6 Times ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Pulled His Leader Card

Jungwon's scary leader mode is something else.

Jungwon is more than dedicated as the leader of ENHYPEN, ready to be serious or caring when he needs to be.

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To the casual listener, it may seem like ENHYPEN’s Jungwon is known for his performance skills and sweet visuals. But behind his inviting smile is a personality of a leader who’s ready to do his job. Despite being one of the youngest members of the group, Jungwon isn’t afraid to flex his leadership skills, whether it be to get the group in line or take care of his members. HYBE and BELIFT LABS chose Jungwon as ENHYPEN’s leader for a reason. It’s an aspect of him that isn’t often talked about but is one of his more admirable traits. It’s no wonder then that ENHYPEN are the cover stars for NYLON Manila’s 2022 fanzine which you can get your print copies here. Here are just some of the moments Jungwon channeled his inner leader.


It’s no secret that ENHYPEN love to play around behind the scenes. But when it’s time to get serious, they get serious with Jungwon’s help. As the group was getting ready for a performance, Jake was the only member who had his collar up. Jungwon signaled to him that he needed to bring it down. He even gave Jake what looked like a slap on his hand so that he would do it. Note to self, never get on Jungwon’s bad side.


As the leader, it’s Jungwon’s responsibility to get the group moving along during their activities. That knack for getting his members to follow him was on display during EN-O CLOCK EP 17. At one point, the members got a bit too chaotic as Jungwon was the only one seated. He then told the members to sit down so they can proceed with the game.


Jungwon isn’t just there to remind or reprimand his members. As the leader, he also is there to watch out for them. It’s a skill he’s showcased numerous times when he would take care of his members and have their best interests at heart. Jungwon will never be the one to leave his members out to dry. It shows you how dedicated he is to his role.


During EN-O CLOCK EP 37, some of the members got into a pretty heated debate, one that Jungwon wasn’t here for. After a while, the noise and the rowdiness got to him which caused Jungwon to stand up and ask NI-KI on the other side of the table to change seats with him. Leader Jungwon didn’t have to say much for them to get that it was too noisy.


When there are seven members in a group, the issue of everyone getting a fair share of the attention can be an issue. Luckily, Jungwon is there to make sure all his members have the opportunity to be front and center. On a few occasions, he’s encouraged members who haven’t been speaking much to say a few words. He said pass the mic, literally.


Jungwon is part of the maknae line. But that doesn’t mean he won’t hesitate to expose his hyungs when he gets the chance. Jungwon was asked about the story behind a TikTok he did with Jay, a story he didn’t want to be shared. Despite this, Jungwon pulled out that leader card and said that he was supposed to do it with Jake, but Jay wanted to do it with him instead.

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