Filipino Stars Who’ve Appeared On Korean Variety Shows

6 Filipino Stars Who’ve Appeared On Korean Variety Shows

We didn't see that coming.

From Liza Soberano, Lapillus’s Chanty, and more, we take a look at the special moments when Filipino stars made their way to Korean variety shows.

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Aside from the usual K-dramas and films, another thing that we love are Korean variety shows. For the K-obsessed, K-variety shows are at a different level that offers hours of crazy fun, games, and even some life lessons. But aside from the usual parade of Korean stars who appear on these shows, there have also been a handful of Filipino celebrities who’ve graced these special stages. This link between two entertainment cultures make for an admittedly unique yet interesting viewing experience.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the local names who are actual guests on Korean variety shows.


Liza Soberano was able to live the Hallyu fantasy many can only dream of. Not only was she able to meet a handful of K-pop idols, but she also had the opportunity to appear on a Korean TV show. On July 25, 2022, Liza made an appearance on Not Hocance But Scance, a reality show hosted by actress Ye Ji-won, former Kara members Ji-young Kang and Nicole Jung, and former SISTER member Soyou. In the MBN aired show, Liza is seen joining the women for a barbeque meal at night.

During their chat, Liza shared that she showed up because she was a fan of Soyou and wanted to say hi. Soyou then asked Liza if she knew her songs and Liza said that she knew the SISTAR classic Touch my Body and added, “I’ve liked it since I was eleven. It started with K-pop and then I started watching dramas like Boys Over Flowers.”

The love was mutual as the hosts shared their love for Liza by comparing her beauty to that of Hollywood actress Olivia Hussey. Despite the language barrier, Liza had a fun time on the show, sharing on her IG stories, “Thank you to the hosts and guests of the show for making the experience fun and comfortable!”


Manny Pacquiao and Knowing Bros. are two things we didn’t expect to say in the same sentence, yet here we are. The boxing champion made waves recently when it was revealed that he was going to be a guest on the October 23, 2022 episode. Not only that, the pambansang kamao is set to be joined by the pambansang krung-krung herself, Sandara Park. WEi’s Kim Yohan will also be a guest for the episode. 

In case you’re confused, Manny is slated to hold a fundraising match against South Korean mixed martial artist DK Yoo this December 10, so the Knowing Bros. guesting is part of Manny’s promotions. And speaking of, the former senator is also slated to appear on an episode of Running Man. Manny Pacquiao is no stranger to appearing on Korean variety shows as he did appear on Infinity Challenge in 2017. But it still feels surreal seeing him in the classic Knowing Bros. school uniform.


As a veteran of local variety programs like ASAP, Lapillus’s Chanty knows a thing or two when it comes to these kinds of shows. So really, it was only a matter of time before the Star Magic artist turned K-pop idol got to appear in a Korean variety show. And that happened this past September when Chanty got her first solo K-variety show appearance. She was a guest on the 204th episode of SK Foreigners, a game show that, as the name suggests, features foreigners who live in Korea. Her bright smile and fun personality made her a natural on the show.   


When it comes to Koreans making it big in the Philippines, Ryan Bang is one of the founders of that blueprint. So, it’s no surprise that Korean TV shows would want to feature Ryan on their programs. One of his most memorable was when the It’s Showtime host appeared on the 86th episode of the travel series Battle Trip in 2018. He served as the personal tour guide of Lee Jihye and Boom when they went to Boracay.

During the episode, the staff described Ryan as the country’s Yu Jaeseok, and honestly, they weren’t wrong. Ryan made sure to show the two hosts around the island, exploring its beaches, food, scenery, and everything in between. This wasn’t the first time Ryan Bang was featured on the program as he was on Sandara Park’s episode. This time, it was his solo turn, which made for a memorable viewing as well.


Sandara Park is no stranger to promoting the Philippines whenever she can. And because of that, she got a few of her famous Filipino friends to appear in Korean variety shows. On the 19th episode of Battle Trip, Dara and Hyoni Kang visited the Philippines and during their stay, Dara met up with her close friends Ryan Bang (which marked his first time on the show), Joross Gamboa, and Robi Domingo. They all enjoyed Filipino food, including lechon, and had a private water park all to themselves. We’re definitely going to try Joross’s soju and San Miguel beer mix one of these days.

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