10 Bad-ass Clapbacks In K-pop That Prove Even Idols Fight Back

Normalize K-pop idols responding to haters.

Who says K-pop idols need to always be prim and proper? They can also deliver a good dose of shade that leaves the internet too stunned to speak.

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Most K-pop idols are expected to look or act in a certain way. Due of the rigidity of the industry, we usually get a refined display of these idols in order for them to live up to a standard. Because of this, rarely do we see idols go off-the-cuff or say what they really want to think, and that includes with the hate they get. But every now and then, some of our fave idols reach a point where the haters just get a little too comfortable and decide to clapback in the best way possible.

At the end of the day, they are people too, and have something to say when the haters try it. These following K-pop idols definitely did not bite their tongue when some tried to come for them and threw some A-tier clapbacks.


When GOT7 left JYP Entertainment in early 2021, there was a fear among some fans that the boys wouldn’t come back together as a group. Those fears though were proven wrong when the group made their highly anticipated comeback in May with the catchy Na Na Na. But even if GOT7 was signaling that they will be releasing new music as a group, some still thought that it would never happen. In particular, one of the hosts of K-pop YouTube channel DKDKTV said during one of their videos that GOT7 will not be making a comeback and that if they do, he’ll chop his balls. Well, BamBam caught wind of this and when GOT7 announced their comeback, he had the perfect response.


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The relationship that idols have with their fans is something else. But sadly, there are those who abuse that love to leave K-pop idols in uncomfortable positions. And when that happens, your faves aren’t afraid to call out the bad behavior. During a fancall with ENHYPEN’s Jungwon, a fan reportedly made him uncomfortable during their exchange. As a subtle, but clear clapback, he then started singing BBIBBI by IU, a song about personal space and boundaries. We particularly love how he sang the part on giving someone a yellow card for crossing a boundary. While Jungwon may look cute and sweet, don’t mess with ENHYPEN’s leader.


Over the past decade, K-pop has gone from being enjoyed mainly in Asia to becoming a globally followed genre. But with this rise in popularity has also brought a large contingent of haters. And MONSTA X’s IM had something to say to them. During the 2019 VLIVE Awards, MONSTA X was accepting an award and the group’s maknae was giving a shout out to his fellow K-pop groups and soloists for their hard work in spreading the genre all around the world. He then acknowledged the hate they get and uttered the now iconic line, “let the haters bark.” Period IM.


One thing you should never do is come for BTS, because the rap line will always have a clapback ready to go. From that time they reacted to that shady press reporter asking about the plagiarism accusations to releasing DDAENG, their bars are as scorching as their burns. Our favorite though has to be when Suga, under his alter ego Agust D, released the track Agust D. Aside from the memorable “tongue technology” line, the entire song is a big middle finger to the haters as Suga flexes BTS’ growing global status. And to think this song was released in 2016, so Suga definitely has more to brag about if ever he does a part two.


Even though it’s already 2022, people are still comparing women to each other and dragging them down. Recently, a Korean YouTuber tried coming for Red Velvet’s Yeri by saying that she was suffering from “Jennie Disease” with her constant copying of BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s style and look. The group’s maknae though wasn’t having any of it and took to Bubble to clapback at the accusations writing “You know what? I’m going to live however I want. Honestly, I feel bad for people like them. They can only make money by putting others down. Let’s just focus on our own lives and spend each day filled with love and happiness.”. Exactly Yeri.


Jamie Park is a talented musician, host, unapologetic baddie, and all around underrated artist. Despite the ups and downs her career has been through, Jamie definitely deserves the spotlight. Sadly, there are others who choose to focus on Jamie’s looks rather than her talent. A few years ago, she became a trending topic on Naver because some people accused her of getting her boobs done. Well, she clapped back at the body shamers and said that her boobs were all real. And in the beginning of 2022, former Day6 member Jae tried to slut shame her by asking why she’s trying to be a thot. Of course, Jamie wasn’t having any of it.


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Jessi is one of the most outspoken idols in the industry. She isn’t afraid to get real when she has to, such as how she’s opened up about getting work done on her body. But when the haters came for her saying that she has had too much plastic surgery, the rapper had the best response. During one of her lives, she clapped back at the accusations and bluntly said that she hasn’t had that much work done on her body as compared to others. That’s queen behavior right there.


MAMAMOO is one of those groups who have helped change beauty standards in society. The members have inspired fans all around the world to accept themselves, no matter their skin color, body shape, or facial features. And helping lead that charge is Hwasa who once said that she’ll make her own beauty standard when her bosses thought she wasn’t pretty enough. A few years ago, Hwasa was spotted at the airport without wearing a bra, which caused a stir among some netizens. The idol then made fun of trolls who judged her look by including a part in the group’s HIP music video where the screen says, “President Hwasa dressed ridiculously at the airport.” President Hwasa, that has a nice ring to it.


In under two years, aespa has become one of the top 4th gen girl groups in the industry. But with their rise in fame also comes an avalanche of haters. Well, aespa has one thing to say to those who criticize them, get a life. In Life’s Too Short, a standout from their Girls EP, the group dedicate the whole track to their haters and told them to do something more important in their lives instead of just judging. As they sing in the chorus, “I’m doing me regardless / And I don’t care what you say about it / And it don’t matter if you like it or not / I’m having all this fun so / Why should I ever stop?” A bop and clapback all in one, we love to see it.  


Even if they are seen as one of the biggest K-pop boy groups today, Stray Kids isn’t immune to hate. A popular criticism thrown at the JYPE group is that they just release noise music that makes no sense and isn’t good. Stray Kids themselves are aware of this and made an entire song clapping back at the hate. CHEESE, the opening track of their NOEASY album, sees the group openly call out the haters and even mention some of their criticisms like how they thought the DU DU DU part in God’s Menu was a joke. Stray Kids really said, smile, you’re on clown camera. It’s times like these where we remember this inspirational line from Bang Chan, “I mean you guys ask for it, I give it to you, simple. And to the people who don’t like it, you mad bro?”

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