Lapillus’ Chanty Was Cute As Hell In Her Running Man Philippines Guesting

That's our Chanty.

Apart from slaying the stage with her performances, Chanty of Lapillus proves that she’s also a winner when it comes to games and challenges.

One of the newest K-pop groups that has been making waves, most especially among Filipinos, is MLD Entertainment’s six-member girl group, Lapillus. From its fandom name to their Pinoy inclinations like covering local songs and speaking in Tagalog, and successful mall tours and fan meets, it can be said that Lapillus is the Pinoys’ newest K-obsession. But what’s more interesting and captivating is the fact that one of their members is of Filipino descent.

Chantal Videla, or Chanty, is repping Pinoy talent on the world stage, giving us another reason to fangirl hard over Lapillus. (The Filipino-Argentinian K-pop idol has also just recently signed with Sparkle GMA Artist Center, officially making her a Kapuso.) And one of Chanty’s guestings so far include her fun-filled stint in the hit variety series Running Man Philippines. Joining in the fun with the barkada of runners, Chanty captivates us yet again with her beauty, charming competitiveness, and most of all, her Pinoy spirit. Channel your Lapis selves as we give you Chanty’s adorable highlights from the game show.

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Chanty and Buboy Villar

As Chanty gets off the van, the runners can’t help but get stunned with her beauty, most especially Buboy Villar who’s quickly filled with butterflies. Over the course of the show, you’ll be like Buboy as Chanty plays the games and aces the challenges with her effortless allure. 


Chanty Dancing

The talented K-pop star that she is, Chanty also leaves her fellow runners in awe as she flexes her moves with Lapillus’ Hit Ya! choreography, giving her all like she’s performing on-stage. During the trip-to-Jerusalem challenge, all jaws are dropped as Chanty dances to perfection.


Chanty proves she’s not here just to have fun but to win. Look at her doing her best (and cutest) effort to get that chair and win the challenge like a pro. In another task, Chanty puts her game face on, never letting the other teams get the best of her.


Paired with the running man team captain Mikael Daez and Lexi Gonzales, Chanty’s group is called Team Kyeopta. Kyeopta means cute and Chanty overflows with it all throughout the show, never failing to melt our hearts with her cute gestures. 


When Chanty says she’s not playing, she really isn’t. Not only does Chanty slay the stage, but when it comes to games and challenges, she also shines. Like in Running Man Philippines where the Lapillus star is the last member standing. 

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