6 Times ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki Proved That He Owns The Dance Floor

Ni-ki = dance.

It’s almost as if ENHYPEN’s youngest member Ni-ki is dance itself. He’s that good.

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There’s no doubt that ENHYPEN’s maknae Ni-ki has an overwhelming presence on the dance floor and a ton of dance skills up his sleeve. The 16-year-old Japanese dance whiz was once named as the best dancer on I-LAND and even taught choreography at the competition so it’s a given that when it comes to showing off some moves, he always shines. This is one of the reasons why this year, ENHYPEN is NYLON Manila’s cover stars for its fanzine which is now available here. Let’s look at some moments where Ni-ki ate the stage and made our jaws drop.


First off, we have Ni-ki effortlessly busting some moves to the tunes of ENHYPEN’s hip hop track, Blessed-Cursed. For some fans, just watching the video make their bones break but they’ll take a Ni-ki dance tutorial anytime. 



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♬ Given-Taken – ENHYPEN

You know you’re watching a dance prodigy when even if it’s just a rehearsal, it feels like a whole concert of its own, a work of art even. In ENHYPEN’s dance rehearsal for the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards (where they won Best New Artist), Ni-ki leaps, levitates, and dangles upside down while tied in a rope. I mean, who does that? You can watch the entire video here.


Sometimes, it only takes a TikTok challenge for Ni-ki to say that he’s the best dancer you’ll ever see. In the video, Ni-ki elevates the viral challenge (which was started by a Filipino btw) with his expertly precise movement while also being casually swaggy in a hoodie. 


Ni-ki literally said “VERSATILITY” in a collab with NewJeans members Minji and Hyein while bopping to Hype Boy. Ni-ki has a knack for slaying girl group choreographies and this one was no expectation. Fans obviously loved it with how Ni-ki naturally devoured the choreo and fit with the NewJeans duo. 


Ni-ki once again ate the stage during his solo part in ENHYPEN’s performance for the 2020 The Fact Music Awards where they won the Next Leader award. 


For Studio Choom’s MIX & MAX series, Ni-ki is full of vibes as he masterfully dances to the eerie track, Bleeding Darkness. The performance also features ENHYPEN’s Jungwon where, as the story of the presentation goes, he’s turned to evil by the immortal Ni-ki. Curious enough? Watch the full bloody performance here.

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