NYLON Manila Big Bold Brave Awards The Sequel

BAM! It’s The Sequel: NYLON Manila’s 2nd Big, Bold, And Brave Awards Is Coming

The comeback you've been waiting for.

Back for an exciting 2nd year, NYLON Manila’s Big, Bold, and Brave Awards is set to recognize the movers, trendsetters, and barrier-breakers of the past year.

At the intersection of fashion, entertainment, beauty, music, and life in general, NYLON Manila is always on the lookout for featuring and championing all things Philippine culture, from the mainstream to the niche. And one of the biggest ways we did this was through last year’s Big, Bold, and Brave Awards. The endeavor was created to hero and honor the biggest, boldest, and bravest in Filipino pop culture, fashion, beauty, and youth. We hoped for the event to be a way for fans to celebrate their faves across a variety of fields and you guys did just that and then some.

Hundreds of thousands of you went on the website and other voting avenues to show your love to the nominees. The passion was so intense that it even broke the website a few times. In the end, you helped crown SB19, PangPang, and Niana Guererro as some of the biggest winners of the awards. But like with most things that are successful, we can’t just leave it as a one and done thing now can we? This is why NYLON Manila is proud to announce that the Big, Brave, and Bold Awards is back for it’s second year.


NYLON Manila Big Bold Brave Awards The Sequel - Art By Kenneth Dimaano

Like with last year’s awards, this year’s Big, Bold, and Brave Awards is set to highlight and celebrate a new batch of nominees across 15 categories in the fields of TV, film, music, fashion, beauty, social media, and more. And at the heart of it all is that it is sourced from what the audience is really talking about and decided by the people who matter the most—you. Taking on the theme of the sequel, this year’s Big, Bold, and Brave awards promises to be bigger, bolder, and braver as fans get the opportunity to vote once more on the NYLON Manila website for their chosen nominee. And like with any good sequel, we’ve made sure that the upcoming awards will have an improved experience to make for a fun, seamless, and fair voting.

Keep an eye out for NYLON Manila’s socials in the coming days as we announce this year’s nominees and the launch of the polls. Voting lasts until May 31. Voting can only be done through the official polls found on NYLON Manila’s website. And as for the awarding itself, their might be something physical coming soon so stay tuned for that for that.

Get your clicking fingers ready!