beauty, music, and pop culture, NYLON Manila is always on the lookout for featuring and championing all things Philippine culture. We are constantly striving to find new ways to further our goals, highlighting and celebrating new and established voices. And one of the biggest ways we did this was through the inaugural launch of the Big, Bold, and Brave Awards last year.


In case you missed it, the endeavor was created to hero and honor the biggest, boldest, and bravest in Filipino pop culture, fashion, beauty, and youth. As the guiding principals behind NYLON Manila, it only felt right to name the awards as such. There were a total of 75 nominees spread across 15 categories under the three main heading of Big, Bold, and Brave. Big is meant to recognize the people who made big waves in their respective industries. Bold is focused on celebrating the people and brands making bold changes and expressions of their passion. And Brave is meant to highlight the fearless events personalities that transpired over the year.

nylon manila big bold brave awards

The Big, Bold, and Brave Awards is meant to celebrate the trailblazers, movers, and shakers. As such, the nominees were sourced from what the audience was really talking about. And at the heart of it all was you, the fans. You chose and decided the winners through voting on our website, Twitter, and Facebook pages. We hoped for the event to be a way for fans to celebrate their faves across a variety of fields. And you guys did just that and then some. Across all voting avenues, hundreds of thousands of you went and showed your love to the nominees. The passion was so intense that it even broke the website a few times. In a span of two weeks, it was a passionate sprint for many.


Among the big 15 winners include PangPang as Favorite Ship, SB19 as Favorite P-pop Group, Niana Guererro as Favorite TikTok star, and Olivia Rodrigo as Global Filipino. Over 14 million votes were tallied for NYLON Manila’s first ever Big, Bold, and Brave Awards. Fans made sure their voices were heard in the grand celebration. We learned a lot from this. And it further instilled in us a continued sense of featuring Pinoy pop culture’s many voices. From the mainstream to the margins that entertained, comforted, and educated, they all deserved to be recognized. Above all else, it was a moment that tapped into the cultural zeitgeist as we placed the spotlight on those deserving of it.

For a full list of winners from last year, check them out below. Stay tuned as well for the coming launch of Big, Bold, Brave Awards 2022

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