6 Moments When Lapillus Radiated Pinoy Energy

Tagalog queens.

It seems that Chanty’s Filipino side has influenced Lapillus in more ways than one.

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When MLD Entertainment first announced that Filipino-Argentinian actress Chantel Videla was joining their new girl group, Lapillus, we expected the group to have a strong Filipino presence. But little did we know that our culture would permeate itself in the group that goes beyond having a Filipino member. In less than six months since the group debuted, Lapillus has already been to the Philippines twice, a number that is sure to increase in the coming years. It seems that the girls, with the help of Chanty, have opened themselves up to Pinoy culture quite well, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Let’s take a look at the few times Lapillus embraced their Filipino side.


Filipino actress turned K-pop idol Chanty gives us some A-tier content as she demonstrates her cooking skills with her take on adobo. There’s no set recipe when it comes to cooking adobo, and Chanty’s version is interesting, to say the least, given her use of chili.


During their guesting on Magandang Buhay back in September, the group was treated to a series of local street food staples like turon, fish balls, and balut. By the looks of it, they seemed to enjoy it as they answered questions. And the moment also showcased Chanty’s big sister role as she ate the balut when Seowon didn’t want to.


What started as a joke became a reality as Lapillus’ official fandom name is actually Lapis. Technically, it refers to the gem lapis lazuli. But to those who understand Tagalog, it also means pencil. And given that they have a Filipino member, it feels too good to be true. But you know what, the pencils love Lapillus.


Yes, they sounded great. But can we talk about how fluent they sound in this Yeng Constantino classic? Even though most of them aren’t native Tagalog speakers, you wouldn’t have guessed it. It’s clear they practiced for this performance, choreography included, and we appreciate the effort.


With Chanty in the group, we aren’t surprised if she helped teach them certain Filipino words. But what pleasantly caught us off guard was their use of po during their interviews while in the Philippines. We love respectful K-pop idols.


We have a feeling Chanty’s Tagalog is rubbing off on the girls, because Bessie’s accent was spot-on. From one queen to another, she bodied this cover and gave it justice. Lapillus and Maymay collab when?

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