sb19 song association

Watch SB19 Play Song Association With A Twist

Watch as SB19 gets into all kinds of fun.

We couldn’t let SB19 go without them playing an OPM version of song association. Check out the video as they test their OPM knowledge.

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Having SB19 on this quarter’s cover for NYLON Manila was a dream come true both for us and their fans, A’TIN. You got to see the boys look amazing in a variety of outfits. You also got to learn a whole lot of new things about them. We also shared behind-the-scenes videos of how the cover shoot came to be.

But we aren’t yet done. We couldn’t let SB19 be on the cover of NYLON Manila without them playing a fun game now, would we? We challenged the group to a game of song association. But it wasn’t any normal game of song association as the boys had to sing OPM songs. Watch as the boys flex their OPM skills and maybe flick an ear or two.

Check out the full video of SB19’s challenge below and make sure to subscribe to NYLON Manila’s YouTube channel.

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