7 Times Kristel Fulgar Manifested Her Hallyu Dreams

Our favorite unnie Kristel Fulgar.

We’ll be needing a prayer reveal from Kristel Fulgar with the way she constantly gets to live out her Hallyu fantasy.

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Aside from being an actress and a YouTuber, Kristel Fulgar is also a passionate K-lover. She has not been shy about sharing her love for all things Korean, whether it be talking about her favorite K-dramas or flexing her fluency in Hangeul. But while most K-culture fans experience what they love only through the screen, Kristel Fulgar took it beyond and into real life. Not only does she get to talk about what she loves, but she gets to experience it as well. With that being said, here are a few times Kristel Fulgar’s Hallyu dreams became a reality.


For many, getting to meet their ultimate idol is just that, a dream. But for Kristel, that became a reality this 2022 when she met her top idol, Seo In-Guk. Not only did she have the chance to meet him, but she also got to interview the actor and singer as part of his promotions for his LOVE&LOVE single album. As she shared in her vlog documenting the moment, Kristel was pretty nervous given how big of a fan she was. She even cried after the interview. But Kristel did a pretty good job all things considered.


If you want to know just how big of a Seo In-Guk stan Kristel Fulgar is, in December 2019, she flew to South Korea to attend his concert. While fans flying to another country just to see their idol is nothing new, it still takes resources and determination to do all that. Kristel made sure she was seeing him in person and in his native country out of all places.


When talking about Kristel Fulgar, Big Boss eventually will come into the conversation, and we can see why. ICYDK, Big Boss, whose real name is Yohan Kim, is the CEO of Face Republic. The two first met each other in October 2018 and have since started a strong friendship that has given the internet its fair share of kilig. But regardless of how you see their relationship, there’s no denying that their connection is pure.

Big Boss is always there to support Kristel, whether it be accompanying her on her trips around South Korea or helping her get settled in her new apartment. Kristel, meanwhile, is more than willing to return the love, such as being an avid supporter and endorser of his skincare brand. May we all be able to find that perfect oppa in our life.


Kristel Fulgar went from watching K-dramas to having the chance to direct her own, now that’s a boss move. In 2021, the actress achieved a major milestone when she finally got to reveal her very own K-Drama, the Filipino-Korean web series, Love From Home. This was very much a passion project for Kristel as she was involved in every step of the way of the production and shoot.

And even though she had to direct all the Korea set scenes via online call, it was worth it as the result was a cute and wholesome series about finding love in unexpected places. Kristel even sang in Korean for the song Smile Again, which was included in the OST of the show. Talk about dedication. You can catch the series on One Click TV’s YouTube channel.


Traveling to South Korea is on the bucket list for many. But due to certain factors and circumstances, that dream usually stays on the list. It must be faith then that Kirstel Fulgar has been able to travel to the country on numerous occasions. She first visited the country in 2018 and has since found herself back there on multiple time. We would be lying if we said that we weren’t jealous of just how often Kristel goes to South Korea. Whether it be seeing tourist spots or visiting K-drama filming locations, she’s living the life.


Getting to visit South Korea as a tourist is one thing, but having the opportunity to study there is a whole other level. In Kristel’s recent YouTube vlogs, the actress revealed that she’s currently living in the country as she’s set to study there later this year. It isn’t so easy to be able to study in South Korea, so Kristel can scratch that achievement on her list.


K-drama actress Kristel Fulgar? While that isn’t on the cards as of the moment, it also is a possibility now that is part of Five Stones Entertainment in South Korea. The move allowed Kristel to attain a work Visa that does open the doors to a career in the Korean entertainment industry. While Kristel still feels that she needs to practice her Korean better, we may just see her in our fav programs in the coming years.

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