6 Reasons Why ENHYPEN’s Jay Is A Role Model

A true all-rounder.

From being a concerned big brother to being a humble K-Pop idol, ENHYPEN’s Jay just makes his Blue Jays stan even harder.

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Being part of the ENHYPEN’s hyung line, Jay is naturally seen as one of the group’s older brothers who takes care of his little siblings. He also always serves the best visuals, rocking that rock-chic look for his Blue Jays. Known for his memorable quotes during his stint at I-LAND, like in this episode where he encourages his teammates to do their best, Jay has grown to be ENHYPEN’s life leader and become a role model to their ENGENES. Let’s look at some moments where Jay sets a good example for both his fans and groupmates. 


For K-Pop idols like ENHYPEN whose popularity continues to skyrocket, we can only imagine how hard it is for them to accommodate thousands of fans during concerts or fan meets. Yet here’s Jay, making sure that he completes those half-heart hand signs with his, showing one big love to the fans.


In another video during ENHYPEN’s concert in Anaheim, California for their Manifesto World Tour, Jay literally stops just to give an eager fanboy a much deserved high five. 


@nikimchiii jay being a dad material to enha’s maknae :((( #jayki #jay #ni_ki #enhypen #engene #엔하이픈 #fyp ♬ Love In The Dark – Adele

“Don’t mess around, Ni-ki,” Jay tells ENHYPEN’s youngest member, Ni-ki, in a very kuya tone. In another clip, Jay is seen telling Ni-ki’s parents on live television to not worry and that he’s raising and taking care of him properly. Now who’s cutting onions here? This big brother energy is something he’s shown to other members as well like Jungwon and Sunoo. Jay shows that cute sibling love that’s so worth emulating.



For sure many ENGENES know that Jay is one of, if not the richest member of the group. But in this interview, while that fact is once again reinforced, we can see how hospitable Jay is to Heeseung, spending thousands of dollars for a vacation with him abroad. Friends, take note!



In the fourth episode of ENHYPEN’s So So Fun video series, Jay is seen cleaning up their dorm’s living room and kitchen all by himself right after getting up from bed. Not only that, he also cooked breakfast for the other members and shared the curry he made with the staff. He even prepared some coffee for them. We stan a responsible, disciplined, and kind-hearted K-Pop idol! You can watch the full episode here.


ENHYPEN was featured in a video for the Youtube channel odg where they were meant to surprise three students who love K-Pop stars. But the catch was: These students were not aware of the K-Pop idols they’re going to meet. But even though ENHYPEN knew that there’s a chance they might not be recognized, they all remained humble about it. Jay said, “There’s nothing to be sorry about [not knowing them]. It’s not like knowing [ENHYPEN] is mandatory education.” When he was asked if he felt like he’s living the life of an idol, Jay answered, “I could say that I don’t usually feel like an idol. I’m just living an ordinary life.” Watch the full heartwarming video here.

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