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Want More SB19? Check Out The Behind The Scenes Videos Of Their Cover Shoot

Get ready for more SB19!

Like the young professionals they are, SB19 showed up on set and more than delivered on the shoot. Check out the 4-part series on how the shoot came to be.

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In case you missed it, we revealed SB19’s covers for their NYLON Manila shoot. Their first cover showed them in red hot outfits as they talked about their current success. Their second cover had the boys in sleek suits as they opened up about their hardships and struggles. Finally, the third cover had SB19 in cool and chic casual and talked about their plans for the future. As expected, you guys loved it.

We also showed off their fashion and beauty looks as well as highlight our favorite performances of theirs and why their debut single Tilaluha deserves more praise than it gets. But guess what, we aren’t done yet. You all saw the cover in its final form, but now we are going to show how everything came to be.

If you wanted more of SB19 for NYLON Manila, your wish has been granted. Watch an in-depth look into how the boys’ hair were done. Get to know how each member got their specific look for the cover shoot with makeup artists Anton Patdu and Jia Achacruz. Marvel as the boys get in the zone for their cover shoot and how the fire shoot came to be. Finally, prepare to feel the heat with their fashion film.

Check out the videos below and make sure to subscribe to NYLON Manila’s YouTube channel.

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Behind The Scenes Of Cover Shoot

SB19’s Grooming Story

SB19’s Hair Story

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