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6 Times Kendra Kramer Was One Of The Luckiest 13-Year-Old K-pop Fangirls In The World

And let the choir say sana all.

Aside from being a style star in the making, Kendra Kramer is also a major K-pop stan who has even managed to attract the attention of her idols.

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The term “It-girl” is often used, but it is one that can aptly describe Kendra Kramer. Even though she is just 13 years old, many see her as a next-gen style star and one of the next generation of It-girls you have to follow. But just like any 13 year old, the eldest daughter of Doug and Cheska Kramer also has her hobbies and things she likes to do in her free time. And that includes being a fan of K-pop.

In case you didn’t know, Kendra is a stan who loves multiple groups and has shared that love on her social media. But proving just how blessed she is, Kendra is also one of the luckiest fans out there and experience those sana all moments that most K-pop stans can only dream of. Here are just some moments when Kendra Kramer was truly living the K-pop fantasy.


Even when she was nine, Kendra was already rubbing shoulders with K-pop idols. In 2018, a video of her younger sister Scarlet went viral on social media as she wished for iKON’s Bobby to greet her on her birthday. Well, Bobby saw it and did greet her on Instagram. But not only that, the whole Kramer family actually got to meet Bobby during iKON’s concert in Manila. We were probably at the playground at nine while Kendra was meeting top K-pop stars.


@_love_u14 Sana all nalang ? #nayeon #kendra #twice #once #kpop #twicepink41 #_love_u14 #twice_tiktok_official #fyp @twice_tiktok_official ♬ POP! – NAYEON

Opening a K-pop album will probably be one of the most exciting things K-pop fans can do. Kendra knows this too, but that enjoyment reached new levels when she received a signed copy of Nayeon’s solo album. As a gift for her 13th birthday, she got an IM NAYEON album that was signed by Nayeon herself. Nayeon so happens to be Kendra’s bias in TWICE, so she understandably cried when she got the gift. Imagine getting a signed album from your bias, sana all.    


Kendra Kramer is truly one of the luckiest Nayeon stans in the world. Not only did she get a signed album from her, but Nayeon also shared her video on her Instagram. On June 27, Kendra posted an IG reel of her singing along to Nayeon’s NO PROBLEM, her collab with Stray Kids’ Felix. Well, Nayeon herself saw the reel and shared it on her IG stories on July 11. Like any die-hard stan, Kendra was over the moon and immortalized the euphoric moment.


One way to tell if someone is a true K-pop stan is to see their collection of albums, photocards, and merch. The biggest of fans and collectors have entire tables and cabinets filled with nothing but K-pop albums and binders worth of photocards. For Kendra Kramer, she has an entire shelf dedicated to her K-pop albums, emphasis on the s. During the house tour of the Kramer home back in March 2022, Kendra showed off her closet and revealed that she has a cabinet to showcase her K-pop albums. Her collection, which for sure has grown since, includes ITZY, BLACKPINK, TXT, and BTS. She also shared that she has an iKON lightstick from the time they went to their concert. At just 13, she’s already a budding collector with a growing showcase of albums.


The fact that Kendra can attend concerts and site at the VIP section or near the front row is impressive as it is. But she got an even more up close experience when Red Velvet performed in the country for their Be You concert. Kendra, Scarlet, and their dad were by the arena exit where they got to wave goodbye to Red Velvet as they got in their fans.


As a child of celebrity parents, Kendra Kramer is a familiar face in the spotlight as she’s appeared in commercials and ads alongside her family. But Kendra truly became a young star in her own right when her stunning model photos went viral in the past year. And she gave us a peek into how all that went down by posting a behind-the-scenes IG reel of the shoot, which was sound tracked to BTS’ Butter. The video soon went viral, raking up over three million views and over 200,000 likes. Her inner fangirl truly shined at the moment.

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