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Introducing NYLON Manila’s Big, Bold, And Brave Awards

Get ready for the inaugural Big, Bold, and Brave Awards!

NYLON Manila’s 1st ever Big, Bold, and Brave Awards is set to recognize the movers, shakers, trendsetters, and barrier-breakers of the past year.

Big, Brave, and Bold. These are the points that guide NYLON Manila on the daily. An intersection of fashion, entertainment, beauty, music, and life in general, NYLON Manila captures your attention with its vivid and vibrant aesthetic. Always ahead of the curve, marking milestones when others are still about catching up, NYLON Manila continues to evolve to be a go-to source for the young (and young-at-heart), the stylish, and the culture-obsessed. Here, we work hard to set the barometer for what people will follow.

In need of anything up-and-coming, things that matter, and the influence of culture? Check it out at NYLON Manila. We are the voice for young Millennials and Gen Z, focusing on issues, people, and topics our generation and the one that will follow hold of high value. We work to amplify and highlight marginalized points-of-view and talents, particularly those working and creating in music, entertainment, fashion, beauty, and social media spaces like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Because of this, we are constantly striving to find new ways to further our goals, highlighting and celebrating new and established voices. Our newest endeavor is sure to do just that. NYLON Manila is proud to introduce the first ever Big, Bold, and Brave Awards. Underscored by the very definition of NYLON Manila, the Big, Bold, and Brave Awards is created to hero and honor the biggest, boldest, and bravest in Filipino pop culture, fashion, beauty, and youth. Sourced from what the audience is really talking about, this award is a culmination of what is necessary, as chosen and decided by the people who matter the most—you.

The Big, Bold, and Brave awards will be separated into three main segments: Big, Bold, and Brave, and each segment will have five categories.


This is meant to recognize the people who made big waves in their respective industries. The categories are: BIGGEST P-POP GROUP, NEXT FAVORITE LOVE TEAM, BREAKOUT MUSIC, FAVORITE TIKTOK STAR, and VIRAL GAME STREAMERS.


This segment is focused on the people and brands making bold changes and expressions of their passion. The categories are: FAVORITE HOMEGROWN BEAUTY BRAND, FUTURE OF FILIPINO FASHION, BREAKOUT SHOW, MOST STYLISH CONTENT CREATOR, and BEST MAKEUP TRANSFORMATION.


The Brave in Big, Bold, and Brave is meant to highlight the fearless events that transpired over the year. The categories are CALL TO ACTION: ACCOUNT WITH A POINT AND PURPOSE, GREATEST INTERNET CLAPBACKS, MOST FEARLESS SOCIAL MEDIA STAR, GLOBAL FILIPINO, and MOST INSPIRING PERSONALITY.

Details and Mechanics

nylon manila big bold brave awards

The full list of nominees for the Big, Bold, and Brave Awards will be revealed on May 10, Monday, at 12 PM, so stay tuned on our site and channels for that. Then, voting will begin on May 10, Monday, 6 PM, and end on May 22 Friday, 11:59 PM. Winners will be revealed on May 29 via our YouTube Channel.

Voting can only be done through the official polls that will be released on May 10, Monday. Each segment will have its own separate poll. To vote, click on the nominee’s name. Once you are done voting, click on the “Vote” button at the end of the poll to submit and see the results so far. To vote again, click the “Back to vote” button at the end of the poll. You can only vote for one nominee per category. You must vote in each category. There is no skipping of category. Finally, you can vote as many times as you like.

On the first week of voting, the results so far will be displayed as the number of votes, but on the second week, it will be changed to percentage of votes to have that element of surprise, but still transparent.

Aside from the polls, there will be other ways in which you can vote which will be Twitter poll and NYLON FB Community poll. The Twitter poll will be today at 6 PM. The NYLON FB Community poll will be today at 6 PM.

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Get your clicking fingers ready and happy voting!