7 Moments When ENHYPEN’s Jake Channeled His Inner Aussie

Naur - ENHYPEN's Jake

When you can’t help but gush over ENHYPEN’s Jake, also known as the group’s English tutor with a cute Australian accent.

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Before Jake became one of the best candidates at I-LAND and eventually an ENHYPEN member, he was an ordinary Australian student who played the violin in an orchestra and soccer games on the weekend. While he was born in South Korea, Jake grew up in Australia since he was nine years old making him one of the two (Jay being the other) native English speakers from their group. Let’s relive the moments when Jake’s inner Aussie came out of him. 


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Jake’s Australian accent overflows in one of his V-Lives where he’s asked questions like “Do you like vegemite?” and “Physics or math?” For ENGENES and Jakeys who want to learn the Aussie accent, this is the best video for you!


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Jake also lets his Aussie spirit come out when he’s with his members like this compilation video of his English encounters with his hyung Heeseung. 


ENHYPEN’s two native English speakers Jake and Jay were featured in an episode of the comedy series The Willben Show where they pronounced different English words. Jake’s Aussie accent stands out with his round-ish pronunciation of “ask,” “to-MAH-toes,” and most especially, “wo-RAH.” Watch the full episode here.



Jake & Jay unending english moments [enhypen][엔하이픈][jake][jay]

♬ Upper Side Dreamin’ – ENHYPEN

In this video, we continue to hear the Aussie in Jake as he asks Jay to pass him the “fohk,” the letter r almost disappearing completely.



Most of the time, Jake uses his English skills to save his teammates when they need a little helping hand. Like in this video where he helps Ni-ki pronounce the title of their track, Future Perfect (Pass the Mic), with a full-blown Aussie accent.


Jake shows his peak bilingual self in this interview with Jungwon and Sunghoon for Dive Studios. His code-switching from English to Korean and back to English as he explains his Australian background can only do so much as he gets confused at the end. 


Finally, from being a translator, Jake becomes Ni-ki’s full-time English tutor teaching him basic sentences and greetings for the fans. Don’t be surprised if Ni-ki gets that Aussie accent soon! The others members (aka Heeseung) have already been showing signs.

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